small business success story Jeannine Schafer

Small Business Success Story – Neenerbot: The Art of Jeannine Schafer

Today’s Small Business Success Story showcases the talent of California-based artist Jeannine Schafer. Jeannine is able to create a thriving business based on her creativity, hard-work, and determination to remain authentic.

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Fonts – Signage 101

Sometimes creating signage can be stressful. At, we want to make the process as hassle-free as possible. Font issues can be one of the most common sources of headaches when designing signage. If fonts aren’t created correctly, you can end up with a sign that doesn’t look anything like what you pictured. With this […]

Signs and the U.S. Supreme Court

In a landmark, unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision, Pastor Clyde Reed and his congregation get to keep their signs! The Gilbert, Arizona resident installed temporary yard signs, directing parishioners to his service. Over the years, his small congregation met in various locations due to a lack of funding for a permanent worshipping area. However, the […]