The Basics of USDOT Numbers: Signage 101

If your company is involved in interstate commerce and you utilize company vehicles in the movement of goods, you may need to obtain a USDOT number for those vehicles. Depending upon the state you’re located in, you may also be required to possess a USDOT number for intrastate commerce. Granted by the Federal Motor Carrier […]

10 Ways to Add ‘Wow’ to Your Signage

It’s a new year – maybe it’s time to give your company’s signage a serious lookover and consider an overhaul.   Perhaps you’ve been simply duplicating your company’s same signage year after year – just changing out the sales dates and the current year. Or you’ve at least been adding your new sales pitch or […]

Digital Printing’s Rise to the Top – Signage 101

“What is digital printing?” is a question we often get asked here. “And isn’t everything digitally printed these days? After all, it’s 2020 (nearly 2021), not 1920 – what isn’t digital?” So let’s first address the second question: Has digital technology completely overtaken printing? Well, actually no – analog still rules the printing roost, so […]

Designing a Step and Repeat Banner: Signage 101

When you think of celebrities walking down the red carpet at events like the Academy Awards or the Grammys, you’re probably envisioning them posing in front of a backdrop with a repeating pattern of logos. Better known as a step and repeat banner, this popular type of signage is used as a background for photos […]

PVC and Foam Board: Signage 101

It’s all too easy to be confused by some of the names and terms that are tossed about in the signage industry when it comes to rigid substrates. Two of the more common rigid substrates utilized in signage are foam boards and PVC board. And because they are indeed so common – with so many […]

Selecting a Finish: Glossy vs. Matte

When you’re looking to print photos, you’ll often have a choice to make when it comes to finish: glossy or matte. The same holds true for a variety of printed marketing products – from business cards and labels to table tents, hang tags, and rack cards, you’ll often be able to select either a glossy […]

Acquiring Images for Your Signs: Signage 101

Your store is making plans for its annual Halloween sale and you think using a picture of Pennywise the evil clown from the It movie would be perfect, right? Or maybe your daughter is a big fan of Marvel’s Avengers and she wants a Black Widow face mask or gaiter – why not just digitize […]

Aqueous Coatings: Signage 101

In an earlier Signage 101 post, we discussed how adding a UV coating can not only boost the durability of your printed piece but also give it some great visual “pop.” But there’s another coating option to consider: aqueous coating. As its name suggests, an aqueous coating is water-based. And just as with its UV […]