Do Political Signs Work? Running an Effective, Legal Sign Campaign

Campaign Yard Signs

It’s an age old question: which came first, the campaign sign or the campaign supporter? Okay, maybe not, but inquiring minds (not to mention political candidates, campaign strategists, and voters) want to know: do political yard signs really work? That is, do they convert casual sign observers into bona fide voters? In the paragraphs that follow, we explain what exactly political signs do and don’t do. On the whole, we make the case that whether you’re running for school board or Senate, campaign signs will be a valuable part of your overall election strategy.


Campaign & Political Signs


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Las Vegas: A Fabulous Sign

Las Vegas Welcome Sign

This is a post from’s co-founder, Kirk Green:

Almost every city or town has some type of welcoming sign.  Many include population, elevation and established date.  It is hard to understand the obsession with altitude, but most city’s include it.  Denver even boasts about it.

A few signs, like the Hollywood standard, become landmarks. Yet there is probably no more iconic city sign than the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.  Actually the sign says, “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.”  (See Surprising Facts)

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