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What Are Perforated Window Decals?

A perforated window decal is an image or graphic printed directly onto perforated, adhesive vinyl material. These decals feature one-way vision, allowing you to see outside the window inside your store but not from the out-side looking in. This is possible by puncturing 50% of the vinyl material with tiny holes called micropunctures. These micropunctures are small enough for the decal to maintain a high-quality image on one side yet be see-through on the other.

These decals are designed for indoor and outdoor use. The most common uses include business/storefront advertising, window decor, product promotion, window signage, and branding. Mainly used to cover entire windows, they also deflect sunlight and provide shade and privacy.

Perforated Window Decal Features

Additional Specs

  • Weight

    .09lbs per square foot (about the weight of 9 quarters)

  • Thickness

    .016" (about the thickness of 4 sheets of copy paper)

  • Details

    Perforated, long lasting, good privacy, easy installation and removal

  • Uses

    Indoor/Outdoor. Retail, home, storefront, or office windows

  • Print Method

    Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink

  • Estimated Lifespan

    3+ years with proper placement and care

Easy to Use
Design Tool design tool with Postcards signs

Create your custom perforated window decal with the easiest and simplest design tool in the signage industry. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!

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Free Professional
Design Services

Graphic designer sitting behind her desk and smiling

Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something entirely new, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. Nothing beats free!

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Simple Installation with No Professional Help Required

The following installation instructions will help you with a quick and easy installation of your perforated window decal. Instructions will also be included with your order, and you are free to refer to this page or download a PDF of the instructions for assistance. If you are installing a large decal we recommend having at least one other person assist you.

Clean your window, removing all dirt and grime from the surface.

Lay out your decal on the window with the backing still on and make sure it is aligned properly.

Make markings on the window with a washable marker. Be sure to double check your alignment to make sure the perforated window decal is where you want it to be.

Pull the graphic away from the window and remove the backing, exposing the black adhesive side of the decal. If the backing appears to be tearing when removing it, this may be because you are not removing all layers of the backing. When removing the backing, you should be able to see the back of the decal, which is black.

Align your decal to the markings made previously and begin to apply to the window. This will be a dry install, so do not use any water on the application surface or the adhesive side of the decal. Use a squeegee* or flat edge when applying, starting from the center and working your way outward towards the corner of the decal.

*Available for purchase with perforated window decal

Once you have applied the entire perforated decal to your window, remove the excess material around the edges using a razor blade.

Download or Print Perforated Window Decal Installation Instructions PDF



If possible, hand wash your custom decals with a damp cloth, avoiding pressure washers that can cause peeling. To remove, gently peel from the top down, then remove any leftover adhesive with soapy water or adhesive remover and a razor blade.

Selecting the Best Size and Design for Your Decal

1. If you are wanting to cover an entire window with your perforated window decal start by measuring the largest width and height to ensure your graphic will cover all areas of the window.

2. Order your graphic 1” wider than the width of your window and 1” higher than the height of your window to allow room for trimming. For example, if your window is 50” x 20” order a 51” x 21” decal.

3. When designing your custom decal, place your design/image/graphic in the center of the decal to make sure no part of the main design will be cut off when trimming.

4. To maximize the visibility of your decal, be sure to use a high contrast between backgrounds and lettering, objects, and images in your design. Generally speaking, dark lettering/objects/images with a light background installed on a dark surface tend to work best. Please note that your decal may appear washed out or allow two way visibility if it is dark outside and the lights are on inside.

One-Way Vision

The most unique feature of perforated window decals and signs is their ability to provide one-way vision. The micropunctures in the material allow a vibrant image or graphic to be displayed on the outside of the window yet allow you to see through the decal from the inside. This is great for advertising promotions, sales, and products all while maintaining privacy and shade from the sun. Please note that the one-way vision of perforated decals can be negated when the interior setting is brighter than the exterior setting such as a well-lit store at nighttime. This is true of any perforated or one-way vision decal.

<h2>Piece Multiple Decals Together to Create Stunning, Large Displays</h2>

Piece Multiple Decals Together to Create Stunning, Large Displays


1. Measure Your Full Window

Measure the full size (height and width) of your windows in inches. Do not include in your calculations the rubber and/or metal on the outside edges of the window. i.e. the exterior or outermost rubber/metal of the entire window.


2. Measure Each Window Individually

Measure the full size (height and width) of each window in inches. Do not include in your calculations the rubber and/or metal by the glass panes of the window. i.e. the interior rubber/metal panes of the windows.


3. Fill Out Free Design Services Form

Fill out the form on our Free Design Services page, providing the measurements of your windows and a file or idea of the image/graphic you would like to use. You will then be contacted by one of our professional graphic designers within 24 hours, who will work with you personally for free to get you exactly what you need for your new multi-panel window display.

Popular Perforated Window Decal Templates

Ordering custom window decals starts with your design. At you can upload your original perforated window decals artwork and we’ll print them on high-quality vinyl to decorate your storefront window. We also offer a selection of customizable templates you can use as the basis for your window decal. Simply choose among our popular design templates, modify them to your liking, and hit send so we could start the printing.

How to Use the Perforated Window Decals Templates

  1. Click on the image template of your choice above, you’ll then go to our online design tool where you can modify the design further.

  2. Add your business name and other information you want displayed on your decal (such as opening hours, taglines, USPs, and contact information). You can also modify the colors, fonts, and images on the template.

  3. If you are satisfied with your design, hit “Save and Continue” and you’ll be redirected to our payments page. Proceed with the payment and if everything checks out, then it’s off to the printers!

All Window Decals

We offer several different window decal types to ensure you are able to get the decal that best meets your needs. Create a consistent look and make your business stand out by incorporating several different types of decals on your storefront, windows, or glass doors.

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Verified buyer
June 6, 2024 by Caroline ( OH )
“I love the sign. Hopefully it holds up well. One suggestion, you need to have seams in the middle so when pulling the backing off on a large sign you can do it from the middle as you apply (since directions say apply from middle) instead of needing to have 3 people to take the entire backing off.”
Verified buyer
December 23, 2023 by Jeff Bodziony ( OH )
“These are fantastic, and very affordable. I’m hoping the stickiness has longevity because we are on a busy street with a lot of wind coming by, but they seem great so far”
Verified buyer
June 30, 2023 by Eunice Stanley ( OH )
“The decal was perfectly sized but it didn't include squeegee?”
Verified buyer
Perforated Window Decal March 3, 2023 by kaitlyn t ( FL )
“Sign turned out great! Will be using this company again.”
Verified buyer
Great window decal January 2, 2023 by Joey ( CO )
“You all did a great job. The perforated window decal was perfect. It shipped to us with out any problems. Keep up the good work.”

Questions and Answers

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What material is your perforated window decal made out of?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Our perforated window decals are made from a calendered adhesive vinyl material. This material provides a great looking decal that is also durable enough to withstand exterior use. It consists of a 50:50 ratio of micropunctures to solid surface.
How do I know where my perforated decal will be transparent or allow one-way visibility?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Perforated window decals are the ultimate solution for those seeking one-way visibility on windows by using a decal or window graphic. As mentioned above, the perforated decal is made up of tiny micropunctures across the entire surface area of the decal. These micropunctures allow for one way visibility even when your decal covers the entire surface area of a window.

This one way visibility will be for store or homeowners looking from the inside to the outside of the store. For customers or patrons approaching the store or window they will see the design printed on the decal but will not be able to see through it. While there may be some ability to see in despite the decal, this is largely dictated by the situation and what is printed. Customers approaching a store front at night and looking into a lit store will be able to see more than during daytime hours. Further, a large decal with a design that features dark colors and covers the majority of the surface area will be much less transparent than a smaller design or lighter colors.

Regardless of the slight variations in visibility, design, and situation custom perforated window decals are an excellent option for storefront advertising that obscures the inside of the store and entices customers to come in while advertising a beautiful graphic!

How big is each micropuncture?
Asked a year ago by Signs
The micropunctures have a Hole diameter of 1.5 mm (.06 inches) in size. In other words, they are very small. In aggregate they cover 50% of your decal.
Do you offer other types of decals?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Yes. We offer a wide variety of window signage solutions, including other types of window decals.

First, we offer custom window clings. Static clings are a great alternative to the semi-permanent window decals we offer as they can be applied and removed as many times as you might need. They “cling” to a window rather than use an adhesive.

Additionally, we offer several different types of custom window decalsClear window decals are transparent wherever they aren’t printed and can be placed on the inside or outside of your window. Placing it on the inside so customers can see it from the outside is called “inside glass” or “reverse print” and is a great advantage for stores or homes located in harsh climates. Opaque window decals offer a fully opaque window sign regardless of where it is printed. An “inside glass” option is not possible with opaque window decals due to the default opaque nature of the material itself.

We also offer perforated, clear and opaque car decal options for those seeking to use vehicle decals as a way to advertise a home or small business.

Are vinyl window decals the same thing as window stickers or window graphics?
Asked a year ago by Signs

For all intents and purposes the terms window stickers, window graphics and window decals are interchangeable. Or at the very least the use of these terms will generally be understood. Having said that any knowledgeable sign company will undoubtedly ask a few questions to make sure you are getting what you want.

This is because of the fact that clings and decals, which could both be called window graphics, are extremely different in how they work. Clings have no adhesive property and are repositionable. Decals on the other hand act more like a sticker and are semi-permanent in nature due to the adhesive backing used to adhere to the window. Attempting to remove and reposition a window decal will not work. Doing so with clings will take less than a minute or two to do.

So as long as you’re clear on the difference between clings and decals as well as the transparency provided by the different decal options we’ll understand you if you use the term window graphic or window sticker.

How thick are your perforated window decals?
Asked a year ago by Signs
The actual thickness of our custom perforated window decals is about 140 microns (.0055 inches). This would be comparable to the thickness of a couple of pieces of normal printer paper. In other words, they are extremely thin!
What is the lifespan of your perforated window decals?
Asked a year ago by Signs

The estimated lifespan of our perforated window decals is 5+ years with proper installation and maintenance. The lifespan can vary quite a bit depending on the situation and usage. The laminate option provides some extra protection against exposure.

Perforated decals placed on interior windows like an office setting can easily last 5+ years. Decals used on the exterior of a storefront that is located in a harsh climate may last anywhere from 3-5 years.

Further, decals that are damaged when washing the windows or even peeled away by passersby will obviously not last as long as one that is simply installed and not touched again.

Will the exposure to sun or the elements ruin my decal?
Asked a year ago by Signs

The actual printing should last the duration of the decal as we print with UV ink that is also fade and abrasion resistant.

As noted above the constant exposure to the elements can reduce the lifespan of your perforated decal. Nonetheless, even in the harshest of climates we’ve typically seen the decals last several years. The optional laminate for window decals has a gloss finish and provides extra durability and protection for your printed design.

What is the difference between your laminated and standard perforated window decals?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Perforated window decals with lamination have increased longevity due to the added protection against exposure. One of the most noticeable differences is that our perforated window decals with the added lamination have a glossy finish. In some instances the gloss finish of laminated decals can accentuate the natural glare on exterior windows.
Can the decals be cut to shape? Individual letters?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Perforated decals are typically not used for vinyl lettering or individually cut letters. If you are interested in this type of window decal please visit our vinyl lettering product page.

Perforated window decals can technically be either cut custom with border (previously known as or sometimes referred to as halo cut) or custom cut (previously known as contour cut). "Custom With Border" means that your decal would be cut to shape with a small border left around the perimeter of the decal. "Custom" is the exact same thing but will not retain a small border.

While these cut-to-shape choices are technically possible to do, they aren’t typically necessary. The vast majority of those ordering perforated window decals simply fill the entire window with the decal and rely on the micropunctures for transparency. If you are still interested in a cut to shape perforated window decal you may do so by selecting one of our shape options.