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What Are Clear Window Clings?

Completely customizable and easily repositionable, window clings are designed for installing on windows in less than a minute. Made from an optically clear vinyl material, clear window clings are designed to seamlessly showcase logos, fonts, and designs without messy adhesive. No adhesive, no problem. Window clings are designed for non-adhesive application while providing a secure ‘cling’ to the window, making for easy placement, removal, and repositioning or re-use. Custom window clings can be displayed on glass, metal, plastic, or any other non-porous surface for temporary or long-term use.

From customization to printing services, we cover every detail of your display requirements. Order your clear window clings today and enjoy affordable bulk printing prices.

Clear window cling example showing thickness of vinyl material

Window Cling Highlights

Circle icon of 4-piece puzzel conveying
Fully Customizable
Design your custom sized window cling with any color or shape. Use our powerful online design tool or get free design help!
Circle icon of a circular clear window cling being peeled up
Don’t like how your window cling looks once it’s placed? No problem. Reposition it again and again until it’s just right!
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Use clings seasonally or for sales and then take them down, store them, and reuse them as needed.
No symble icon of a rectangle with rounded corners where one corner is peeled up with sticky lines attached to the corner
No Messy Adhesive
Without adhesive, window clings are easy to use and leave no residue during install or removal. No mess. No hassle.

Removable and Repositionable

Unlike most traditional window decals, window clings are designed to be placed on a window, removed when needed, then reused without losing adhesion strength. The secret to this is in the vinyl material of the cling which acts like a mini-suction cup when firmly pressed to the surface. To adhere it to a window or surface, remove the white backing, spray a light soap and water mixture on to the cling and surface, then press firmly into place. Your customized cling will then stick to the surface, free of any bubbles or creases.

When you want to reposition the window cling, simply peel it away from the surface, spray with soapy water, and stick again - just like magic! If you want to store the cling in between use, just remove it from the window and re-apply the white, protective backing that came with the window cling.

gif of a hand peeling back a clear window cling back and forth from a window
Blueline Cafe logo on a clear window cling on a window

Clear Background

An optically clear background offers a transparent display option for your window or storefront. All areas of your design that do not have a background color will remain transparent and see through from both sides. Please keep in mind that areas where ink is printed will not be optically clear.

Also, designs uploaded to our design tool with colored or solid backgrounds across the entire design will not be clear - if you want a solid colored background, go with our opaque window clings! Need help removing that pesky background? Use PNG files with transparent backgrounds or take advantage of our free design services to help make your window cling clear and beautiful!

Display Options

Inside Glass

Inside Glass Display Option for Clear Window Cling

Viewable from the outside but applied to the inside surface of the glass. The window cling will have a slightly glossy appearance, with your design printed in reverse on the back side so the front of the cling can stick to the inside of the glass yet be viewable from the outside.


Standard Display Option for Clear Window Cling

Viewable from the outside and applied to the outside surface of the glass. The window cling will have a slightly matte (or velvet) finish where the ink is printed on the surface of the cling.

Shape Options

Square or rectangle cut
The shape of your cling will be a square or rectangle based on the dimensions you choose on our design tool.
blue cloud icon within a grey square with rounded corners
Rounded Corners
The shape of your cling will be a square or rectangle with rounded corners of ¼” radius or 1” radius based on the options you choose on our design tool.
blue cloud icon within a grey circle
The shape of your cling will be a circle or oval based on the dimensions you choose on our design tool.
blue cloud icon with a grey border around the profile of shape
Custom With Border
The shape of your cling will be custom with a border (halo) of ¼” to ½” around the perimeter of your design.

EASY TO USE DESIGN TOOL design tool with a clear window cling in the design editor
Create your custom clear window cling with the easiest and simplest design tool in the signage industry. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!
Start Designing


Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something entirely new, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. Nothing beats free!
Get Design Help Now

Static Clings vs Window Clings

What are static clings and do they differ from window clings? The easiest way to describe a static cling is a decal that sticks without any adhesive. Our clear window clings are synonymous with clear static clings. The different terms is simply a case of semantics. The vinyl material of our window clings acts like a suction cup when placed and pressed onto a smooth, non-porous surface. Clear window clings will easily adhere to windows and other smooth surfaces without any adhesive.

With proper installation your window cling can stay in place for a year or more when cared for and placed properly. Not only do they stay in place but because no adhesive is used they can be removed and reapplied again and again. So, whether you call them clear static clings or clear window clings you’ll be getting a versatile window sign.

Additional Specs

  • Weight

    .09lbs per square foot (about the weight of 9 quarters)

  • Thickness

    .0169" (about the thickness of 4 sheets of copy paper)

  • Details

    Clear, low adhesion from vinyl material, repositionable, reusable, outside or inside glass display, durable.

  • Uses

    Indoor or limited outdoor use. Retail, home, or auto windows

  • Print Method

    Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink

  • Estimated Lifespan

    1+ years with proper placement and care

How to Install Clear Window Clings

Applying your window cling can be done in a few simple steps. All you need is the window cling, a clean surface, a soap and water mixture in a spray bottle, and a squeegee (available for purchase with a window cling).

step 1 showing a window being sprayed with window cleaner

Thoroughly clean the surface of the glass or non-porous surface you’re applying the window cling to. Use water or any other household window cleaner.

step 2 showing hands peeling away a clear window cling from the protective backing by a window

Once the surface is clean, gently peel the white backing away from the cling.

step 3 showing orange spray bottel spraying a window with water and dish soap solution

Use a light soap and water mixture to spray the window and the non-printed side of your cling (the front for inside glass window clings or the rear for outside glass, or standard surface, window clings).

step 4 showing hands applying a clear window cling to window

Apply the cling to the surface by starting at the top, applying pressure as you work your way to the bottom.

step 5 showing a hand using a squeegee to smooth out a clear window cling after applying the cling to a window

Use a squeegee* to remove excess water and bubbles.

*Available for purchase with clear window clings and other decal products

step 6 showing hand peeling a clear window cling away from a window

Once dry, your window cling will adhere to the window, while still being removable and repositionable!

Download or Print Window Cling Installation Instructions PDF


Custom clear window clings can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. Gently wipe dirt or residue from the surface of the cling and surrounding window. When needing to store the window cling, simply remove it from the window, wipe it down to remove any surface dirt, then re-apply the protective backing on the ‘adhesive’ side. If you don’t have the protective backing, wax paper can be used as a protective backing.

Upclose view of a yellow microfiber cloth folded on it's side


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Next Day Production
Order by 9PM EST and we’ll have your clear window cling completed and shipped the very next business day.
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Free Shipping over $99*
For custom clear window cling orders over $99 your order ships free!
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Award Winning Customer Service
Winners of numerous customer service awards, our customer experience team keeps you as their number-one priority throughout your entire experience with

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Static Cling June 10, 2024 by Todd Anthony ( MA )
“Perfect for the application I needed it for. Quality is excellent!”
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June 6, 2024 by Jill N ( MD )
“Always totally happy with the window clings from Signs.”
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April 24, 2024 by Abraham Sierra ( NC )
“100 percent satisfied”
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April 4, 2024 by Jon Simmerman ( OH )
“I found the sign was easy to design myself online, and easy to install when I got it.”
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Stellar service, fantastic product! March 15, 2024 by Rich Deacons ( NY )
“The items purchased were high quality and perfect for my application. However, the service was even better. The image I had selected was not of the best quality. took that image and enhanced it at not extra cost to me to make it very clear and very sharp. There was also a problem with delivery. With the date of my grand opening nearing quickly, they just printed and shipped and extra set of signs, again, at no cost to me! I cannot praise their service enough!!”

Questions and Answers

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What material are your clings made out of?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Our custom window clings are made from a clear transparent vinyl. The material itself is a non-adhesive window cling signage option. This means it contains no adhesive glues which allows for easy installation, removal, and reuse. Instead, these custom clings adhere to the surface of the window due to the vinyl working like mini-suction cups.

These window clings start completely transparent. Thus, by default, the background of your sign will be clear (as indicated by the grey and white checkered background on our design tool). If you wish to have a solid colored background you’ll need to change your background color during the design process or simply select our opaque cling.

If you are wanting a clear background please note that files uploaded with solid backgrounds will NOT be clear. Please use a transparent PNG file or contact us for free design services if you need help

Are window clings the same thing as static clings, static cling decals, or static cling stickers?
Asked a year ago by Signs

In short, yes. Your window cling will stick to any smooth surface, particularly glass or plexiglass without adhesive. Window clings that adhere without the messy adhesive that is traditionally used by window decals are commonly called static window clings due to the myth that “static electricity” is what allows them to stick to surfaces. We dispel that myth in this blog post. Any of the above terms or variations using decals, clings, and stickers are often used interchangeably. So long as you understand that these clings do not have an actual adhesive and are clear unless the design uploaded or used is not clear, then no matter which term you use you’ll get what you’re needing

How do window clings differ from vinyl decals?
Asked a year ago by Signs

While both our window clings and window decals are made from a vinyl material, window clings do not contain any adhesive glues. Most decals (except clear window decals) use an adhesive backing to stick to the glass surface.

Decals are typically semi-permanent (excepting, again, our clear window decals), while window clings are removable, repositionable, and reusable.

How do window clings stick?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Unlike our vinyl window decals that use an adhesive backing, window clings do not use an adhesive backing to stick to your windows. Likewise, contrary to popular belief static clings do not stick due to any kind of static electricity. Rather, clings stick due to the vinyl material acting much like a suction cup when placed and pressed onto a smooth, non-porous surface such as glass, metal or plastic. We’ve written a more in-depth article about how static clings work if you need more information.

Should I choose a cling or a decal?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Static window clings are generally better for temporary promotions such as sales, events, holiday decorations, seasonal promotions and the like. For this reason, they are a prime option for retail stores that regularly have sales and other marketing material to drive foot traffic into the store. They also are more affordable but less permanent than a window decal. If you want or need something that can be removed and repositioned regularly then window cling is the way to go. If you need a semi-permanent and long-lasting solution, then we would recommend a window decal. While terms like “window cling stickers” and “static cling window decals” may be used, remember that there is a clear distinction between clings and decals in their basic functionality.

Do you offer only “standard” window cling sizes?
Asked a year ago by Signs

You have the freedom to customize your window cling to almost any size you want! There aren’t any industry specific standard sizes for window clings. While there are certain sizes that are probably more common (6”x 9”, 9”x 12”, 12”x 18”, 12”x 24”, 16”x 20”, 18”x 24”, and 24”x 36”) due to the clings being used for store hours, sales, etc. we offer clings in almost any size. Notwithstanding, there is a minimum and maximum dimension allowable for your window cling. Clings can’t be smaller than 3” and no bigger than 300” (which is pretty big). Clings smaller than 3”x3” do not adhere as well and may result in printing that is not as clear due to our large format printers. It is also recommended that you avoid using very tiny fonts or lettering to ensure your cling is printed clearly.

Will my clear cling be visible from a distance?
Asked a year ago by Signs
We recommend using a contrasting color to ensure the greatest visibility for your cling. We also typically print white behind the printed portion of your cling to ensure the greatest brilliance and clarity possible. This white print will not be seen and is done free of charge. Beyond a contrasting color and the white ink, when designing your cling take into consideration what surface and where it will be placed, from what distance you need people to see it, and what text you actually need on the sign. Less is more for most signs!
When should I choose a clear cling rather than an opaque cling?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Clear clings offer the advantage of being see through on the areas where ink is not printed. Thus, storefronts or retail locations are perfect places to use clear clings. This allows you to advertise your promotion or sale while still allowing your customers to see your product displays and store.
Does it cost more money to print in full color?
Asked a year ago by Signs

No, it doesn’t cost more money to print in full color because everything we print is in full color. For this reason, there isn’t a discount to print only one or two colors. Instead, the price of your sign will be dictated by the size and the quantity you select. Design whatever you wish without fear of making your sign cost more. You can also contact us and we’ll design what you envision free of charge.

Can the clings be cut to shape? Individual letters?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Yes, we offer several shape options for our clear window clings including square/rectangle, rounded corners with a ¼” radius or 1” radius, circle/oval, and custom with border (previously known as or sometimes referred to as halo). We typically don’t recommend Custom with Border though because the clear part of the cling is extremely clear making it unnecessary in most cases have the cut match the shape of your design. However, by selecting the option Custom With Border you can customize clings to any shape or size.

If you are looking for individually cut vinyl letters for your storefront or home windows, you are most likely looking for vinyl lettering which is a different product entirely.