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Stretch Table Covers

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What are Stretch Table Covers?

Stretch table covers are made from a tension or stretch fabric that can be pulled tight over standard rectangular tables used at events, tradeshows, conferences and more.


Professional Look

Made from 6.8 oz polyester fabric, this material is made to fit over a standard 6 or 8 foot table for a clean, professional look.

Perfect for conferences, tradeshows, and other events, where you may need a branded display or presentation table.

Open Back for Easy Storage

Our table covers feature an open back (referred to as "3-sided") which creates a perfect storage area for any marketing materials or boxes you may wish to keep out of sight.


All Sides Are Printable!

The front, top, and sides of the stretch table cover are all printable, allowing your design to cover the complete cover in full color.

Reinforced and durable footing pockets for each of the four table legs help keep the cover in place during use.

Downloadable Stretch Table Cover Templates

Looking to design your stretch table cover using your own design software? Great! Get started by downloading one of the product templates below (available in the .eps file format) to make sure the design you create matches up with your stretch table cover's size, shape and bleed requirements. Once you've created your design you can then jump onto our online design tool and upload your completed design file.
Stretch Table Cover Templates

Taking Care of Your Stretch Table Cover

The display material of the stretch table cover is suitable for machine washing on a low spin cycle using cold water. Let the material air dry; do not dry using a tumble dryer. When covering or removing the fabric from the table, make sure to avoid overstretching the material. This could damage the quality of the elastic fabric. During storage or travel your stretch table cover may get wrinkled. To get it ready for showtime you’ll want to remove any creases. Most wrinkles will disappear when pulled taut, to get rid of hard to remove wrinkles and creases you can use a household fabric steamer and have your cover ready in a matter of minutes. Do not iron your stretch table cover as this will cause permanent damage to the table cover.


Do Not Bleach




Wash Cold


Hang Dry


Do Not Iron



Additional Specs

  • Weight

    2.15 lbs (6' table cover)

  • Thickness

    6.8 oz polyester tension fabric

  • Details

    Indoor or calm outdoor conditions. Excellent table cover for tradeshows, conferences, expositions, and other events.

  • Print Method

    Full Color Dye Sublimation

  • Estimated Lifespan

    3+ years with proper placement, care, and storage

  • Downloadable

    Download 6ft Template

  • Templates

    Download 8ft Template


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November 1, 2021 by Cheryl ( CA )
“Great color match, super tight fit.”
Verified buyer
September 13, 2021 by Tina ( OR )
“I tried several different websites prior to, and this website was by far the easiest to use. The prices were reasonable and the end product looked great. The logo I had printed on the table cloth came out clear and the print was quality, which was great since you never know what you might get through online ordering. I would definitely use their services again!”
Verified buyer
May 27, 2021 by Anthony ( ND )
“Looks great!!!!”
Verified buyer
Amazing Service April 29, 2021 by Patrick ( VA )
“Incredible product quality. Customer service went above and beyond to assist me. Can't ask for a better experience.”
Verified buyer
March 7, 2020 by Dalton ( MO )
“fabric and printing quality was perfect. everyone in the company was impressed!”

Questions and Answers

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What’s the difference between a stretch table cover, spandex table cover, tension fabric table cover, table throw, table cloths, table runner, fitted table cover and fitted table throw?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs

There’s definitely no shortage of names for this product! Stretch table cover is the name we believe best describes this particular product. However, some synonymous names for stretch table covers include spandex table covers, tension fabric table covers, and stretchy table covers.

Beyond this, similar products include table covers, table cloths, table runners, and fitted table covers or throws. Table covers are designed to cover the entire table, are used for tradeshows and events, but have no stretch component to them. Table cloths is a term more often used for dining room tables and home or personal use. We do not offer these. Table runners do not cover the entire table but are often coupled with table covers in event settings.

Fitted table covers and fitted table throws have more of a snug fit to a table than a traditional table cover but are different from our stretch table covers as they don’t have a spandex stretching quality either. We do not offer either fitted table covers or throws.

So whether you call it a stretch, stretchy, spandex or tension fabric table cover, we’ll understand what you’re referring to and have what you offer! Custom table covers and table runners also work great for tradeshows, events, and more if you’re looking for a slightly different product.

What size of table is compatible with stretch table covers? Can I use it on a four foot or eight foot table? Do you recommend a particular table?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs

For proper installation and use of your stretch table cover use only standard six or eight foot tables depending on your table cover size. Six foot covers should only be used with standard six foot tables and eight foot covers should only be used on standard eight foot tables. Six foot tables are roughly 72”x30”x30” while eight foot tables are about 96”x30”x30”. These tables may also known as folding tables, banquet tables, multi-purpose tables, and exhibit tables. Our table covers are not compatible with any other table sizes including four foot tables. Installing a stretch table cover on anything other than a standard six or eight foot table will result in improper fit, poor appearance, and will likely permanently damage your table cover.

Do you offer standard six or eight foot tables? Where can I get a standard six foot or eight foot table?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs

We don’t currently offer any tables. The best place to purchase a standard six or eight foot table is a local household goods or home improvement store. Amazon also has basic folding tables that are the correct size and would be compatible with our custom stretch table covers. In addition, most trade shows or their supply partners can arrange for table rentals in these sizes.

How far will the table cover stretch? Should I be worried about ripping or tearing?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs

Our table covers are meant to fit securely over a standard six or eight foot table. Trying to stretch and install a table cover over a larger table will result in permanent damage to your cover and may prevent proper installation over a standard six or eight foot table in the future. Provided the table cover is properly installed and cared for over time you shouldn’t have to worry about ripping or tearing. Nonetheless, we do recommend stretching it in a deliberate and careful fashion, especially when pulling the reinforced footings over the table leg feet. Improper installation, usage, or care may result in ripping, tearing, and other permanent damage.

What material is stretch table covers made of? Are there any other materials I can choose from?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs
Our stretch table covers are made from 6.8 oz. polyester tension fabric constructed from polyester warp knit material which allows for stretching without impacting the print clarity or durability. We only offer polyester tension fabric for this product.
What colors are available for your table covers? What’s the base or unprinted color of the fabric?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs

We print our custom stretch table covers in full color! This allows you to print your design with as many colors as you’d like for no additional charge. The unprinted color of the tension fabric for the table cover is white.

Do you print double-sided table covers?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs
We do not print our table covers double-sided for reversibility. The inside of your table cover will be white and unprinted.
Do you only offer an open back table cover? Why would should I prefer an open back?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs
Yes, we currently only offer an open back with our tension fabric table covers. While others offer a four-sided or closed-back table cover, the open back design is the most beneficial design for a stretch table cover as it allows for easy storage under the table. This is great for tradeshows and other events where you may wish to hide a trash can, bags, or marketing materials under the table and out of sight but still have quick access. It also makes it easier to sit at a table on a folding chair if the table is to be used for guest registration or similar purposes. Lastly, an open back still allows for your cover to be printed on the front, top, and sides for branding and aesthetic purposes.
What is the printing area for your table covers? Can I only print on the front or face of the cover?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs

We offer complete entire area printing and printing on all sides of our custom stretch table covers. This allows your design to not only be on the front or face of the table cover but the top and sides as well. As can be seen on this page, this printing doesn’t need to be a simple logo but can include full coverage and complex designs and/or backgrounds.

Do you offer table covers that are circular?
Asked 9 months ago by Signs

We don't currently offer a circular table table cover.