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What Are Spirit Flags?

What Are Spirit Flags?

Spirit flags are large polyester flags that are typically used during high school or college sporting events - most commonly football games. These flags feature a vertical pole pocket and pole, allowing cheer team members, mascots or others to run the field with the custom spirit flag during timeouts, halftime or pre-game activities.

These flags are also a great way to show school spirit and an excellent addition for any cheerleading squad, mascot or pep rally. Our spirit flags are printed via dye sublimation which means they’ll be durable and reusable for years to come. The design is 100% customizable so you can get the exact look you need for your team or school. Spirit flags can come in a variety of sizes with standard sizes including: 3’x5’, 4’x6’, and 5’x8’. The maximum size we offer is 8' 10" x 8' 10" (106" x 106").

Spirit flags are also commonly called field runner flags, cheer flags or sometimes even referred to as battle flags.

Why Spirit Flags?

Easy Assembly and Use: Spirit flags come with a sewn pole pocket making inserting a pole and using your flag as easy as can be. A pole that connects via a push button is available as an optional add-on.

Vibrant Printing: Our high-resolution dye-sublimation printing process enables you to get a beautiful design printed on your spirit flag that can be easily seen from a distance.

Long Lasting: Because we use durable 4 oz. polyester and a sewn pole pocket you can be confident in using your spirit flags at football games in any weather for years to come.

Common Spirit Flag Sizes

From a 3’x5’ flag up to a 8.5’x8.5’ (actual max size is 106" x 106") we can do any custom size school spirit flag that you need! Not sure what size you need? Contact us and we’ll be happy to get you the size perfect for your school.


Begin by laying your spirit flag out flat. Avoid contact with any sharp or abrasive objects and surfaces that may damage the flag.

Next, assemble your pole (if needed) and gently slide the pole into the pole pocket on the side of the flag.

Your flag is now ready to be displayed or run with across the field.


Before storing your flag make sure that it is clean. If the flag is dirty you may spot clean with a fabric safe detergent and a non-abrasive cloth. If your flag needs a deeper clean you may machine wash the flag on a delicate cycle in cold water. Do not bleach your flag as this will cause permanent damage. To dry your flag let it air dry. Drying machines and irons will damage your flag. To store your flag simply fold it up and store in the bag or a container. Do not place any objects on top of your flag during storage. If you include a pole and a bag with your purchase, both the disassembled pole sections and flag (contingent on size) can be stored in the bag.

Do Not Bleach


Wash Cold

Hang Dry

Do Not Iron

Additional Specs

  • Weight:

    .75 lbs. per square foot

  • Thickness:

    4 oz. polyester

  • Details:

    4 oz. polyester flag with digitally printed, dye sublimated design or image, with a sewn pole pocket for simple display and use. Optional pole set and bag can be added for everything you need to run the field with a custom spirit flag.

  • Uses:

    Football games, basketball games, spirit assemblies and pep rallies, and other high school and college activities.

  • Print Method:

    Dye sublimation

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    4+ years with proper use, care, and storage.

  • Common Sizes (WxH):

    5’x3’, 6’x4’, 8’x5’

Looking for Double Sided?

Most spirit flags are double sided so that no matter where your fans are seated they can see your school pride. To order a double sided spirit flag simply select this option on the design tool. If you want a different design on each side simply upload a different design to the back side of the flag.

Please note that single sided spirit flags will have some transparency to them while double sided flags will not have any transparency. Double sided flags will also be much heavier than single sided flags.

Pole + Bag

Get a compatible 1” diameter pole for your spirit flag by adding it during the design process. The set of four 36" pole sections will allow for a 135", 102" or a 69" pole. These durable aluminum pole sections are connected via a push button and a hole on the respective male and female ends. Our custom spirit flags come with 2” pole pockets that work with poles up to 1” in diameter.
Get a reinforced bag that fits all poles ordered with your field runner flag as well as most flags. The bag comes with easy handles for carrying and is perfect for storing your flag and poles during the off-season. The bag comes with any purchase of a pole set.


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What are your spirit flags made of? How thick are they? Do you offer any other thickness or materials?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Our spirit flags are made of a 4 oz. polyester. This material allows for high resolution printing while maintaining durable and lightweight qualities. We’ve found this to be the best material for spirit flags and don’t offer any other materials for spirit flags at this time.

What's the difference between a spirit flag and a field runner flag?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Spirit flags are sometimes called field runner flags; they are the same product. Some other common names for spirit flags are: cheer flags, captain’s flags, spirit runner flags, battle flags, and letter flags. All of these terms describe a flag on a pole with a custom logo and/or team name that is run across the field by a mascot or cheer team member most often during sporting events, particularly high school and college football games.

Can I get my spirit flag printed double sided? Can I get different designs on each side?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Yes and yes. Our spirit flags are single sided by default but we do offer double sided flags. If you want your logo or design printed on both sides of your flag you’ll need to select the “Double Sided” option on our design tool. You can then upload the same or a different file to the back side (click on “Show Back Side”) of your flag depending on your preference. The question below provides some more clarity on the differences between single and double sided spirit flags.

Are there any differences between single and double sided flags that I should be aware of?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Yes. There are two main differences for single and double sided field runner flags. The first is the transparency of the flag. Single sided flags are far more transparent than double sided flags. Your design will be visible, but not perfectly so, from the back side of the flag. Nonetheless, we’ve seen plenty of high schools and even colleges use single sided flags during football games. Double sided flags are not transparent due to a liner inserted in between the two sides. This liner prevents any bleed through of one design or the other on the opposite side. Please note that this gray liner can make lighter colored flags slightly less true to their color. The difference in transparency between the two flag types can be seen in our image gallery. Further, the white “Highland Rams” pictures on this page are double sided flags. You can see that the gray liner has minimal impact on the white portion of the flag. From a transparency standpoint, it is largely a matter of preference as to what you should choose. Both will look great!

The other consideration is the weight of the flags. Single sided flags will be far lighter than double sided flags. This means they will be easier to run with and fly more smoothly than its double sided counterpart. The latter, due to the liner discussed above, will be heavier and not fly as easily. Though, again, the pictures on this page were double sided and as can be seen the flag still works great!

No matter what you choose we're confident you’ll love your custom field runner flags for years to come!

I need help designing my spirit flag. Can you help me?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Absolutely! Our easy to use design tool makes the process of design your spirit flag a simple one. But if you still have trouble or need some help you may take advantage of our free design services. Simply fill out a request form and our design team will reach out to you to get started on your spirit flag design.

Are double sided spirit flags two pieces of material sewn together or one piece?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Yes, our double sided flags are made of two separate pieces of 4 oz. polyester that are sewn together. This allows for your spirit flags to be printed with the same design on both sides or different designs for each side. To remove any transparency there is a liner placed in between the two printed sides. The liner is not visible in any way when ordering a double sided flag.
What printing method do you use for spirit flags?
Asked a year ago by Signs
We print our spirit flags using a dye sublimation method. Our printing method allows us to print your spirit flags in high resolution so you have a flag that is high quality, durable, and looks exactly the way you want.
What's the smallest and largest sizes I can get for spirit flags?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Spirit flags can be ordered in custom sizes between 5’Wx3’H and 8’ 10" W x 8’ 10" H.

What's the most common size for spirit flags?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Although you can order your custom spirit flag in any size between 5’Wx3’H and 8’ 10" W x 8’ 10" H the most common sizes for spirit flags are 3’Hx5’W, 4’Hx6’W and 8’Wx5’H.

What finish do spirit flags have? Do you offer additional finishes?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Our polyester spirit flags come with a matte finish. We don’t currently offer any other finishes at this time.