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Real Estate Sign Riders

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Sign Rider Material Types

Ordering custom real estate sign riders has never been easier. Choose the material you want and then use our design tool to custom design your rider or riders.  You can also get free design help and select a real estate frame if needed. 


Corrugated Plastic

The most affordable option, corrugated plastic sign riders provide a crisply printed real estate sign perfect for temporary usage inside the real estate frame of your choice.

Rigid Plastic

More durable than corrugated plastic, rigid plastic signs are a great option for your signage needs when more prolonged use is anticipated for your signs and frame.


The most durable signage option for your sign rider, aluminum signs will not rust and will last years outside. Perfect for contact information, branded signage and more.


Signage Material Comparison

Our custom real estate sign riders are designed for display in our real estate frames. Sign riders are the perfect addition for outdoor display use, giving you greater flexibility in advertising your residential or commercial property. Available in a variety of materials and made to be interchangeable within the frame, there’s limitless possibilities for display using sign riders with our industry standard real estate frames. See the chart below for an overview of all three types.

  Corrugated PlasticRigid PlasticAluminum
Weight .1875lbs per square foot .47lbs per square foot .60lbs per square foot
Thickness .157" (about the thickness of 40 sheets of copy paper) .12" (about the thickness of 30 sheets of copy paper) .08" (about the thickness of 20 sheets of copy paper)
Print Method Digital Digital Digital
Standard Size 24" x 6" 24" x 6" 24" x 6"
Estimated Lifespan 2+ years with proper usage and care 5+ years with proper usage and care 5+ years with proper usage and care
Uses Real estate listings, business advertising, promotional use and temporary events. Real estate listings, business advertising, promotional use and temporary events. Real estate listings, business advertising, promotional use and temporary events.


Sign Rider Templates

Choose a popular template below to get started in creating your custom sign riders or select the "Blank Template" to upload your own file. Selecting these templates will default to corrugated plastic but you can customize your material type and options (single and double sided) in our design tool. You can also add a real estate frame if needed. Still need help? Select the "Free Design Help" button the desing tool to let us design a sign rider for you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specs
  • Is the real estate frame and larger graphic included with my purchase of sign riders? If not, where would I go to purchase a real estate frame?
  • Real estate frames and larger graphics are not included when you purchase sign riders. In order to order a frame, visit the real estate frame product page to purchase your preferred frame and larger graphic if needed.
  • Will your riders work in my existing real estate frame?
  • Our real estate sign riders are an industry standard 24” x 6” in size. Assuming you have a standard frame, this means they will fit in your current frame. Though the safest thing to do before buying replacement signs for an existing frame is to measure. You can then order the standard sign riders or customize the size of your sign(s) in our design tool as needed.
  • What exactly are sign riders?
  • A sign rider is a smaller sign that accompanies a larger sign or graphic in a real estate frame. Sign riders are usually placed either below or above (or both) the larger graphic in the frame. Additionally they are used on posts and even hang from other post signs in some cases. They are commonly used to provide additional information to a bigger sign, such as: “Under Contract”, “Open House”, etc. The primary use of sign riders is within the real estate industry.
  • Is it possible to order different material sign riders in a single order?
  • Yes. You would simply need to add one sign rider to your cart and then duplicate the design from your cart or saved designs and change the material for the other sign(s). But you can not select two different materials for one sign design at the same time.
  • Are drilled holes an available option for sign riders?
  • Yes. If you intend on hanging your sign rider from a larger graphic than you will most likely need grommets or drilled holes. Both of these options are available on the design tool when you are customizing your sign.
  • How thick are your real estate sign riders that are inserted into the real estate frame? Do different materials change the thickness of the sign?
  • The sign materials can be up to ½ inches thick. The thickness of your signs will vary depending on what material you select. The frame thickness doesn’t change regardless of the sign material type. We do not currently offer alternative frame thicknesses.
  • What are the differences between the real estate frames with single sign rider and the double sign riders?
  • Real estate frames with a single sign rider has only one rider (or smaller sign) placed below the primary sign, whereas the double sign rider has a rider placed both below and above the primary sign. Otherwise, the frames are exactly the same.
  • Can I display my sign rider without the use of a real estate frame?
  • Real estate sign riders are designed to be displayed in a real estate frame. If you wish to display sign riders without the frame, we recommend visiting the specific material page (ie. aluminum, rigid plastic, corrugated plastic, etc.) to order a sign that can be displayed without the use of a metal frame.
  • Are sign riders similar to the yard signs you offer?
  • Though similar in purpose, real estate sign riders differ from our yard signs. Sign riders are specifically designed to be inserted into a real estate frame. Yard signs typically use an H frame to be inserted into a soft surface and are better fit for temporary use.
  • What are standard or common sizes for real estate sign riders?
  • The common size for real estate sign riders is 24”x6”’. This size will allow the riders to be placed in our real estate frames without any modification to the sign or the frame.
  • Can I order sign riders of varying shapes, like circular or triangular sign riders?
  • We do not currently offer sign riders of varying shapes. Sign riders must be rectangular signs that measure 24” x 6” with a thickness less than ½” to be compatible with our real estate frames.
  • What materials are available for use as real estate sign riders?
  • Sign materials available for sign riders include aluminum, reflective aluminum, corrugated plastic, rigid plastic, and wood. All of these rigid materials work well because they are less than ½” thick, which is the maximum thickness that will fit into the frame. More information on these specific materials can be found by visiting their respective product pages.
  • Do you offer blank sign riders?
  • Yes, blank sign riders are available for purchase. Select a blank template in our design tool to order a blank sign rider.
  • Can you remove the sign material from the frame and switch it with a rider of a different material?
  • Yes, for both frames, all signs can be removed and switched out with a different sign of the same or different material. The material of your preferred sign type must not exceed a thickness of ½” inches. Switching out your signs to a different material type or updated signage takes less than a minute.
  • Can I order a double-sided sign riders? What if the back side of my sign is different from my front?
  • Yes, sign riders can be single or double sided. Simply select the double-sided option in our design tool to enable this. If the back side of your sign is different, upload a different design to the back side of the sign using the design tool.
  • Do you print directly onto the surface of the sign rider or do you simply put a printed vinyl overlay on top?
  • The design portion of the sign rider will be printed directly on the surface of the sign rider material. Printing the design directly on the material permanently adheres it, resulting in a long-lasting, vibrant design that is weather resistant. We recommend visiting the individual material page for more information about the printing process used.
  • What are the common uses for real estate sign riders?
  • Real estate sign riders are specifically designed for use in our real estate frames. Sign riders are primarily used to display additional messages and designs in cooperation with the main graphic of a real estate frame. Real estate sign riders are ideal for display at open houses, pending sales, and recently sold properties for real estate purposes. Sign riders can also be used to display for point of purchase locations and outdoor events, as well as political and advertising use.
  • Are your sign riders weather resistant?
  • All of our sign rider materials (corrugated plastic, rigid plastic, aluminum, wooden, etc.) are designed to be weather resistant. This also includes the design portion of your sign rider. To prevent damage to your sign rider, do not display during heavy wind or inclimate weather. We recommend visiting the specific material product page for more information on weather resistance and indoor/outdoor compatibility.
  • Are sign riders fade and scratch resistant?
  • Our signs are designed to be fade resistant and scratch resistant in normal display conditions. Displaying a sign in direct sunlight frequently for extended periods of time can result in damaging of your sign. To avoid scratching of the sign or design area, keep it away from sharp objects and cover the sign rider when storing it. If inserting into a frame, carefully slide your sign into the frame with the tension clip fully pulled away. Failing to do so can scratch your sign as you insert it.
Installation & Care
  • How do I display or install my sign riders?
  • Installing your sign riders is simple and can be done in minutes. Our sign riders are specifically designed to fit inside our real estate frames without hassle. To insert a sign rider, pull away the tension clip on the back of the real estate frame. This will allow the sign rider to slide into place; once inserted, release the tension clip to secure the sign rider in place. For ½” thick material we recommend using the pre-drilled holes to further secure your signs inside your frame. Once installed, use the foot mounts and place the real estate frame into the ground to complete your display.
  • How do I care for my real estate sign riders? What is the best way to store my signs?
  • Caring and storing your real estate sign riders is easy. Remove surface dirt from the sign rider by using a damp cloth. Avoid using heavy cleaning solutions (like bleach) to remove dirt, as doing so will damage the sign. To store the sign, we recommended repurposing the box the sign riders were shipped in as a protective case. Keeping them in the shipping box when storing will allow you to place them on a shelf or against a wall without worrying about them being scratched, bent, or damaged. If you do not have the original shipping boxes, we recommend storing the signs on shelves, covering them with a protective cloth or material to prevent scratching of the sign rider.

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