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Real Estate Riders

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What are Real Estate Riders?

A sign rider is a smaller sign that accompanies a larger sign or graphic in a real estate frame. Sign riders are usually placed either below or above (or both) the larger graphic in the frame. Additionally they are used on posts and even hang from other post signs in some cases.

They are most commonly 24”x6” but can be other sizes including 36” x 6”. They are most often used to provide additional information to a bigger sign, such as: “Under Contract”, “Open House”, etc. The primary use of sign riders is within the real estate industry.

Rider Comparison

Our custom real estate sign riders are designed for display in our real estate frames, posts, a-frames, or any other real estate sign. Sign riders are the perfect addition for outdoor display use, giving you greater flexibility in advertising your residential or commercial property. Available in a variety of materials and made to be interchangeable within the frame, there’s limitless possibilities for display using sign riders with our industry standard real estate signs. See the chart below for an overview of all four types.

Compatible Sign Type
Metal Frame
Available Sizes
24” x 6” and 36” x 6”
24” x 6”
24” x 6”
Aluminum, Coroplast, and Plastic
Aluminum, Coroplast, and Plastic
Rounded Corners
Full Color
Full Color
Full Color
Full Color
Printed Sides
Single and Double-Sided
Single and Double-Sided
Single and Double-Sided
Single and Double-Sided


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Specs

What are sign riders?

A sign rider is a smaller sign, typically 24" x 6", that accompanies a larger sign or graphic in a real estate frame, A-frame, or post. Sign riders are usually placed either above or below the larger graphic in the frame (or both – above and below); they can even hang from other post signs. Primarily used in the real estate industry, sign riders are typically used to provide supplemental information to a larger sign, such as: "Under Contract," "Open House," "Just Sold," and so on.

What is the difference between the Real Estate Post, A-Frame, Metal Frame, and Custom Real Estate Riders? Which should I choose?

Real Estate Posts, Metal Frames, and A-Frames are the three primary solutions for professionally displaying real estate signage. Posts and Metal Frames are in-ground solutions for grass and soil, while A-Frames can be situated on paved or other surfaces (and can also be used indoors). All three solutions accommodate primary/large signage, but also allow for sign riders for supplemental messaging. Riders are not standalone signage solutions – rather, they help reinforce the primary sign's message.

Do real estate frames and posts require a different type and/or size of rider? What about A-frames?

Riders for our metal real estate frames must measure 24" x 6" to fit within the metal framework; they can be made of aluminum, corrugated plastic, or rigid plastic, and must be less than ½-inch thick.

The standard size for an A-frame rider is also 24" x 6" but since the rider sits above the frame (and is held by a clamp), it could be a custom size; it's typically produced in corrugated plastic, but can be aluminum or rigid plastic, too.

Riders for our posts measure 24" x 6" (small post) and 36" x 6" (large post); they're available in aluminum only.

What materials are available for sign riders?

Sign materials available for sign riders include: aluminum, corrugated plastic, and plastic. All of these rigid materials work well when producing sign riders because they're less than ½-inch thick, which is the maximum thickness that will fit into the frame. More information on these specific materials can be found by visiting their product pages.

Is the real estate frame or larger/primary graphic included with the purchase of a rider?

No, neither the real estate frame nor the primary graphic is included when you purchase a sign rider. To order a frame and/or a primary graphic, visit our real estate frame product page.

Will your riders work in my existing frame, post, or A-frame?

Our real estate sign riders measure an industry standard 24" x 6"; assuming you have a standard frame, this means they will work with your current frame, A-frame, or post. If you're unsure if you have a standard frame or post, it's best to measure prior to making your purchase – you can then order the standard sign riders or customize the size of your sign(s) in our design tool as needed.

Is it possible to order different material sign riders in a single order?

Yes, you simply need to add one sign rider to your cart and then duplicate the design from your cart or saved designs and change the material for the other sign(s). Keep in mind, however, that you cannot select two different materials for one sign design at the same time.

How thick are your real estate sign riders? Do different materials change their thickness?

The rider materials can be up to ½-inch thick max. The thickness of your signs will vary depending on what material you select. Keep in mind that the thickness of the frame itself doesn't change regardless of the sign material type; we don't currently offer alternative frame thicknesses.

Can I display a sign rider on its own – without the use of a real estate frame, post, or A-frame?

Real estate sign riders are specifically designed to be displayed in a real estate frame. If you wish to display sign riders without the frame, we recommend you visit the specific material page (aluminum, corrugated plastic, and plastic, etc.) to order a sign that can be best displayed without the use of a metal frame.

What are standard or common sizes for real estate sign riders? Am I able to create a rider in any size?

Our standard sizes for real estate sign riders are 24" x 6" and 36" x 6" — the smaller version is sized for our metal frames, A-frames, and small post; while the larger version is sized for our large real estate post. In addition, we do offer riders in custom sizes (aluminum, corrugated plastic, and rigid plastic).

Can I order custom-shaped sign riders – circular, triangular, etc.?

Sign riders are typically rectangular signs that measure 24" x 6" with a thickness less than ½-inch to be compatible with our real estate frames. However, we do offer custom-shaped signs for aluminum, plastic, and yard signs (corrugated plastic). Simply navigate to the respective product page in our top nav and customize your sign however you want!

Will my real estate rider have rounded corners?

We offer rounded corners in our riders for posts and for custom orders. Our riders for A-frames and metal frames, however, do not have rounded corners.

Can I order a double-sided sign rider? Can I print one message on the front side of my sign and a different message on the back?

Yes, sign riders can be printed single- or double-sided, and you can indeed have separate messages printed on each side. Simply select the double-sided option in our design tool to enable this. If the back side of your sign is different, just upload a different design to the back side of the sign using the design tool.

Do you print directly onto the surface of the sign rider? Or do you simply print onto vinyl and then adhere that to the top of the sign material?

The design portion of the sign rider will be printed directly onto the surface of the sign rider material using UV inks. Printing the design directly on the material permanently adheres it, resulting in a long-lasting, vibrant design that's also weather-resistant. Visit the individual material page for more information about the printing process we use.

Are drilled holes an available option for sign riders?

Since none of our riders need drilled holes to be installed in their respective signs, we do not offer drilled holes for riders.

Do you offer blank sign riders?

Yes, blank sign riders are available for purchase. In our design tool, select a blank template to order a blank sign rider.


What are some of the common uses for sign riders?

Real estate sign riders are specifically designed for use in real estate frames. As we noted earlier, sign riders are primarily used to display additional messages and designs that complement or support the main graphic of a real estate frame or post. They're ideal for displaying at open houses, pending sales, and recently sold properties for real estate purposes. Riders can also be used for point of purchase locations and outdoor events, as well as for political and advertising messaging.

Are sign riders weather-resistant?

Yes, all of our sign rider materials (corrugated plastic, rigid plastic, aluminum, etc.) are designed to be weather-resistant, including the design portion of your sign rider. To prevent damage to your sign rider, do not display during heavy wind or inclement weather. We recommend visiting the specific material product page for more information on weather resistance and indoor/outdoor compatibility.

Are your sign riders resistant to fading and/or scratching?

Yes, our sign riders are designed to be fade-resistant as well as scratch-resistant under normal display conditions. Frequently displaying a sign in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, however, can result in damage to your sign. To avoid scratching the sign or design area, keep it away from sharp objects. When inserting the sign rider into a frame, carefully slide the sign into the frame with the tension clip fully pulled away; failing to do so can result in scratching the sign as it's inserted. Also, when storing your sign rider, be sure to cover it to avoid any scratches.

Is there a limit to how many sign riders I can add to my real estate frame or post?

It depends upon the specific frame or post you purchase. Metal Frames are available in three configurations: Standard (no sign rider); Single Rider (one sign rider placed below the primary sign); and Double Rider (two sign riders, including one above the primary sign and one below the primary sign). A-Frames, meanwhile, can accommodate just a single rider. And posts can fit one rider on the top of the post.

Can I change out the sign rider’s existing message?

Because we direct-print our riders with durable UV inks, you must replace the rider to change out the message. With all of our real estate signage solutions, it's easy to swap out one rider with another – so, you can quickly change "New Listing" with "Pending Sale" and "Reduced Price" to "Just Sold!"

Installation & Care

How do I display or install my sign riders?

Installing a sign rider is simple and can be done in minutes. Our sign riders are specifically designed to fit inside a real estate frame without hassle. To insert a sign rider, pull away the tension clip on the back of the real estate frame – this will allow the sign rider to slide into place. Once you've inserted the rider, release the tension clip to secure it in place. For ½-inch thick material, we recommend using the pre-drilled holes to further secure the signs inside the frame. After the rider has been installed, use the foot mounts to place the real estate frame into the ground and complete your display.For the A-Frame and Posts you will insert the rider in the clamp at the top of the sign and tighten the screw, securing the rider in place.

How should I maintain and care for sign riders?

Caring for your real estate sign riders is easy: You can remove any surface dirt from the sign rider by just using a damp cloth. You should avoid using heavy cleaning solutions (like bleach) to remove dirt; doing so will damage the sign.

What's the best way to store my sign riders (and signs)?

For storage, we recommended repurposing the box the sign riders were shipped in as a protective case. Storing them in the shipping box will allow you to place them on a shelf or against a wall without worrying about scratches, being bent, or experiencing other damage. If you haven't retained the original shipping boxes, we recommend storing the signs on shelves and covering them with a protective cloth or material to prevent any damage.