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Custom Decals For Cars & Trucks

Turn your car into a moving billboard with a custom vehicle decal. Available in three material options, our car decals are a great way to show off your brand and reach the masses as you cruise the roadways.

Our Products

  • Opaque car decals are great vehicle window decals.


    This short-term durable and removable vinyl comes in a matte finish and can be mounted on either your car’s sweet paint job or its windows.

  • Clear car decals work well to let outside light in, yet still send your message.


    Our clear decals are a great choice for car windows. They give you the ability to cover an entire window with images without losing visibility and they come in multiple finishes.

  • Perforated car decals are the perfect all-purpose decal.


    They can’t see in, but you can see out. Perforated decals are safe for all kinds of glass and easy to install. Additional laminating keeps dirt and grime out and your decal looking great.

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Product Specs

  • What should I know about decals in general?
  • Each of our car decals are made from a vinyl material with an adhesive backing that is both an affordable and versatile signage solution for your vehicle. We offer three different types of car decals - clear, opaque and perforated - which are explained in more detail below. All of these decals can be cut to shape as needed and work for personal and business vehicles, fleets, government cars and more.
  • Can I use the decals on any type of car? Boats?
  • Yes. Our decals work on any make or model of car or truck. More detail is provided on the respective product pages but the most important part is selecting the right type of decal and properly measuring it for a proper placement on your vehicle. If you are looking for a decal to place on your boat, we would recommend our high adhesive decal.
  • Are all the decals vinyl? If so, what difference does it make which one I order?
  • Yes, all three of the decal types are a vinyl material but have significant differences that should be noted. The opaque and clear car decals differ in visibility/transparency as the former is printed on an opaque material and is better suited for doors or sides of vans or delivery trucks. The clear decals, due to their clear material, can be used on windows. The ideal usage of the clear decals is in situations where an opaque background is not wanted. Alternatively, perforated decals with their 50:50 ratio of solid material and perforated holes offer the best option for car windows especially rear windows for cars or trucks. The perforated material provides a solution for full sized decals that also don’t impede the visibility of a driver. We recommend only using perforated car decals when an entire window will be covered so as to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and others on the road.
  • How do the decals stick to my car?
  • All of the decals come with a removable lining that when peeled away leaves an adhesive backing.
  • Does that mean that car stickers are the same as car decals?
  • The term “car sticker” is often used when describing a car decal but is not normally a common signage industry term. “Car decals” or “decals” is the term most often used when looking for a car sign with an adhesive or sticky backing.
  • Are there standard sizes of car decals? If so, what is “custom” about the decals?
  • While there are common sizes of car decals (12”x12”, 18”x12”) there aren’t really any industry standard car decal sizes. This is because each car or truck model/type differs from the next. Thus, we highly recommend measuring the spot on your vehicle where the decal will be placed. Correct measurements will ensure a decal that doesn’t come off the vehicle prematurely due to air getting underneath the decal. The custom aspect of the decal is in regards to design, size and type. We print everything in full color so you have the flexibility of printing virtually any design you may want. Likewise, you can customize one of our existing templates or use our free professional design services to have us custom create one for you. The decal size is also completely custom. Rather than offering only standard sizes for our decals we have a few common options with the ability to literally select any size you might need. Lastly, no matter if you need clear, opaque, perforated or even vinyl lettering (see below) we offer all types of car decals. Thus, regardless of your situation and needs you should be able to find or design a custom decal that works perfectly for you.
  • Why should I choose car decals? Should I choose car magnets instead?
  • Decals are a great choice for a long-lasting vehicle signage solution. This can be to advertise a personal business or even for fleet or company cars. Though removing your decal is fairly easy these decals are considered semi-permanent and are not designed to be removed and reapplied. For more temporary car signs one should select our car magnets. These are a perfect sign that can be removed and reapplied on a regular basis.
  • What about clings? Are they the same thing?
  • No, car decals are not the same as a cling. A cling is a type of sign that adheres to a surface using static electricity rather than an adhesive backing. So while some may call them car clings or window clings for cars this is a misnomer. Generally static clings are better off inside. For vehicles you should choose from the one of the decal options - clear, opaque or perforated - or vinyl lettering.
  • Do I need to design them differently based on the type of window decal I choose?
  • Generally speaking design for any of the decal types can be done in similar fashion as long as best practices are followed. Best practices for designing car decals include not putting too much text on the sign, keeping the design simple, having a clear call to action and using contrasting colors. Contrasting colors is particularly important for clear car decals since the decal itself won’t contrast with any text you may put on your sign.
  • Does it matter what type of decal I choose? What’s the difference between the clear, opaque and perforated vehicle decals?
  • Yes, beyond the design considerations noted above there is a major difference in the decals. Opaque car decals, as the name implies, should only be used on the sides of vehicles as they will completely impair the driver’s visibility if placed on windows. Clear decals can be placed on the vehicle itself or on windows. Though even with clear car decals the printed area will not be see through. Perforated decals offer the best solution to advertise your business or message while still being able to see through the sign. Perforated decals should always be used for rear windows and any large signs that will be used on vehicle’s windows.
  • How do I install the decals?
  • More detailed instructions are included on the respective product pages but installation is similar for all three decal types. The first step is to wash the surface where the decal will be applied and to let it air dry. Next the backing of the decal should be removed so that the adhesive part of the decal is now exposed. For clear and opaque decals, water with a drop of mild detergent should be sprayed onto the adhesive part of the decal. This liquid will provide some wiggle room in positioning the decal on your vehicle. No water should be used on the perforated decals. The decals can then be placed onto the vehicle and a squeegee used to removed any excess water. Once dry, the adhesive properties will set in and your decal will be in place.
  • Are the decals easy to install? What about extra large decals?
  • Yes, decals are a simple and quick process to install. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Also, for larger decals more than one person needs to install them to make sure that the adhesive side of the decal doesn’t touch nor stick to another part of the decal. This can result in tearing when trying to unstick the decal from itself.
  • Will they fall off when I’m driving, in bad weather, in the car wash?
  • Your decals should not fall nor fly off when driving in normal nor inclement weather. Though it is critical to place the decals in a good position to help ensure that this doesn't happen. Decals should be placed on smooth/flat areas of your car. They should not be placed on paneling or cracks. With any type of car decal you should not use a pressure washer nor an mechanical car wash. The water pressure and large brushes of either of these can damage your car decal beyond repair or even cause them to fall off.
  • Are the decals difficult to remove? Will the your decals damage my car?
  • All three types of decals are easy to remove. In most cases all that is required is to simply peel them away from your car and use a razor blade (for window placement) and soapy water to removed any residual adhesive material. In some cases, heating up the decal will allow for easier removal. Decals that are placed on painted areas should be removed with the utmost care so as to not scratch the paint. No, generally speaking regardless of the type of decal you choose it shouldn’t damage the car nor the paint job in any way. This is true both for installation and removal of the decal.
  • I’m looking for vinyl lettering for my cars, what type of decal should I choose?
  • While opaque, clear and perforated decals can be cut to shape vinyl lettering is actually a completely different product. Vinyl letters, or cut vinyl will give you individual vinyl letters that will adhere to your vehicle with an adhesive backing.

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