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Real Estate Post

6ft. tall post with easy install ground stake and optional riders. Comes in multiple sizes.

Real Estate Post

Most Popular
Real Estate A-Frame

Lightweight, portable, collapsible and cost-effective. Double-sided signs for maximum visibility.

Real Estate A-Frame

Real Estate Riders

Riders for any and every real estate sign. Choose from corrugated plastic, plastic, or aluminum.

Real Estate Riders

Yard Signs

4mm corrugated plastic yard signs with metal wire stakes.

Yard Signs

Standard Frame

Black powder coated steel frame with a 24”x18” sign. Spiked legs for easy install.

Standard Frame

Single Rider Frame

Black powder coated steel frame with a 24”x18” sign and a location for a bottom rider. Spiked legs for easy install.

Single Rider Frame

Double Rider Frame

Black powder coated steel frame with a 24”x18” sign and locations for a top and bottom rider. Spiked legs for easy install.

Double Rider Frame

Advertising Flags

Feather Flag Banners

Made from 4 oz polyester, these feather flags are portable yet durable display options perfect for a wide variety of events.

Feather Flag

Teardrop Flag Banners

Our smallest advertising flag. This 4 oz polyester flag has a distinct shape to attract attention at stores and events.

Teardrop Flag

Angled Flag Banners

Similar to our feather flags, 4 oz polyester angled flags offer a slightly different shape but the same great results for any outdoor or indoor use.

Angled Flag

Rectangle Flag Banners

Rectangle flags come with aluminum tubes and offer the maximum printable area for visibility at events and more. Made from 4 oz polyester.

Rectangle Flag

Hear from our customers:

What Are Real Estate Signs?

Real estate post, Real estate frame, Real estate rider, Real estate A-Frame

Real estate signs come in various shapes and sizes and have many different uses. This includes posts, a-frames, rider frames, riders, and more! Real estate signs are a vital component of real estate advertising. They provide valuable information to would-be buyers or renters.

Real estate posts are great for displaying for sale, rent, or lease signage in any front yard. They are one of the bigger real estate signs, which makes them great for attracting attention and providing valuable information. They can feature a bigger hanging sign as well as a rider.

Real estate frames can use some combination of a standard 24”x18” sign as well as 24”x6” riders and are perfect for directing potential buyers/renters to your property. They can easily be placed on soft surfaces while real estate a-frames can go on sidewalks or street corners to show people where to go.

Real estate riders are (commonly) 24”x6” signs that go with other real estate hardware and are perfect for advertising the purpose of the property and/or building, whether it’s For Sale, For Rent, an Open House, or otherwise. Riders provide a simple and concise message, making them a great addition to any real estate sign.

Real estate A-Frames are the most portable option. They are lightweight and the hinge design allows them to collapse down making it even easier to transport them. They are perfect for sidewalks and directing would-be buyers to your listings.

Custom Real Estate Signs At A Glance

Real Estate Post

Real Estate Post

  • Material iconPVC post, metal ground spike, and aluminum graphic. Riders optional
  • Icon showing a finger snappingQuick install ground stake - no shovel needed
  • House iconLarge real estate signage, requires soft ground
Real Estate A-Frames

Real Estate A-Frames

  • Material iconBlack steel frame with coroplast graphic. Riders optional
  • Feather icon indicating lightweightLightweight, yet durable and portable
  • Thumbs up iconEasy and cost-effective real estate advertising
Real Estate Riders

Real Estate Riders

  • Material iconAluminum, coroplast, and plastic options
  • Icon indecating sizeFully customizable riders from size to material to design
  • Thumbs up iconA rider for each of our real estate signs
Yard Signs

Yard Signs

  • Material icon4mm corrugated plastic with metal wire stakes
  • Feather icon indicating lightweightLightweight and cost-effective
  • Sun iconPrimarily used in lawns and on roadsides
Rider Frames

Rider Frames

  • Material iconBlack powder coated steel with corrugated plastic, plastic, or aluminum signs
  • Thumbs up iconChoose the perfect frame for your needs
  • House iconFor residential and commercial real estate signage
Feather Flag Banners

Feather Flag Banners

  • Roll icon indicating material rollMade from 13 oz vinyl or 9 oz polyester
  • Angled flag iconCurved at the top and bottom with perfect symmetry
  • Icon indicating indoor and outdoor usageThe classic outdoor or indoor advertising flag used by businesses and organizations
Teardrop Flag Banners

Teardrop Flag Banners

  • Roll icon indicating material rollMade from 4 oz polyester
  • Teardrop flag iconUnique shape that attracts attention
  • Events iconUsed for quick set up at booths and events
Angled Flag Banners

Angled Flag Banners

  • Roll icon indicating material rollMade from 4 oz polyester
  • Angled flag iconAesthetic shape make this flag effective for any use
  • Sun iconIdeally used for outdoor promotional displays for storefronts and businesses
Rectangle Flag Banners

Rectangle Flag Banners

  • Roll icon indicating material rollMade from 4 oz polyester
  • Rectangle flag iconFlag banner with the most printable area
  • Icon indicating indoor or outdoor iconUsed for outdoor or indoor advertising, great for displaying large amounts of information

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Banner being designed with design tool

Create your custom real estate signs with our simple and easy design tool. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!

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Free Design Services

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Free Customization

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specs
  • What is the most common real estate sign?
  • The Real Estate Frame is easily the most common type of real estate signage. Capable of quickly and easily being placed in any grass or soil, our Real Estate Frames are available in three configurations – Standard, with no rider; Single Rider; and Double Rider. The riders make it easy to change the type of listing from “For Sale” to “Sale Pending” and finally to “Sold” or whatever else your needs may be.
  • How many real estate signs do you offer?
  • Beyond our three configurations of Real Estate Frames, we also offer Real Estate Posts in two sizes and Real Estate A-Frames. In addition, we offer Real Estate Riders in a variety of sizes and materials.
  • Which is the most versatile real estate sign?
  • It depends upon how you’re defining “versatile.” Our Real Estate A-Frame is certainly versatile, because you can use it on all kinds of surfaces – pavement/hard surfaces as well as grass/ground – so it can be placed anywhere on a property, inside or outside. But our Real Estate Frames are versatile as well because, as noted above, you can order them in various configurations – in the Double Rider configuration, for example, your Real Estate Frame can “shout out” three different messages (six, if the primary sign and the riders are printed double-sided with different messages). And, finally, our Real Estate Riders are versatile because you can utilize them in conjunction with every type of real estate sign that we sell. So you could say it’s a virtual tie when it comes to versatility!
  • What is the turnaround time for real estate signs?
  • We start production of your real estate sign just moments after you order it. It’s then produced and shipped the next business day. The delivery window for your real estate sign is shown when you select which shipping type you prefer on the checkout page.
  • Which sign is best for indoor use? And which is best for outdoor use?
  • For indoor use, a Real Estate A Frame is your best choice – it can be set up on any kind of hard surface, including tile, wood, carpet, or concrete. Plus, you can easily move it from location to another as needed. For outdoor use, you can choose any of our real estate signs: Real Estate Frames, Real Estate Posts, or Real Estate A-Frames. All of these are great solutions for outdoor environments.
  • Are these signs weatherproof?
  • Yes, all of our real estate signs and related hardware are constructed of materials that will withstand just about anything Mother Nature can throw their way. Our Real Estate Frame is made of ¾-inch iron and has a rust-resistant black powder coat finish, while our A-Frame is heavy-duty steel and features an enamel coating for rust-resistance. Our Real Estate Post is made of durable PVC plastic, and is waterproof and UV-safe.
  • Am I able to order a sign without the frame or post? Do you offer replacement signs?
  • Yes on both counts. For ordering a sign only, without frame or post: On the product page of the real estate signage you’re interested in, visit the Graphics Only section – there, you can click on the “Get Started” button to design the sign you need.

    For replacement signs: A good first step is to measure prior to starting the ordering process, to determine the exact size of sign you need. For instance, our Real Estate Frame accommodates a primary sign measuring 24” x 18” while our Real Estate Posts can accommodate signs up to 24” wide (Small Post) and up to 36” wide (Large Post). Our real estate sign riders measure an industry standard 24” x 6.”
  • I’m looking to order just the frame or post without the sign. How can I do that?
  • We sell our Real Estate Frames and our Real Estate Posts separately if you need just the frame or post but no sign. There is a Hardware Only section on each product page – just click on the specific configuration of frame or correct size post you require to add the item to your cart.
  • Can you help me with putting together the design for my signs?
  • Definitely! You can work directly with our Design Team to turn your idea into an awesome design – for free! Our professional designers will work with you to create up to two mock-ups with your purchase. We can also help you with image retouching, logo conversion, sketch-to-design, and more. Go to our Free Design Services page to request your free design help!
  • What sizes does the Real Estate Post come in?
  • The Real Estate Post is available in two sizes: Small and Large, both are 6 ft. tall. The Small Post includes a 24” x 18” sign; it can accommodate signs up to 24” wide. The Large Post includes a 36” x 24” sign; it can accommodate signs up to 36” wide.
  • What material is the Real Estate Post made of?
  • The Real Estate Post is made of PVC plastic, which is durable, lightweight, waterproof, and UV-safe. As a result, the Post is perfect for year-round outdoor advertising and messaging that you want to quickly install.
  • What material are the signs made of?
  • The Real Estate Signs that are included with the post feature a polyethylene foam core and faces made of corrosion-resistant aluminum. Lightweight but durable, the signs are 1/8” thick. UV inks are used to print the graphics onto vinyl, then mounted to the sign face.
  • Can I order a double-sided sign? Does the print have to be the same?
  • Yes, the signs that are included with our Real Estate Posts can be printed double-sided. Each side can carry separate messages and/or graphics, or feature the same message and graphics, your choice.
  • What’s the lifespan of the Real Estate Post?
  • The Real Estate Post is made of PVC, so it’s very durable. It should hold up well for years in most normal weather conditions.
  • What are the common uses for a Real Estate Post?
  • You’ll typically see Real Estate Posts used for real estate sales; condo sales; business property sales; acreage sales; open houses; rentals of commercial and consumer properties; open houses; promotions; and more.
  • How do I install my Real Estate Post?
  • You can easily install our Real Estate Post by just hammering the included stake into the ground, then assembling the post and placing it over the stake – that’s all there is to it. Then, simply attach the sign and rider(s).
  • How do I care for my Real Estate Post?
  • To remove any dirt or grime from the post, just wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth or hose it down if you prefer – water will not damage the PVC plastic post. To store the post, utilize its original shipping container, or wrap it in a soft cloth and place in a covered environment; store flat to avoid the post being knocked over.
  • What sizes does the Real Estate A-Frame come in?
  • Our Real Estate A-Frame is available in one size only: 29.5” x 33” (w x h); it is 3” thick. The A-Frame sign measures 24” x 18” (w x h), so it fits perfectly within the A-Frame itself.
  • What material is the Real Estate A-Frame made of?
  • The A-Frame is made of heavy-duty steel and is rust-resistant due to its enamel coating. It weighs in at just 5.5 lbs., so it’s portable but will still withstand low to moderate winds.
  • What material are the signs made of?
  • The A-Frame sign is made from 4mm corrugated plastic (“coroplast”), which is weather-resistant, moisture-resistant, and impact-resistant; its corrugated plastic construction also makes it easy to clean.
  • Can I order a double-sided sign? Does the print have to be the same?
  • Yes, our A-Frame signs can be printed double-sided. Print the same message on both sides, or have various messages printed on each side.
  • What is the lifespan of the Real Estate A-Frame?
  • The A-Frame is made from heavy-duty, rustproof steel, so it should last for years under normal usage and conditions.
  • What are the common uses for Real Estate A-Frame?
  • The most common use is in the real estate market. Portable and easily transportable, A-Frames can be set on just about any exterior or interior surface. As a result, they can also be used for trade shows, hospitality events, birthday parties, and much more.
  • How do I install a Real Estate A-Frame?
  • Just place the A-Frame on the ground, and then attach the sign by inserting the included zip ties through the sign’s grommets and around the frame top. Close the ties, leaving some space between the sign and the frame so that the sign can hang freely. You can add a rider by placing it in the rider clamp at the top of the frame and tightening the tension screw.
  • How do I care for my Real Estate A-Frame?
  • All you have to do is occasionally wipe down the A-Frame with a damp cloth or rag; no cleaning solution is necessary. No other maintenance on the A-Frame is required. To clean any dirt/mud or road spray on the corrugated plastic sign, clean using a spray bottle and wet cloth or rag. To store the A-Frame, remove the sign and header and then place it in its shipping container; place on a shelf or stand against a wall, and be careful to not place heavy objects on top of it. The hinge design allows the frame to collapse flat, making for even easier storage.
  • What sizes do the Real Estate Riders come in?
  • We offer two standard sizes for our Real Estate Riders: 24” x 6” for our metal frames, A-frames, and small post; and 36” x 6” for our large real estate post. We also offer custom-sized riders in aluminum, corrugated plastic, and rigid plastic.
  • What material are the Real Estate Riders made of?
  • Real Estate Riders are available in these materials: aluminum, corrugated plastic, and PVC plastic. Any of these rigid substrates will work well when producing sign riders because they’re less than ½-inch thick – the maximum thickness that will fit into the frame.
  • Can I order a double-sided sign? Does the print have to be the same?
  • Yes, our sign riders can be printed either single- or double-sided, and separate messages can be printed on each side. In our design tool, just select the double-sided option to enable this. Then, if the back side of the rider is different, just upload a different design to the back side of the sign using the design tool.
  • What is the lifespan of the Real Estate Riders?
  • Although there’s no specific lifespan assigned to our sign riders, all of our sign rider materials – corrugated plastic, rigid plastic, aluminum, and so on – are weather-resistant, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant under normal display conditions. That said, frequently displaying the sign in direct sunlight for extended periods of time can shorten your sign’s lifespan; and heavy wind and inclement weather can also result in damage.
  • What are the common uses for Real Estate Riders?
  • As the name indicates, Real Estate Riders are specifically designed for use in real estate frames. Sign riders are typically used to display messages/designs that complement or support the primary sign in a real estate frame or post. Riders are often utilized to augment displays for open houses, pending sales, and recently sold properties; they can also be used for point of purchase purposes and at outdoor events, and for political and advertising messaging, too.
  • How do I install my Real Estate Riders?
  • Our sign riders are engineered to easily fit inside a real estate frame: To insert a sign rider, first pull away the tension clip on the back of the real estate frame, allowing the sign rider to slide into place. Once you’ve inserted the rider, just release the tension clip to secure it in place. For ½-inch thick materials, we suggest using the pre-drilled holes to further secure the sign inside the frame. Once you’ve installed the rider, place the real estate frame into the ground using its foot mounts, and complete the display. For A-Frames, it’s just a matter of inserting the rider in the clamp at the top of the sign and then tightening the screw to secure the rider in place.
  • How do I care for my Real Estate Riders?
  • Just use a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt from the sign rider. Don’t use heavy cleaning solutions like bleach to remove dirt – the solution will likely damage the sign. To store your Real Estate Rider, use the same box they were shipped in and place on a shelf or sit against a wall; otherwise, store the rider on a shelf and cover with a protective cloth.
  • What sizes does the Real Estate Frame come in?
  • We offer three configurations of our Real Estate Frame, and all are the same size – 24” x 47” (w x h). The three configurations are: Standard, which does not allow for a sign rider; Single Rider, which allows for one sign rider (placed below the primary sign); and Double Rider, which allows for two sign riders (one above the primary sign and one below the primary sign). Keep in mind that adding a rider to the Single Rider frame or two riders to the Double Rider frame does not change the physical dimensions of the overall frame because the rider(s) fits within the frame.
  • What material is the Real Estate Frame made of?
  • The Real Estate Frame is constructed from ¾-inch iron with a black powder coat finish that prevents rust.
  • What material are the signs made of?
  • You have your choice of aluminum, PVC plastic, or 4mm coroplast for the sign insert. If you’re just looking for a replacement graphic, nearly any sign type that is 1/2" thick or less and measuring 24” x 18” will work.
  • Can I order a double-sided sign? Does the print have to be the same?
  • The signs can be printed either single- or double-sided, plus you can have separate messages or designs printed on each side. Simply select the double-sided option in our design tool to enable this.
  • What is the lifespan of the Real Estate Frame?
  • The iron frame and powder coated finish should ensure a lifespan of 3+ years for the Real Estate Frame. When properly installed, the frame will withstand most weather conditions (the weatherability of the sign and sign riders will depend on the signage material used).
  • What are the common uses for a Real Estate Frame?
  • As the name suggests, Real Estate Frames are primarily used as displays for real estate purposes –pending sales of properties, recently sold properties, open houses, property promotions/announcements, and more. They’re also frequently used at outdoor events as point of purchase displays, and they’re used as directional signage at events such as fairs and community galas. Note that Real Estate Frames are designed to be used on grass, ground/soil, and similar soft surfaces, not on hard or paved surfaces.
  • How do I install my Real Estate Frame?
  • The Real Estate Frame has spiked legs, which double as ground stakes. Installation simply involves using a rubber mallet to drive the frame legs into soil, ground, or grass (keep in mind that the Real Estate Frame is not designed for pavement or hard surfaces). Be sure to drive the frame about 4” to 6” into the ground to ensure it will remain steady. Then, place the primary sign into the frame’s slot; the pinch levers on the frame’s sides will retain the sign.
  • How do I care for my Real Estate Frame?
  • Just use a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt that might be on the frame or the sign. There’s no need for strong cleaning solutions; these could damage the sign or frame. For storage, remove the sign from the frame and store in its original shipping box, then place on a shelf or stand upright against a wall.

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