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How to use our free templates:

  1. Browse through the templates and decide which one is best for you. When you find a template you like, click on its thumbnail image.
  2. Use our online design tool to insert your name and slogan, use your campaign colors, upload your photo, and replace the background of your chosen template. Toggle on the ruler, bleed lines, and grid to ensure accurate measurements.
  3. Click “Save & Continue” once you are satisfied with the design.

Political & Campaign Signs Done Right

Political signs remain one of the most effective means of generating awareness around your campaign. These signs can be used for political, judicial, school board, or law enforcement elections. They are also common for grassroots efforts and a myriad of ballot initiatives.

Our signs range from yard signs to banners to decals and can be customized with your name, picture, slogan, and more. Order campaign signs at any custom size to create impactful signage that will draw attention to and boost your campaign.

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Need Help? Meet Our Dedicated Account Managers

Many political campaigns require a large-scale strategy and managing signage from Day 1 to election day. Luckily,’s team of account managers has you covered.

For no additional cost to your campaign, our sales team will walk you through the sign-buying process to ensure that each campaign dollar is well spent. Each step is easy to complete, from an initial onboarding call to managing free design services and final design files to placing orders. We even offer custom-built signage portals so your voters can select a sign and have it delivered to their homes.

Reach out today to to connect with an account manager and take the hassle out of organizing your campaign signage.

Political Sign

What are Political Signs?

Political signs remain one of the most effective means for generating awareness around your campaign or agenda. These signs can be used for political, judicial, school board, or law enforcement elections. They are also common for grassroots efforts and a myriad of ballot initiatives. They range from yard signs to banners to decals and can be fully customized with your name, picture, slogan, and more. Your campaign signs can also be ordered at any custom size, giving you the liberty to create impactful signage that will be sure to draw attention and boost your campaign.

Types of Political & Campaign Signs

Due to its low cost and versatility, the most common campaign sign is a yard sign with a standard size of 24” x 18”. In addition to yard signs, we offer various sign types to help you create signage centered around your campaign. Here are some details on the sign types we offer:

Yard Sign - 4 mm (about 0.16 in) corrugated plastic with vertical fluting. Cost-effective, versatile, and easy to place. Learn More

Vinyl Banner - 13 oz. vinyl material with free grommets and hems. Great for larger indoor or outdoor displays. Learn More

Car Magnet - .030” magnetic material with multiple cut options. Great for advertising on the doors of cars, trucks, and vans. Learn More

Aluminum - 2 mm (about 0.08 in) thick with a solid polyethylene core. Long-lasting and an excellent option for outdoor displays. Learn More

Perforated Window Decal - Perforated vinyl material that provides one-way visibility. Great for covering entire windows. Learn More

These sign types are often used for campaign launches, conferences, fundraising events, and rallies. We also offer other signage types to supplement your primary campaign materials, such as mesh banners, fabric banners, feather flags, and foam boards. We also have pop-up tents and step and repeat banners that can be easily assembled and taken down at events. Check out our home page to see all the signs we offer.

Where Can You Place Your Political Signs?

Finding locations for campaign signs proves to be a challenging task for any candidate. Before deciding on where you want to put your signs, you need to consider two critical points:

First, be sure to keep your signs within your voting boundaries. Placing signs outside of your voting boundaries will do little for your campaign.

Second, familiarize yourself with local laws on political campaign signs. These laws dictate where you can and cannot place your signs, as well as outline size and message requirements. To learn about campaign sign laws for all 50 states, check out our blog post on running an effective and legal campaign.

Here are some effective locations to place your custom political signs:

1. Homes & Yards - Placing your signs in the homes or yards of your supporters has proven to be highly effective on multiple occasions. Be sure to receive full permission before doing so, and try to target homes near main roads or in neighborhoods with a lot of traffic. Doing this will allow neighbors to see the sign and make a connection between you and your supporters. This can create a sense of increased trust and improve your chances at the polls.

2. Vehicles - Get your signs moving! Another suitable place for your campaign signs is on the cars of friends, family, and supporters. You can use any one of our custom vehicle decals or car magnets to do so. This has the potential to expose your campaign to thousands of viewers at an exceptionally low cost and is a fantastic way to avoid any legal implications with placing your signs.

3. Along Streets & Roads - We’ve seen more political signs along the sides of roads than we would like to count, and there is a logical reason for this. Placing political signs along streets and roads provides immense exposure for you and your campaign, especially if they are placed along high-traffic roads. However, be sure to check your local laws and regulations before doing so. Avoid using signs that provide travel directions, imitate traffic signs, block driver visibility, or use blinking lights. Most states also prohibit signs from being placed in the public right-of-way, the area immediately surrounding a road or highway.

4. Fences & Posts - Place your signs on as many fences and posts as possible. This gives you the option to use more prominent signs to attract attention. However, this should only be done on properties with the owner’s permission. An excellent sign type to use on fences is a vinyl banner, which comes in assorted sizes and is one of our bestsellers.

Tips for Making an Effective Campaign Sign

When elections are just around the corner, political and campaign signs are everywhere. To make sure your signs aren’t lost in the crowd, here are some tips:

1. Choose the Right Size - When deciding on what size to make your campaign signs, you will want to consider where it will be placed, what kind of impact you want it to make, and what regulations are enforced in your area. Signs near the road must be reasonably large to be noticed by passing drivers but not too big to block drivers’ views.

Consider the size of your text. Design your text 1” in height for every 10’ of desired viewing distance. For example, if you want someone to read your campaign sign from 30’ away, you need to make the text on your sign at least 3” tall. Furthermore, if your sign is alongside a road with cars passing by, you will want to make your letters and signs even more prominent. One thing you might be tempted to do is create a huge sign that demands attention. Just make sure it will not violate any sign laws or regulations in your area, so you don’t find yourself in hot water!

Pro tip: If you notice a standard size of competing signs, give yourself a slight advantage and try making your sign bigger.

2. Follow Rules and Regulations - Many states have laws on political signs. These laws can state size restrictions as well as required messaging. One example is requiring all campaign signs to include a disclaimer or attribution line. At a minimum, this line usually identifies the person or group that paid for the sign to be produced. You can check your state’s local laws to find out if there is anything you need to be aware of when creating your campaign signs.

3. Make Your Name Pop - If there is one thing you want someone to remember from your signs, it is your name. You have created a successful sign if it can make your name stick in the minds of its viewers. Knowing this, be sure that your name is the focal point of your campaign sign. The font must be larger than any other message and is in a color that sharply contrasts with any background colors.

4. Be Creative - Remember that every time someone sees one of your campaign signs, they see one of your competitors’ as well. With so many signs vying for attention, you need to be sure your sign stands out from the crowd, so let your creative juices flow!

One tactic you can try is to analyze the signs used by your competitors. If their signs look rushed, put extra time into making your signs professional. If they all convey a similar message, counter it with something that will make the viewer stop and think.

There are countless tactics you can employ to make your signs stand out. If you need any help transforming your idea into a finished sign, we recommend taking full advantage of our free design services.

The Impact of Political Signs

Do campaign signs really work? Check out the following figures to see just how much of an impact your signs can have!

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How long does it take to print my custom campaign signs?
Asked a year ago by Signs

We follow a standard printing turnaround time of 24 business hours. If we receive your order today, we can have it ready for shipping by the next business day.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Yes, we do! We don’t have minimum orders, but bulk requests mean cheaper production costs and less wastage than retail purchases. We also offer free ground shipping for orders over $99. In addition, we provide discounts now and then to our email subscribers—sign up for our exclusive mailing list or create a account, so you don’t miss out!

Does the turnaround time include shipping/delivery?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Our turnaround time covers only production, specifically printing and packing. To check the estimated shipping rate, click “Additional Details” below the “Get Started” button, then type your ZIP code in the dropdown section.

Currently, we offer three shipping options: overnight, 2-day, and ground shipping. You will be able to select any of the three options and view their respective delivery window when you get to the shipping section on the checkout page.