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Angled Flag Banners


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About Our Angled Flag Banners



Feather Flag Banner
Feather Flag Banner

Advertise your brand at any storefront or on-the-go location with the angled flag banner. The easy to set up design of the banner combined with a large printed design area makes these banners an ideal display choice for indoor and outdoor use. The weather and fade resistant, 4 oz. polyester material will give your advertisement a long-lasting quality that will make an instant impression on pedestrians and passerbys. The ground stake will aid in displaying the flag in soft surfaces such as dirt or grass. We offer additional base options that allow the angled banner to be displayed indoors or on solid surfaces.



25"x80" 25.5"x105.5" 29.5"x139.5" 27"x187.5"
Front Front Front Front
Back Back Back Back

Installation & Care

Installation: Installation is made easy with the quick and simple pole set design. Simply attach each pole to one another, starting from the largest pole to the smallest pole . Then insert the pole into the pole pocket of the banner. Attach the completed banner to the ground stake or optional base. (More detailed instructions can be found in the FAQ section.)

Care: Caring for your angled flag banner requires proper storage when not in use (like after store hours) and when inclimate weather is possible. Store the angled banner by folding it up and placing it in a protective case (we offer an optional carrying case for this purpose) or place the poles into the pole bag (included) and place both the banner and poles in a place where they will not be damaged. If you’re banner is dirty, simply clean the surface with a damp cloth. Avoid using hard cleaning products (like bleach), as such will damage the design on the banner.


Angled Flag Banner Highlights

Weight: 8 lbs (this includes the weight of the banner, assembled flagpole, and ground stake)

Thickness: 4 oz. polyester

Details: 4 oz. polyester flag with aluminum pole set and optional carrying case and display bases. Dye sublimated image or design that can be washed. 

Uses: Indoor and outdoor use to promote products and services, advertise local businesses, display logos, and establish brand awareness in the community. Also great for events, fairs and markets. 

Print Method: Full color dye sublimation printing process.

Estimated Lifespan: 2+ years with proper care and storing. 

Common  Sizes: 9ft, 10.5ft, 14ft, 18ft (these include base height, please see FAQ for specific banner size) 


Angled Flag Banners Options

  • Printed Sides
  • Accessories
  • Base
  • Poles


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Product Specs

  • Are angled flag banners and feather banner the same thing? What about teardrop banners? Custom flags?
  • There are many interchangeable names for the angled flag banner. This product is sometimes referred to as the angled feather flag or the angled flag. To help the customer, we will refer to this as the angled flag banner to distinguish it from other banner and flag products offered, such as the teardrop banner or feather banner. Custom flags are an entirely different product from the angled banner. We do not currently offer custom flags. We currently offer four different types of business and advertising flags.
  • What material is your angled banner made out of?
  • Our angled banner is made from 4 oz. polyester, which is a flexible, plastic-like material that is designed for indoor and outdoor use and has an excellent print quality. The polyester material is both weather and fade resistant.
  • What is the lifespan of your angled banner?
  • With proper caring of the angled banner, it will last for 2+ years.
  • Will exposure to sun fade the banner?
  • Displaying the angled banner in direct sunlight for limited periods of time will not affect the quality of the banner. If displayed in direct sunlight for extended time periods over the lifespan of the banner, slight fading may occur.
  • Will the wind be able to blow my angled banner away?
  • The large surface of the flag can cause the angled banner to be vulnerable in heavy wind conditions. A light breeze or wind will not affect the banner.
  • Does the angled banner come with rope to tie it down?
  • For general stability there is no rope or string included to tie down the banner, nor are there any anchor points on the banner or flag pole where rope can be used to tie the banner for this purpose. Though at the bottom of the biggest pole there is an anchor point (small metal ring) where a provided bungee can be attached to your banner to help keep it taut. This helps keep the actual banner from flapping too much. We also provide a variety of optional bases that will help add overall stability to your angled banner in both indoor and outdoor situations.
  • How small or big can my angled banner be?
  • Our angled flag banners come in four sizes. The display sizes (including the ground stake) and actual size of the graphic (in parentheses) are listed below:

    S - 9’ (20”x82”)

    M - 10.5’ (24”x104”)

    L - 14’ (28”x138”)

    XL - 18’ (24”x183.5”)

  • Are the flagpoles designed to be interchangeable between banner sizes?
  • No, each flag pole is specifically designed to display its respective banner size. A small flagpole will not support a medium to XL size banner, nor will an XL size flagpole be able to properly display a small banner. We automatically ensure you receive the correct size when you select pole set in the design tool.
  • Can I order a replacement pole set or additional hardware as standalone products?
  • No, we do not currently offer the option to purchase additional pole sets on our website. We do offer replacement or standalone banners for purchase (simply don’t select a pole set.) If you need a replacement pole set, stand or other hardware please contact us at or 888-222-4929 to assist you in the ordering process.
  • Will my design cover the entire flag or just a portion of it?
  • The design portion of your banner with cover the majority of the face of the flag. The printed area is surrounded by a 2 - 2 ½ inch thick black border / seam, which forms the pole pocket to attach the banner to the flag pole.
  • Are your banners a matte or gloss finish?
  • Both the vinyl material and the printed design have a matte finish.
  • Will my banner melt if placed in direct sunlight or high temperatures?
  • Direct sunlight will not melt the banner, but frequent exposure to direct sunlight can cause the color and design of the banner to fade over time. Normal displaying and storing of the banner should prevent any fading from occurring.
  • Are your banners fire resistant?
  • The angled banner is not designed to be fire resistant. We highly recommend that you avoid placing the banner near open flames to prevent permanently damaging or destroying the banner.
  • Do I have to use one of your templates for my banner?
  • It is not required to use our templates. Our templates are provided to assist in the design process of your banner, but you are free to upload your own design using our design tool. We also provide free design help to assist you in creating the perfect banner for your event or need.
  • Is the single sided option for angled banners mirrored or print through?
  • It is print through. This means that the backside isn’t necessarily printed but your design from the single sided print will be visible through the material in a mirrored fashion. If you wish to have the same or different designs on each side please select the double sided option. The double sided option is printed in a way that ensures that designs aren’t seen through the material. This is the most practical and aesthetically pleasing final product.
  • Can your angled banners be double sided?
  • Yes. We offer double sided angled banners. Simply click the Doubled Sided option in the design tool to create a double sided banner.
  • For double sided angled banners, can I do different images on the front and back?
  • Yes. You can design your banner with both sides being the same or have different designs on each side. To do so, select the “Double Sided” option and design or upload a design, or designs, in our design tool.
  • If I order just a banner, single or double sided, will I get a pole set with it?
  • No. In order to include a pole set with your angled banner you must select the pole set option to have it shipped with your banner. This is done to allow the purchase of the replacement banners without the need for a pole set.
  • How big is the ground stake? Can it be placed in loose or thick soil?
  • The ground stake is a 25” long (about 2 feet), solid piece of metal that can be driven into the ground. It is recommended that you place the stake in solid, secure ground (like thick dirt or soil) to prevent the angled banner from falling over once in the ground. There is no specific depth to which the stake needs to be placed in the ground; simply drive the stake until it and the banner are firmly in the ground.
  • What’s the difference between the square base and the cross base?
  • Both bases provide excellent stability for the angled flag banner. The square base is solid, thicker sheet of metal with a peg that the flag is secured to. The base itself weighs 21 lbs, providing unmatched stability when displaying the banner outdoors. The base sits flat on the ground, making it less likely to be tripped over or ran into. The square base is not designed for portability, nor does it fit into the optional carrying case. We recommend keeping this base at a permanent location.

    The cross base is designed with 4 foldable legs, making it the ideal travel base. This base fits in the optional carrying case and only weighs 6.4 lbs. The weight provides stability for the banner on the ground without inhibiting its portability. This makes it the ideal base for use at trade shows and conventions. In addition to the cross base, you can place the optional water bag weight, which will add an extra 16 lbs to the base to improve its stability outdoors. The cross base does have a larger footprint than the square base, which will increase the risk of it being a tripping hazard (we recommend placing it out of and away from footpaths.). But this minor drawback is easily offset by the portability of the cross base in most cases.
  • What is the water bag? Can it be filled with sand?
  • The water bag is a donut-shaped weight that can be filled using water. When full, the weight adds 16 lbs to the cross base (this weight can be placed on top of the square base as well). Though designed to be filled with water, the bag could be filled with sand Do not mix sand and water, as this will create an unwanted and bothersome mess. With that in mind, we recommend only using water to inflate the bag, as this will ensure ease in repeatedly filling and emptying for on-the-go needs.
  • Is the carrying case included in my purchase of a custom angled banner? What fits inside the case?
  • The carrying case is an optional item that can be added to your angled flag banner order. The carrying case is designed to hold one folded angled banner, flag pole set, cross base, and an empty, folded water bag. The case is easily zipped open or closed for convenient storing and carrying, with an attached handle to help with portability.
  • What’s the difference between the carrying case and the pole bag?
  • The pole bag is a protective bag for the pole set and is included in your purchase of an angled flag banner. The pole bag is only intended to hold the pole set and not a folded banner. The bag does not have a handle or strap for carrying like the carrying case does. A carrying case is designed to hold a pole set, folded banner, and a cross base. The carrying case is an optional/additional purchase.
  • Is the carrying case designed to fit all sizes of angled banners?
  • The size or the optional carrying case will differ depending on the size of angled banner you order. One case is designed to fit small or medium size banners, while the large and XL size fits in a separate case. We will make sure the case size that is shipped corresponds with the size of your banner.
  • What are your other banners that you offer?
  • We offer a variety of different banners for any display need. Available banners include custom vinyl banners, fabric banners, mesh banners, and retractable banners.


  • Can I put two flags on one pole?
  • The flag pole is only designed to display a single angled banner at a time. Putting two flags on a pole will affect the stability and aesthetic quality of the display.
  • Do I have to use the pole included or can I attach the banner to any type of small pole?
  • The included pole set is specifically designed to be used with the angled banner. In practice, you can use a different pole set(s) to display the banner, but using different poles will affect the stability and appearance of the banner. We highly discourage you from placing the banner on a pole different from the sets we provide.
  • What are angled banners typically used for?
  • Angled banners are ideally used as outdoor promotional displays for storefronts and businesses. They are also frequently used in conjunction with events, parades and markets. Simple, yet aesthetically pleasing, angled flag banners are excellent for drawing the attention of potential customers. Add in the portability of the banner and you have a perfect, easy-to-set-up advertisement.

Installation & Care

  • How do I assemble my angled flag banner?
  • Setting up the angled banner is a simple process that can be done in less than 5 minutes. Begin assembly by taking the largest of the poles (this will make up the bottom of the flagpole and has the anchor point for display tautness on it), and insert the second largest pole (non-silver end) into the end with the silver tip. This process will be continued by placing poles in decreasing size, one after the other, until the smallest pole with the small knob at the end is placed into the assembled pole (the top of the completed flagpole).

    Now that the flagpole is completed, begin inserting the top of the pole into the pole pocket on the banner. Take your time sliding the pole into the pocket to avoid stretching or tearing of the banner or over-bending of the pole.

    Once the banner is attached to the pole you can insert the pole and banner set into a ground stake or one of the available base options. To secure the pole and banner to the base, take the small cord from the flagpole and thread it through the metal loop at the base of the banner material. Next, take the cord and loop it through the metal ring at the bottom of your base pole to ensure that the material is snug. With that completed, you’re ready to display the assembled angled banner in or on the ground.

  • The small bungee for my banner broke, how do I fix this?
  • Unfortunately, we do not offer a replacement bungee at this time. While this small bungee helps keep the banner taut it isn’t absolutely critical to the flag functioning correctly. Thus, you have several options. The first is to continue to use the flag without it. Assuming the fabric and metal hooks respectively are not broken, any other rope or small bungee will work in the same manner. If one of the hooks are broken we recommend that you buy a replacement banner and/or pole set as needed.
  • How do the individual poles attach together?
  • Poles are attached simply by inserting one end of the pole into the other end of another pole. Friction allows the poles to remain together without the use of a button/locking mechanism.
  • How do I best care for my banner?
  • Caring for your banner will depend on how you use it. When displayed outdoors, we recommend bringing the banner indoors after store hours. This will protect it from the elements as well as ensure that it is not stolen. Do not display the banner in harsh weather conditions (heavy rain, wind, snow, etc.) or in areas where it can be easily knocked down (loose gravel or dirt). If storing the banner for an extended timeframe, we recommend placing it in a protective case and in an areas where it will not be damaged.
  • Is my banner washable?
  • Yes. Your angled flag banner is machine washable on a low cycle using cold water. Do not dry your banner in a tumble dryer but rather let it air dry.
  • How do I disassemble and store my custom angled banner?
  • Taking down the angled banner can be done as quick as you put it up. First, detach the pole and banner from the base, then untie the rope securing the banner to the pole. Carefully remove the banner from the pole by slowly sliding the banner off, while making sure to avoid any tearing of the material. After removing the banner, fold the material with image on the inside and place it in the optional carrying case. Disassemble the flagpole by removing one piece at a time and place each individual pole piece into the separate pockets of the optional carrying case or into the provided pole bag.

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