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Step And Repeat Banner

What Are Step and Repeat Banners?

Often referred to as backdrops, step and repeat banners are typically used as a backdrop for photos at trade shows and other events. They are comprised of one or more repeating logos, hence the name step-and-repeat.

They are a great way to advertise sponsors at an event as well as providing a great place for attendees to take pictures. They provide a great non-intrusive form of advertising.

Downloadable Step and Repeat Banners Templates

Looking to design your step and repeat banner using your own design software? Great! Get started by downloading one of the product templates below (available in the .eps file format) to make sure the design you create matches up with your step and repeat banner's size, shape and bleed requirements. Once you've created your design you can then jump onto our online design tool and upload your completed design file.

How to Use Step and Repeat Banners Templates

If you prefer to be more hands-on with your marketing materials and would like to try designing your own step and repeat banners, has a solution for you. We offer free design templates that you can easily edit according to your project’s needs.

To get started, type the sign that you need in the search bar. You can also filter out results through the categories found on the left side of the page. When the design templates appear, click on the design you like to edit. This will automatically direct you to our online design tool, where you can customize the design to fit your project’s requirements. Add a logo or text, include your contact information, change the background color, and upload images or graphics.

You can also preview your final design by clicking “View Proof” at the bottom toolbar. If you don’t need to make any changes to your design, you can save your work by clicking “Save & Continue” to be directed to your cart. Your cart will show the order, quantity, and the amount you need to pay. When you’ve verified your order, you can proceed to checkout and log in either as a guest or to your account. Remember to fill out all the necessary information (your name, company, address, zip code, phone number, etc.), choose your preferred shipping method, and finally move forward to the payment method.

Step and Repeat Banners Features

Step and Repeat Features
Easy Set Up

Easy Set Up

Your step and repeat banner will come with everything needed to set it up for your event. This includes the poles, stand, the banner itself, and a carrying case.

Easy Set Up
Photo Backdrop

Photo Backdrop

The step and repeat banner is the perfect photo backdrop. It is a great way to show off sponsors for your event and allow guests/attendees to take pictures at your event.

Fabric Material

Fabric Material

Your design will be printed onto a fabric banner using a dye sublimation printing process. Your design can be printed in full color and is machine washable. The fabric banner also prevents glare when taking pictures.

Fabric Material


The travel case makes it easy to transport your step and repeat banner. The travel bag with the step and repeat banner weighs a total of 22 lbs. It can be set up in under 10 minutes.

Assembling Your Step and Repeat Banners

Your step and repeat banner can be assembled in just a few minutes!

Installation 1

Lay out and connect all poles

Installation 2

Thread vertical poles into the metal bases

Installation 3

Insert bottom and top poles through the pole pockets of the banner

Installation 4

Attach horizontal poles to the vertical poles and lift backdrop to standing position

For full assembly instructions see the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

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Your step and repeat banner is machine washable (low cycle, cold water) and can be washed over the lifetime of the banner as needed. To extend the life of the frame please take it apart and store it in the carrying case to prevent any accidental damage to the poles. Use care when removing the fabric banner from the pole set where the adjustable portions of the poles are located so as to avoid ripping the pole pockets. You can also use a steamer to remove wrinkles.

Easy to Use Design Tool

Design Tool

We have put in a lot of work to make our design tool the easiest and most simple to use in the signage industry. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!

Check It Out

Free Professional Design Services

Design Service

Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something entirely new, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. Nothing beats free!

Learn More


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Order by 9PM EST and we’ll have your step and repeat banner completed and shipped within one business day.
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Additional Specs

  • Weight

    22 lbs. This includes 18 lbs for the travel bag and aluminum pole set and 4 lbs for a 8’x8’ fabric banner. The larger banners weigh slightly more than the 8’x8’.

  • Thickness

    9 oz. polyester fabric (about the thickness of 5 sheets of copy paper)

  • Details

    9 oz. polyester fabric banner with top and bottom pole pockets that fits an adjustable and portable backdrop pole set/frame. Carrying case is included with the fabric banner and frame.

  • Uses

    Can be used outdoors in calm weather on a solid surface. Primarily recommended for indoor use. Uses include: trade shows and conferences, red carpet and event pictures, weddings, photo booths, media events, sponsorship signage and more.

  • Print Method

    Full color dye sublimation printing process.

  • Estimated Lifespan

    3+ years with proper placement, care, and storage.

  • Common Sizes

    8’x8’, 9’x8’, 10’x8’

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Verified buyer
April 5, 2024 by shannon b. ( CA )
“I was very satisfied with my purchase. I purchased the step and repeat banner with the stand. The pricing was very competitive compared to other websites I was considering. Plus, there were a lot of positive reviews of the product. I would recommend this product and company to others. The product arrived quickly and was what I expected. I'm looking forward to using it at my professional event.”
Verified buyer
Always a Satisfied Customer March 29, 2024 by ROGER DAVILA ( NJ )
“I have ordered many signs and banners from this company over the last 3 years and not once have they failed me, their customer service is by far one of the best. I am a freelance graphic designer and I get all sorts of projects. The quality, speed and price is the best out of all vendors I have tried.”
Verified buyer
March 4, 2024 by Catherine Stovcsik ( SC )
“ has become our go-to source for step & repeat banners. The quality of the product is great, the ordering process is easy and the price is right!”
Verified buyer
January 31, 2024 by Emily H. ( CO )
“The quality is very good, customer service was great helping me adjust our design and it arrived very quickly.”
Verified buyer
Exquisite Step & Repeat Banner August 25, 2023 by Karen Ewing ( MI )
“OMG…The Step and Repeat Banner is simply exquisite. Quality: The fabric is high-end, flows and has a beautiful matte-satin like look. Clarity of Artwork: Outstanding Printing Hardware: Very sturdy. Attractive. Assembly: Super easy to assemble. Clear directions.”

Questions and Answers

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Is it called a ‘Step and Repeat banner’ or a ‘backdrop’? Is there a difference?
Asked a year ago by Signs
The most common name of the product offered is a “Step and Repeat banner”. The Step and Repeat portion indicates a display that is easily assembled and often used as a picture backdrop. Thus, many call the product a photography backdrop or simply “backdrop”. While we will mostly call it a Step and Repeat banner rest assured that any instance of backdrop, or a close variation, on this page still refers to the same product. Whether it’s called a Step and Repeat, a backdrop or some combination or variation of the two it serves the same purpose of a versatile display option for events, photos and more.
Can the Step and Repeat banner be used as a photography backdrop?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Assuming the photographer is aware that the Step and Repeat banner does not contain any special lighting or photography accessories, our Step and Repeat banners can easily be used as an affordable photo backdrop. An added bonus is that the fabric is not reflective in nature like a vinyl backdrop being used as a photo backdrop. Nonetheless, one simply needs to be aware of the limitations of doing so in lieu of a professional photography backdrop. It is a fabric banner with a metal frame that, with customizable printing, can serve as a background of any kind of potential photography.
What material is the banner made of? Are there any other materials available for Step and Repeat banners?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Our Step and Repeat banners are made from a 9 oz. polyester fabric material, which provides for a vibrant, durable banner. We currently do not offer any other materials for our Step and Repeat banners.

What are the differences between the polyester fabric banner and a muslin fabric banner? What about canvas, vinyl, and mesh banners?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Polyester fabric is a synthetic, lightweight material that offers exceptional functionality for a banner material. Polyester is durable against fading and has resistance to tearing. Designs are printed using a heat transfer process, providing for a long-lasting, scratch resistant design.

Muslin fabrics are commonly comprised of natural cotton, which can be compared to delicate cotton cloth. Muslin banners are typically used for decorations. Designs are either sewn into the banner itself or screen printed on the material. Muslin banners are strictly for indoor use and are less durable that the polyester counterpart.

Canvas prints or banners are comprised of a thick linen or cotton blend, which exceed the durability of a muslin fabric, but are less durable than a polyester material. Canvas is commonly used as a surface for painting and printing photographs, as well as decorative purposes.

Vinyl is a thick, high-quality material that excels in durability. Our vinyl banners are made of a 13 oz. vinyl and are printed on using UV ink, which offers a fade and scratch resistant design. Vinyl banners are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, are generally weather resistant, and can be easily rolled up or folded for storage.

We’ve found that the best material to use for a step and repeat banner or backdrop is the 9 oz polyester. The rich colors and clear printing combined with the matte appearance make it ideal for picture taking.

How thick are your Step and Repeat banners? Do you offer any other thickness options?
Asked a year ago by Signs
We use a 9 oz. polyester fabric for our Step and Repeat banners. In our experience, 9 oz. polyester fabric is the perfect banner material for indoor display purposes and short-term outdoor use. The designs printed on fabric banners are vibrant and long-lasting due to the tightly woven fabric holding the ink. We do not currently offer any other thickness options for our Step and Repeat banners.
What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your banners?
Asked a year ago by Signs
We currently offer a 8’x8’, 9’x8’, 10’x8’ fabric banner that attaches to a Step and Repeat frame or backdrop.
What material is the Step and Repeat frame or backdrop made of?
Asked a year ago by Signs
The poles of the frame are aluminum, which offers a rigid structure while maintaining a lightweight nature. The grip portions of the poles are a durable plastic in order to loosen the extendable poles for height/width adjustments.
Is the frame adjustable in size?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Yes. The frame will easily fit any of the three sizes that we currently offer. The frame can be adjusted from 73”-132” wide and 39.5”-106.5 high.
Do you print double-sided banners for the Step and Repeat?
Asked a year ago by Signs

We do not offer double-sided banners for the Step and Repeat banner as it is most commonly used as some form of event display or photo backdrop. If you are looking to create a standard double-sided vinyl banner, please contact us for a quote.

Does the banner allow light to pass through it? Does it offer a degree of transparency?
Asked a year ago by Signs
The fabric material does offer the ability for light to be visible through the banner, but the banner is not transparent in nature due to fabric being used. Visible light is likewise more limited with darker color backdrops versus lighter ones.