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Mesh Banners

Weatherproof and Highly Durable 8 oz. Mesh Vinyl - 1-Day turnaround - 30% Perforated Mesh
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Rolled Mesh Banners

What Are Mesh Banners?

Designed to endure strong winds, mesh banners are created with a net-like pattern that allows wind and gale to breeze through without damaging the material. They are typically hung on chain-linked fences to display ads and event details, but they can also be used for a variety of purposes and in different settings. Setting up is easy too! Our mesh banners can be customized with grommets or pole pockets to suit your location needs.

Our mesh banners have a vinyl to holes ratio of 70:30, which means 70% of the material is printable vinyl while 30% is comprised of holes. You may expect some transparency or what might look like a "muted appearance" from mesh banners compared with standard vinyl ones which are more vibrant. This is a common occurrence across all printing services and printing companies, but you can trust that we will only deliver high quality signs every single time.


Next Day Production
Next Day Production
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Award Winning Customer Service
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Details You Want to Mesh With

Mesh Banner Features
Great Windy Locations

Great for Windy Locations

The 70:30 vinyl and mesh ratio of the material makes our mesh banners wind-resistant and strong against wear and tear.

Great Windy Locations
Digital Printed

Bright and Bold Digital Custom Printing

Our mesh banners are printed digitally at a high resolution of 720 x 720 dpi. We make sure that your full-color banner is vivid and clear up close and from a distance.

Durable 8 oz Vinyl Material

Durable 8 oz Vinyl Material

We only use durable 8 oz. vinyl material for our mesh banners. With proper care, this material is built to last for about three years. It is resistant to tearing, fraying, and rippling, and you can place it under direct sunlight without worrying about the ink fading.

Durable 8 oz Vinyl Material
Large Signage

Perfect for Large Signages

We make mesh banners as big as 10’ x 100’ to help you maximize every opportunity to advertise your business or promote your event.

Weatherproof and Waterproof

Weather-proof and Waterproof

Apart from being wind-resistant, mesh banners are made to withstand the elements. The perforated design combined with the 8 oz. vinyl makes it the perfect material especially for banners displayed outdoors or locations near bodies of water.

Mesh Vinyl vs. Solid Vinyl

Mesh Vinyl vs. Solid Vinyl

Wind-Resistant Vinyl Mesh

Ideal for use in windy environments

8 oz vinyl mesh material

70% Blockage (30% air flow)

Matte finish with full color digital print

Seamless size up to 10’x100’

Vibrant Solid Vinyl

Ideal for displaying vibrant, strong colors

13 oz solid vinyl material

100% Blockage

Semi-gloss finish with full color digital print

Seamless size up to 10’x1000’

Finishing Options

Reinforced Edges

Reinforced Edges

Reinforced edges is the strongest option. With reinforced edges, a durable webbing is sewn within the 1.5" hem on all four sides of your mesh banner. This provides maximum strength and resistance against tearing.

Sewn Hem

Sewn Hem

(included at no additional charge)

The borders of your banner will be heat welded together, creating an incredibly strong border around your sign and a high-quality finished edge. If pole pockets are selected a welded hem is not included.

Flush Cut

Flush Cut

Another option for the mesh banners is what is known as flush cut. Flush cut is the opposite of welded hem and is when the banner is cut to the same size as the design. Like welded hem, this is free of charge and can be changed as needed on our design tool during the design process.



(Included at no additional charge)

Grommets are 3/8" metal rings inserted into the material of your fence banner that allow you to use ropes, clips, zip ties, or other materials to attach your banner to a fence. You can choose to either have grommets placed every 24" along the edges of your banner or have them placed only at the four corners. Grommets are brass in color.

Pole Pockets

Pole Pockets

(Available for an additional charge)

Pole pockets are 3" pockets that are sewn at the bottom and/or top of your mesh banner, allowing it to be installed between posts or hung with rope. Please keep in mind that if you choose to have your banner made with pole pockets it cannot contain grommets nor a welded hem. You will need to select one or the other.

Get Started With Our Mesh Banner Templates

If you’re keen on creating your own mesh banner design and you need help with ideas where to begin, we got you covered. We created a collection of mesh banner templates that are intuitive and beginner-friendly so you can use them right away.

Are you ready to create your own design? Start by looking up “mesh banners” through our search bar or browse our categories you’ll see at the top of our website. You will be redirected to the mesh banners page and there you’ll find various templates you can use.

Hanging Accessories

You can add any one of the accessories below to your order once you reach the online design tool

Bungees (Set of 8)

Bungees (Set of 8)

A set of eight premium bungee cords for easy installation of your banner. 14 inches long (up to 29" streched).

10ft Nylon Rope (Set of 4)

10ft Nylon Rope (Set of 4)

Hang your mesh banner with a set of four 10 foot pieces of 1/4" nylon rope. Outdoor rated. 132lb work load. 1100 tensile strength.

Hanging Clips (Set of 6)

Hanging Clips (Set of 6)

A set of six 1/4" zinc-plated steel hanging clips (carabiners) to help hang your banner. Load limit is 260 pounds per carabiner.

Zip Ties

Zip Ties

7 inch long white zip ties to fasten your banner to a fence.

Suction Cups

Suction Cups

8 clear two inch suction cups with metal hooks. Perfect for hanging your sign on glass or acrylic.

Image Gallery

Additional Specs

  • Weight

    .07 lbs per square foot (about the weight of 7 quarters)

  • Thickness

    .0120” (about the thickness of 3 sheets of copy paper)

  • Details

    8 oz vinyl mesh banner, UV and water resistant ink, hemmed edges, grommets, optional pole pockets.

  • Uses

    Outdoor/indoor. Business and sale promotion, conventions, trade shows, fairs, street advertising, school events, parades and much more.

  • Print Method

    High resolution, digitally printed using UV ink.

  • Estimated Lifespan

    3+ years with proper placement, care, and storage.

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Good product, Good deal March 17, 2023 by Lyndsey Devens ( IN )
“The included design service was great to ensure our logo was sized correctly and placed evenly on the banners. The banners are good quality, made exactly as we ordered, and delivered timely.”
Verified buyer
November 17, 2022 by JR Head ( OK )
Verified buyer
Will be ordering again! November 17, 2022 by PATRICIA BURSON DORMAN ( OH )
“Was looking for a new printer to take care of special projects. I know I found one now. It was easy to place order and I am very happy with the appearance. Will be making future orders.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Specs

What is the difference between your vinyl, fabric, and mesh banners?

Our mesh, vinyl, and fabric banners are all excellent choices for your signage needs. Before you choose a material for your next banner, here are their key qualities to help you decide:

Vinyl banners are the most popular banner that we offer, and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We use the 13 oz. vinyl which is known for its extreme durability and weather-resistance. In fact, it is the same material used for billboards. Designs are printed on our vinyl banners using a 4-color, UV-resistant ink, resulting in a vibrant and permanent design. It is also possible to order vinyl banners for temporary use or long-term needs. With proper care and storage, vinyl banners may last several years. It's important to note that the thickness of the vinyl material also determines the weight, which means vinyl banners are heavier than their fabric counterparts.

Fabric banners are mostly recommended for indoor use. Despite this limitation, you can achieve high quality and vivid display with this material through our dye sublimation process. The fabric banners we offer are 100% 6.8 oz. polyester, lightweight, machine-washable, and can be hung to dry easily. While this material is durable, it's not ideal for outdoor use.

Mesh banners are a popular alternative to vinyl banners, and they can be used for both indoor and outdoor signages. Unlike vinyl, however, mesh banners have a 70:30 ratio of mesh and permeability. This means that 70% of the material is vinyl surface that's printable, while the other 30% is comprised of the holes that allow air to pass through the banner. This makes them perfect for outdoor display especially in windy locations. In our expert opinion, our solid vinyl banners last longer when reinforced in the hem. You may also want to consider your organization's or city's banner requirement as mesh material is often recommended for us in cities or parks because of their durability and wind-resistance. That being said, we strongly suggest that vinyl and mesh banners are taken down during extremely windy weather conditions.

How much light will the banner let through? Is the printed portion visible?

It’s difficult to quantify how much light will shine through a custom mesh banner, although we can guarantee that a solid vinyl banner plays way better with light. The mesh banner has a 70:30 mesh to solid woven design and while wind and light pass through the net-like structure, the printed design will still be visible. If you compare the mesh banner with the solid vinyl one, the latter will have a more vivid design and will have better visibility when viewed from a distance. Whether you choose mesh or solid vinyl, you can trust that you’ll still end up with excellent quality banners.

What are the benefits of choosing a mesh banner over a vinyl or fabric banner?

When it comes to banner materials, mesh is the sweet spot between solid vinyl and fabric. If you’re looking for something durable and weather-resistant and light enough to install and move around, mesh banners are your best choice for outdoor display. A solid vinyl banner does not have the lightness of mesh, while fabric banners are not ideal for outdoor use.

How thick are your mesh banners? Do you offer other thickness options?

We use 8 oz. vinyl material for our mesh banners. We are not offering any thickness varieties at the moment.

Do you print double-sided mesh banners?

We currently do not offer a double-sided mesh banner option.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your banners?

For our standard mesh banners without pole pockets, we offer sizes anywhere between 1’ x 1’ and 10’ x 145’. If you need a much larger mesh banner, it’s very likely we can do it! For mesh banners with pole pockets, we offer any size in between 1’ x 1’ and 9.5’ x 145’.

Will my large mesh banner have seams?

Larger banners over 10’ x 145’ will be constructed from multiple pieces of banner material welded together. This produces seams but will not affect your design.

Do your mesh banners have a matte or gloss finish?

The material of the mesh banner will have a natural matte finish. When your design is printed on the banner, it will have a matte appearance.

Can I change the number or spacing of the grommets?

We currently offer grommets spaced at about every 2' placed on the four corners of the banner.

Can I order a mesh banner with pre-attached rope to secure it to posts?

You can add a set of four pieces of nylon rope in the design tool. Each rope is 10-feet long and they are not pre-attached to the banner. If you prefer a different hanging solution, you can also choose from our options including bungees, hanging clips, or zip ties.

What kind of printing process do you use for your mesh banners?

Your design will be digitally printed directly onto your mesh banner using UV ink. This will give your design permanent adherence to the banner material. It is also scratch-resistant and will not fade easily given proper care.

Are the edges of your mesh banners hemmed?

All our mesh banners come with hemmed edges at no additional cost. This feature adds extra durability to your banner. You do not have to do anything else to your order to get hemmed edges.

Do hemmed edges or pole pockets affect the printed area of the banner?

Whether you have a pole pocket or hemmed edges included on your banner, your design will still be printed on the maximum area of the banner.

Are your mesh banners hand woven?

Our mesh banners are not handwoven. They are machine fabricated to ensure that they are of the highest quality and durability.

Can I cut my banner to shape, say, a star banner?

We are not able to cut your banner into shape at this time. If you’re looking for a sign that can be cut to shape, we recommend using an aluminum or rigid plastic sign.

Are your mesh banners fire-resistant?

The vinyl mesh is heat-resistant for up to 180°F but they aren’t fire-resistant. We do not recommend hanging your banner near an open flame.

Do you sell banners with pole pockets? What should I know about pole pockets and the ordering process?

Yes, we offer pole pockets as an option to go with our mesh banners. To order a mesh banner with pole pockets, simply select ‘Pole Pockets’ under the options tab in our design tool and you will be ready to go. The pole pockets are 3” diameter pole pockets. We currently offer 3” pole pockets on the top and bottom of your vertical or horizontal banners.

Are your mesh banners made of plastic or vinyl? What's the difference?

Our mesh banners are made from an 8 oz. vinyl material, which is derived from a man-made plastic substance. Vinyl is composed of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is durable and long-lasting. Since the banner is made of vinyl, it is therefore made of plastic as well.

Can I make a vertical banner instead of horizontal?

Yes, you can make your banner vertical or horizontal. If you want a vertical banner, make sure that your design is suitable for the dimensions of a vertical banner.

Do you personalize birthday party banners that include a picture or photo?

Yes, we can create a personalized birthday banner with a photo or picture. We accept a variety of file types including AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and TIF.

How much will my mesh banner sign weigh?

Our mesh vinyl weighs 0.7 lb. per square foot which is about the weight of 7 quarters. The total weight of your mesh banner will ultimately depend on the size you order.

How do I create a picture or photo banner?

Start by clicking on the “Get Started” button, then choose the blank template option. We also offer a link to a blank template under our “Popular Templates” section. Once you’re on our design tool page, click on “Upload Image” button under the “Design Tools” tab on the left of the page. Image files can be 25MB or less, so make sure that your file meets this criterion. With your image uploaded into the design tool, you can arrange it and add complementary text to your banner. If you’re having trouble or need additional assistance in designing your banner, you can contact us for free design help or even with just uploading help for larger files.

I don’t have design experience. Do you have templates for banners I could use?

We’re thrilled to share with you our design templates for our banners. These templates are beginner-friendly; just flex a little creativity to come up with your own design.

Can I order mesh vinyl banners in bulk?

Definitely. We offer bulk printing services for our mesh viny banners. In fact, you can save more when you buy in bulk. Check our price calculator at the top right side of the page to see our promos.


What are typical uses for your mesh banners?

Mesh banners are typically used to displaying promotional or advertising signs, and they can be used both in outdoor and indoor settings. Its typical uses include storefront displays, birthday parties, advertising sales or offers, school events, sporting events, grand openings, street signage, small business signage, local fairs, and or charitable events. Perhaps one of the most common uses of mesh banners is for chain link fences at sports complexes, schools, and parks.

Mesh banners are great for advertising sponsors in sports complexes because they allow high visibility when placed in the field. These signs may also be used in construction sites to caution people and dispense safety warnings. A layer of mesh banner can conceal a portion of an area you want to hide while doubling as a promotional sign, like when they are tied to fences. There is practically no limit to the use of mesh banners.

Are your mesh banners weather resistant?

Mesh banners are designed to be both UV and water-resistant. A banner that’s made of vinyl will hold up in rain, sunshine, or windy conditions. Keep in mind that frequent exposure to the elements over a long period of time may result in your banner losing a degree of durability and shorten the lifespan of the banner. We also recommend, despite the mesh material, that the banner be removed and stored if extreme weather of any type is imminent.

Will my banner tear in the wind if it is oversized?

Mesh banners are designed with a net-like pattern to make it resistant to the wind. When installed correctly and secure properly, strong winds should not cause even a large banner to tear at anchor points or throughout the mesh pattern. However, we strongly recommend that banners be taken down during extremely windy weather.

Will the design on my banner fade over time?

The UV-resistant ink used to print your design will provide a lasting banner for many years to come. Direct exposure to sunlight could cause the quality of your banner to diminish faster than if the banner is placed out of direct light or if stored properly when not in use.

Will my banner printing scratch or rub off?

The UV ink that is used to print your design is durable and long-lasting. It will make your banner resistant to scratches and keep the ink from rubbing off.

Can my mesh banner come with a banner stand? Can I make it a retractable or a pop-up banner?

We do not offer any stand options for our mesh banners. If you’re looking for a banner that has stand options, we sell feather banners, teardrop banners and X-Stand banners which can be attached to different optional stands. As for a retractable or pop-up banner, we do not currently offer the option to make mesh banners compatible with our retractable banner. Our retractable banners are made from 9 oz. fabric or 13 oz. vinyl.

Installation & Care

How do I hang my banner?

We offer a variety of ways in which you can hang your banner. You can suspend your banner using rope, string, zip ties or bungees. All our mesh banners come standard with grommets which allow for easy hanging with different materials.

Our mesh banners also have the “pole pocket” option which is a means to secure the banner to a pole. This option can be found on our design tool in the options area. These pole pockets are 3” in diameter and are placed on the top and bottom of your custom mesh banner.

How do I store my banner?

When not displaying your banner, we recommend rolling your banner up and storing it in a place where it won’t be damaged or stepped on. It should also be placed in a dry location at room temperature.

My banner is wrinkled - how do I remove the wrinkles?

If your banner is wrinkled or creased, we suggest using a handheld steamer to remove any creases. Placing the banner in sunlight while being pulled taut can also help remove wrinkles. Do not use an iron, this will permanently damage your banner.

How do I wash my banner?

You can clean or wash your banner using a wet cloth. This will remove most surface dirt that could accumulate on the surface of the banner.

Can I use a washing machine to clean my banner? What about a tumble dryer to dry it?

The material of the banner is not machine washable. A washing machine could damage the threading of the mesh throughout the banner. We also do not recommend using a tumble dryer to dry your banner as this may also result in permanent damage to your material.

Can I recycle my mesh banner after I use it?

Vinyl is a recyclable material that many online printing companies use to repurpose the material as other products. Old banners can also be given to organizations that are looking for a similar display or promotional banner to use. Many cities allow for these banners to be simply discarded in a recycling bin.