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Reflective Aluminum Signs

Engineer Grade Reflectivity – Visible Day & Night – Produced Today, Ships Tomorrow
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Select a template you can easily edit to express your next message. Choose from several no trespassing signs, parking displays, and similar templates that will help you guide your customers or guests.

Reflective Aluminum Signs

What are Reflective Aluminum Signs?

Reflective aluminum signs are metal signs that stay visible day and night. The sign is made of an inner polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of .008" aluminum which provides maximum durability. An Engineer Grade reflective vinyl overlay is then applied to the face of the sign which adds reflectivity that lasts for more than five years.

These signs are usually displayed outdoors. They’re perfect for parking signs since they meet the Department of Transportation’s requirements. They can also be used as non-critical street or road signs, no trespassing signs, address signs, security/surveillance signs, safety and regulation signs, real estate signs, property signs, directional signs, and more. Order your next reflective aluminum sign today to help ease traffic and guide customers throughout your establishment.

If you have questions about creating a reflective aluminum sign order, call us any time between 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. MST from Monday to Friday at 1-888-222-4929. You may also call us on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. MST.


Quick Turnaround
Quick Turnaround
Order by 9PM EST and we'll have your reflective sign completed and shipped the next business day.
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Free Shipping over $99*
For custom reflective aluminum signs or orders over $99 your order ships free!
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Award Winning Customer Service
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Reflective Aluminum Features

Additional Specs

  • Weight:

    60 lbs per square foot (about the weight of 6 Snickers bars)

  • Thickness:

    2mm thick (about the thickness of 20 sheets of copy paper)

  • Details:

    Thin, lightweight yet durable, corrosion resistant, 2 sheets of .008 aluminum with coil-coated white paint and a solid polyethylene core. Engineer-Grade reflective vinyl overlay

  • Uses:

    Indoor/Outdoor Signage uses include: traffic, road, parking, safety and regulation, directional, real estate, property signage

  • Print Method:

    Four color process, eco-friendly, wather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    5-7 years with proper placement and care

Visible During Day and Night

Customization Options


Choose from a wide range of custom sizes, the smallest being 4" x 4" and the largest being 48" x 96".


Drilled Holes

⅜" or ¼” holes drilled into your sign for mounting purposes.


Brushed anodized aluminum standoffs (0.5” diameter and ¾” length) including drywall anchors and screws.


3M command strips and adhesive velcro available as an alternative to standoffs.


Easy to Use
Design Tool design tool with Postcards signs

Create your custom reflective aluminum sign with our simple and easy design tool. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!

Check It Out

Free Professional
Design Services

Graphic designer sitting behind her desk and smiling

Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something entirely new, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. Nothing beats free!

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When it comes to installing our reflective aluminum signs, you have several options. You can hang, install onto a wall, or place into frames or stands. Use rope, bungees, or string to hang your sign. Use screws with washers if attaching to concrete or wood. To attach to posts, use nuts and bolts. Please note that our aluminum signs are not specifically designed for any specific frame or stand. Please verify dimension and thickness compatibility for using them in this way.



Our reflective aluminum signs are easy to clean. All you need is some soap and warm water, and then use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe your sign down every so often. To prevent your sign from warping or denting, do not place it where heavy winds could possibly blow your sign into other objects. Also, avoid storing your sign in an area of direct sunlight for an extended period. Lastly, don’t store your signs in a suspended fashion that puts them in a weight bearing position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Specs

What is a reflective aluminum sign?

Reflective aluminum signs are metal signs popularly used for road, safety, and real estate signages. The reflective element of the signs makes them perfect for places and situations where visibility at night is critical. Thus, these signs are excellent options for residential road signs, parking garages, business premises, and schools.

Use them indoors or outdoors for years to come as the durable material will allows it to last a long time. If you’re installing them outdoors, make sure that you do not install your sign where heavy, gusting winds could blow them over lest they crash into other objects or harm pedestrians.

Since reflective aluminum is a thin sign, is it really durable enough for outdoor use?

Yes. Aluminum is one of the most durable signs in the market. It’s corrosion-resistant, and unlike other metals it will never rust even when exposed to wet weather conditions. It’s also highly resistant to wear and tear caused by cold, hot, dry, and humid weather conditions. These properties make reflective aluminum signs a great choice for your outdoor signage needs.

What is the lifespan of your reflective signs?

The lifespan will vary depending on the circumstances in which the sign is used but more with proper care and placement, your reflective sign should typically last five years or more.

Are your reflective aluminum signs single-sided or double-sided?

Our reflective aluminum signs are single-sided. If you are looking for a double-sided aluminum sign, you can order our standard aluminum signs which allow for printing on both sides of the material.

Is my graphic printed directly onto the sign?

With reflective aluminum signs, the reflective vinyl is mounted onto our 2 mm e-panel aluminum rather than a direct print. Nevertheless, the print options are limitless, and the finished product results in both a visually appealing and functionally reflective sign. Further, this engineer grade vinyl overlay is just as durable (5-7-year lifespan) as the sign itself and is water-resistant.

Is your reflective overlay engineering grade?

Yes. The reflective overlay that we adhere to the aluminum sign is engineering grade. Your sign should last 5-7 years or more and prove to be extremely durable regardless of the setting in which it is used.

Do you apply anything over top of the graphic to help protect it?

We can apply a laminate covering over top of your graphic, but this covering requires a custom quote. Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to know more about laminate pricing. As noted above, the reflective vinyl overlay is extremely durable and is designed to work as intended without a protective laminate layer. The reflective signs are designed to be durable for outdoor use with or without a laminate.

If I print my sign in more than one color, will I be charged more? What about printing something very simple, will that lower the cost?

No. We print all our signs in full color, so no matter what your design looks like, the cost isn’t affected. The type of sign, its size, and the quantity you purchase, are what determine the final cost of your order.

Likewise, because we print in full color even for designs that are simple or only has one color, the plainness of the design will not lower the cost of the sign. If you’re working with a specific budget and wish to spend less, you can choose a smaller size or reduce the quantity.

Am I restricted to the size of reflective aluminum sign I can purchase?

We offer an array of size options, including 6" x 18", 6" x 24", 18" x 24", 2’ x 1’, 2' x 2', 4’ x 2’, 4' x 4', 6’ x 3’, and 4' x 8'. However, this doesn’t mean you’re limited to these sizes. You can design and order a custom-sized sign from our site. Our only dimension restrictions are that your sign be no smaller than 4” x 4” and no bigger than 48” x 96”. The biggest reflective aluminum sign we can make is 48” x 96”.

Can my sign be cut into a certain shape?

Yes! There are several shape options to choose from for your reflective aluminum sign including Square/Rectangle, Rounded Corners (¼" or 1" radius), Circle/Oval, Custom or Custom with Border.

The Custom shape option (previously known, or sometimes referred to, as Contour Cut) allows you to either upload a custom shape to our design tool or have us create a custom shape for your sign based on your design. The Custom with Border shape option (previously known, or sometimes referred to, as Halo Cut) is similar to the Custom shape option but will leave a small border around the edge of your design.

Is a reflective aluminum sign the same as a metal sign?

Yes. Aluminum is a type of metal, and if you’re looking for a metal sign, then one of our custom reflective aluminum signs can be just what you need. We also offer other metal signs including standard aluminum and brushed aluminum, so jump over to one of those product pages if you’re looking for other types of metal signs that are non-reflective.

What is the lifespan of your reflective aluminum signage?

With the proper care and placement, our reflective aluminum signs will last five or more years regardless of whether you use them indoor or outdoor.

Can I drill holes into my sign?

If you know how to drill holes properly and you have the correct tools, then yes you can drill onto the sign you’re ordering. However, many of our customers choose to have us drill the holes onto their signs for them because it’s more convenient and it ends up looking cleaner and better as we use industrial grade equipment. Please note that any damages done to the sign upon drilling holes on your own voids any sign warranty or satisfaction guarantee that we offer.

What if I need more than four drilled holes? Can I get holes drilled in custom locations on the sign?

The standard drilling we do is the four holes on a sign which means we drill one hole in each corner. If you need more than four holes, select the “Custom” option within the “Drilled Holes” dropdown and then make a note in the comments field that you’ll find on the checkout page. Custom drilled holes will cost extra as well.

Are the sign’s sharp edges dangerous?

Since aluminum is a metal, the edges are naturally sharp and may be dangerous. This is why our reflective aluminum signs default to rounded corners as this design is safer. If you're fine with sharper, pointed corners, simply deselect this option in the Online Designer. If you choose keep the rounded corners, note that these have a 1/4" or 1" radius, depending on what the hole that choose.

Do I have to use one of your templates for my sign?

Not if you don’t want to. We’ve provided many templates that are commonly used for reflective signage for your convenience. But if you don’t see a template you like, feel free to also contact us so you can take advantage of our free design services from one of our designers. You can also upload one of your own files to our design tool to create your own custom reflective aluminum sign.

How thick are your signs? Do your offer additional thickness options?

The aluminum portion of the sign we offer is 2 mm thick, which is approximately .078” thick. The vinyl overlay is paper-thin (.2 mm) and adds very little density to the sign. These signs are designed to be lightweight yet extremely durable. At the current time we do not offer additional thickness options.

Are the signs heavy?

Our reflective signs are thin and lightweight yet durable. Nonetheless, larger signs or smaller signs ordered in multiple quantities can be heavy when it comes to calculating shipping costs, while moving, and when hanging. For larger signs, we recommend more than one person to do the installation.

Why does shipping cost so much if you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping on all orders over $99. This applies to orders that do not have a rigid sign with dimensions over 36" or for orders that requires freight shipping. Once this dimension threshold is hit (or in some cases the order contains multiple quantities), the order will be required to be shipped via freight which can result in high shipping costs. This is completely out of our control and should be factored into the decision-making process when buying a large rigid sign. Rest assured our competitive pricing, free design services, award-winning customer service, and fast turnaround often offset this extra shipping cost when compared with local sign companies.


Will my reflective sign have a matte or gloss finish?

Not necessarily. The vinyl overlay will be a smooth surface but will not have a glossy shine like you would expect with a photo print. The printed area on the vinyl will have a slightly matte finish due to the ink being printed but this will be far from feeling or looking like a textured wall or surface.

What is the color of the sign before printing?

The default color of the underlying aluminum portion of the sign is painted white before the vinyl overlay is applied. This white background may be used as a part of the artwork you'll have printed on your sign. You can also use a different background color for your design which we will then print on the vinyl overlay. Doing so will cover the white background.

Can I use my reflective aluminum sign outside?

Yes. Our reflective aluminum signs are made for indoor and outdoor use. They’re corrosion-resistant, and the reflective sheeting makes these signs easy to see during the daytime or in low light. We recommend that you don’t place your sign where heavy winds may blow it over lest it crashes into other objects, gets dented or warped, or become a road hazard.

Will my reflective aluminum sign dent or warp? Will it bend?

Your sign may dent or warp if it’s placed in a high wind area and crashes into another large object. This could happen to very large signs (96” x 48”) that are mounted between two posts. If you must install larger signs where high winds are frequent, we recommend that you use a middle post to provide extra stability.

Your reflective signs will not warp with day usage. Please note that no matter the size, there’s always some risk of bending any aluminum sign. However, less bending is expected from smaller-sized signs versus larger ones. Our signs tend to bend less than most aluminum signs in the market, but we still recommend securing your reflective aluminum sign to help prevent any damages or deformation.

Will my sign rust?

Your sign should never rust, even when subjected to wet weather conditions. Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant material and should be able to withstand exposure to water and moisture.

Where are reflective signs used?

Reflective aluminum signs are a versatile indoor and outdoor signage option, but they are most often used outside homes and establishments. These uses include but aren’t limited to traffic and parking signage, roadside signage for residential and highway/interstate roads, safety and regulation signage in buildings and businesses, real estate signs, directional signs in parking garages, businesses, parking lots, and property signs including construction sites.

Will my reflective aluminum signs scratch?

We print your signs using ink that is scratch-resistant. In addition, the vinyl overlay makes it unlikely to scratch the aluminum portion of your sign. It is much more likely to damage the vinyl overlay than to damage the sign itself. With the exception of damaging the aluminum or overlay portion of your sign intentionally, it would be very rare to see your sign peel away or get scratched.

Will the vinyl overlay portion peel away?

No. The vinyl overlay portion of the sign should not peel away with normal usage. It is applied using an extremely strong adhesive backing. Only deliberate efforts to peel the vinyl away should impact this part of your sign.

Installation & Care

How are reflective aluminum signs installed?

Your sign can be mounted on numerous surfaces such as wood, concrete, or brick. Before installing your sign, drill pilot holes into the surface and then use bolts or screws to mount it. If you choose to drill the holes on the sign yourself, start by plotting the holes and measuring the spacing in between carefully before drilling.

These signs can also be hung in a variety of ways such as with strings or using metal chains. Double-sided tape or strong adhesives can also be used to stick these signs to a surface. We recommend mounting the signs using bolts or screws because they secure the sign best.

How do I store my reflective aluminum sign?

You should store your reflective aluminum sign in a cool, dry place and at room temperature. If you have multiple signs, be sure to place a soft fabric between each sign especially if you’re stacking them together or leaning them against one another. This way you can keep your signs from getting scratched. It’s best to store your signs horizontally assuming nothing heavy is placed on top of them. Also, avoid putting them underneath heavy objects as doing so can damage the sign over time.

How do I best care for my reflective aluminum sign?

Besides storing your sign properly, the best way to care for it is to wash it using a non-abrasive cloth soaked in warm, soapy water. Never use strong or harsh cleaning solution as these solutions can permanently damage the sign.