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Custom Window Decals

Window Decals are a cost-effective way to attract attention and create impulse sales. They’re quick and easy to install and will last a long time with proper care. You can print them on both sides, so that whether they’re coming or going, potential customers will see your message.

Our Products

  • Opaque window decals are great window decals.


    Made from one of our most versatile materials, our opaque window decals come in a matte finish and are rated for both indoor and outdoor use. Place them on virtually any window to give it that extra wow factor.

  • Clear window decals work well to let outside light in, yet still send your message.


    Let the light in! Clear decals give you the ability to cover an entire window with images without losing visibility. Multiple finishes are available.

  • Perforated window decals are the perfect all-purpose decal.


    Add a little privacy and a little custom design to your windows. Our perforated decals let you see out but block others from seeing in. These decals are easy to install and safe for all glass types.

  • Frosted window decals offer the best of both worlds.


    Let the light in, but to preserve your privacy. Our frosted decals offer the best of both worlds. Not entirely clear or opaque, these decals are made with etched glass adhesive and instantly dress up any window display.

  • Custom vinyl-lettering

    Vinyl Lettering

    Advertise your business on your car, truck, boat or storefront with our custom vinyl lettering. Pre-masked with transfer tape for easy installation, design your lettering today in a variety of fonts and colors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specs
  • Why should I choose window decals?
  • Window decals are an extremely popular and versatile signage solution for big and small businesses alike. Our custom window decals are semi-permanent and come with an adhesive backing. Decals offer an easy to install and effective signage option for businesses and homeowners.
  • In general, what else should I know about decals?
  • Our custom window decals are made from a clear poly vinyl material with an adhesive backing. These decals are easily installed on homes, store fronts and any glass surface in business settings or otherwise. They are semi-permanent in that they can be removed but are a one-time use so they cannot be reused once applied. After installation our window decals can last 3+ years inside or outside with proper care and maintenance. There are three main types of decals: clear window decal, opaque window decal and perforated window decal. These differences are described briefly below and more in depth on the respective product page links above.
  • What should I know about the three different types of decals offered by Signs.com?
  • All three decal types are a signage option that come with an adhesive backing and are designed for windows. The two primary differences are the transparency offered by each one and where you are able to put them. In terms of transparency, clear window decals are just as they sound and will be see through wherever they are not printed. Likewise, opaque window decals are just as they sound and are opaque due to being printed on a material that is by default opaque. Thus, the opaque decals offer no see-through visibility even if you were to order a blank piece of material. Perforated window decals offer a combination of the two as the material has a 50:50 ratio of perforated holes to solid material. Thus, perforated decals offer a one way visibility that is great for storefronts who wish to advertise their business but retain the ability to see out of the windows. Due to the material it is printed on, only clear decals can be placed on the inside of the window facing out. This is advantageous to keep the decal out of harsh climates or even those who might deface or damage the decal when placed on the exterior of a window. Opaque and perforated window decals, due to their material, are not able to placed on the inside and face out. When placing the clear decal on the inside of the window with the printed portion facing out it is referred to as “inside glass”. This option is available on our design tool when designing your custom decal. A full overview of these differences can be found here: window signage options.
  • How do window decals differ from wall decals? What about static clings?
  • Window decals are not the same thing as wall decals or static clings. While window and wall decals are both made from an adhesive vinyl, the former is a semi-permanent solution that is not able to be repositioned once the backing has kicked in. wall decals on the other hand are designed to be repositioned on a regular basis and use a low-tack adhesive to accomplish this. Wall decals are typically used on interior walls despite the ability to be used elsewhere. Clings on the other hand do not use an adhesive backing at all but static electricity to “cling” to a window. One simply has to press firmly to apply the cling and remove any air bubbles. Like a wall decal, a cling can be removed, repositioned and applied countless times assuming that the mounting surface and sign itself are clean and dry.
  • Does it matter what type of decal I choose?
  • Yes! Depending on what type of visibility/transparency you want, where you want it placed and what the end purpose of your sign is, it matters a great deal what type of window decal you choose. You can follow the flowchart in the “What Type?” tab on this page to decide which one you need.
  • Are the decals repositionable?
  • No. Regardless of whether you choose clear, opaque or perforated decals they are not repositionable. While there is some wiggle room and forgiveness when they are initially installed, once the adhesive backing becomes active it is not possible to reposition your decal. If you need something that needs regular repositioning we recommend window clings.
  • Are window decals the same thing as “window stickers” or “window graphics”?
  • The term “window sticker” is generally not used within the signage industry while “window graphic” is used fairly often. By far the most common phrase is simply “window decal” or “decal”. Nonetheless, if you are simply referring to a sign that uses an adhesive backing for glass surfaces then we’re on the same page!
  • Do I need to design them differently based on the type of window decal I choose?
  • Yes and no. Technically even on a clear decal that offers less contrast than an opaque or perforated decal we will use what is called a “flood white” technique when printing. This just means that behind your design there will be a white print to ensure that the colors in your design remain vibrant. This will not be visible on your sign but simply ensures the printed portion is clear and crisp since it is printed on a clear material. Regardless of the type of decal you choose, you should keep basic design best practices in mind. For example, limit the amount of text you put on your sign, use colors that have high contrast - especially if the window is tinted or the sign needs to be seen from a distance -, make sure your sign design and size is big enough to be seen from a distance if needed, etc. If you are unsure about how well your decal is going to work contact us for help or fill out our form for free design services.
  • Are the decals easy to install? What about extra large decals?
  • Installation instructions are found on each respective product page but generally follow the same guidelines. When installing your decals, clean the window from any grime or dirt and let it dry before installing. After doing so, use water with one or two drops of a mild detergent to spray the back side of the decal after removing the backing. Water of any type should not be used on perforated decals. After it is wet, place the decal on the dry window surface and use a squeegee to remove any excess water. Once the water dries, the adhesive will kick in. Large decals will require more than one person to properly install. Do not let the adhesive side of the decal, wet or not, touch or attach to other parts of the adhesive backing. For this reason multiple people are recommended for the installation of large decals.
  • Are the decals difficult to remove? Will they ruin my windows?
  • Generally speaking the decals are easy to remove. In most cases the decals can simply be peeled away from the window. Usually a razor blade and window cleaner will be needed to remove any residual adhesive material. For decals that are extremely difficult to take off the window, a flat edge, such as a squeegee, can help facilitate the peeling away of the decal.
  • I’m looking for vinyl lettering, what type of decal should I choose?
  • Clear, opaque and perforated window decals all have the option to be “contour” or “halo” cut. Contour cut means that your design will be cut exactly to the shape of what you have on your sign. Halo cut is the same thing but will leave a very tiny border around the perimeter of your sign. While these three decal types provide cut options this is not what you should choose if you are looking for vinyl lettering. Vinyl lettering is actually a completely different product and can be found on our Vinyl Lettering page.

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