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Advertising Flags

Easy Setup - Highly Visible - Durable

Cafe Sabor Feather Flag

Feather Flag

Made from 4 oz. polyester these feather flags are portable yet durable display options perfect for a wide variety of events.

Angled Flag Welcome

Angled Flag

Similar to our feather flags, angled flags offer a slightly different shape but the same great results for different events.

Grand Opening Teardrop Flag

Teardrop Flag

Our smallest business flag still offers great size and ability to attract attention and customer at stores and events.

Huge Sales Event Rect Flag

Rectangle Flag

Rectangle flags come with aluminum tubes and offer the maximum in visibility for events and more.

Business or advertising flags are one of the best outdoor sign options to increase visibility and promote your business. These flags come in different shapes and sizes but all offer great durability and portability. Our advertising flags are great for temporary or seasonal uses and hold up well in outdoor conditions. Other common uses for business flags include, but aren't limited to: grand openings, races, real estate, trade shows, physical locations, events, and much more.

Completely customize your flag using our online design tool or get free design service help from one of our professional graphic designers. With one day production and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, whether you need to ship it to your business or the hotel of your next event, you can rest assured you'll have your business flags when you need them. Produced in state-of-the-art production facilities, our flag banners are of the highest quality. We look forward to helping you customize your next advertising flag today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Advertising & Business Flags FAQ

What makes advertising and business flags a great sign option for me?

Advertising or business flags are a great option for temporary or seasonal signage in a wide range of business settings. They are easy to setup and install as well as remove and store when not in use. Storing them properly makes them usable for years to come. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes so you can get the look that you want for your business or event. These flags are durable and work great both inside a business as well as during an outdoor event. Lastly, they are arguably the most visible signage that a business can use.

Where can I find more information on the specific advertising and business flags?

To learn more about each type of flag please click on the thumbnail image for the specific product on this page. You can also click our “Learn More” button for each type of flag to go directly to the respective product pages.

How long does it take to create my custom advertising flag?

We produce our flags quickly. Once your order has been placed your flags will go into production the same night. It will ship the next day. With overnight shipping you can have your flags in hand in as little as two business days. We offer several shipping speed options to suit your need.

Do all your advertising flags work with any pole set?

With all of our advertising flags we offer a pole set. However, the pole set for each flag type differs from another. Because the different flags and flag sizes are not interchangeable across pole sets please check the specific flag product page for more details on the pole set.

Do all business flags have to be placed in the ground?

Business flags can be placed in the ground with a ground stake. However, we offer other bases that allow for both indoor and outdoor use. These bases include a cross base, square base, and cross base with a water bag.

Is professional installation assistance offered when I purchase a business flag?

Our business flags are so simple and easy to setup and use that they do not require any professional installation. In just a few steps and a couple of minutes you’ll have a custom business flag ready for display. To see how simple the process is for each flag please visit the specific product page.

How do I care for my business flags?

In general, flags should not be used in inclement weather and stored in a safe place during non-use. The biggest risk during storage is snagging, tearing or ripping of the flag itself. Assuming you are careful where and how you store your flag this should not happen during normal usage. The best place for storage is a cool dry room and a location that doesn’t have sharp edges or won't result in the flag being tossed around and thereby creating situations where it may come in contact with sharp edges or objects that would damage the flag in any way. For specific care differences please refer to the different flag product pages as outlined above.

Can I customize my business flag?

Absolutely! Not only do we offer four different types of flags in terms of shape but they also come in various sizes. Further, you can choose from our library of templates or upload your design to create a unique business flag. If you need help with a design or would like us to design something for you please take advantage of our free design services.

Can I purchase different types of business flags using the same design (ie. a feather flag and a teardrop flag with the same design) in a single order?

Yes, it is possible to purchase multiple flag types with the same design. However, the shape of each flag type differs and the design for each flag may need to changed slightly to fit each shape. In order to get the design on multiple flag types you’ll need to upload your logo or design to the design tool for each flag type.

Can I use advertising and business flags for other display and advertising purposes?

Of course! Although the primary uses for these flags are for business and advertising use they can be used in a number of ways including personal and residential use including block or neighborhood parties, races, charity events, yard sales, and much more.

Do you offer any other custom advertising flags beyond what is listed on this page?

Not at the current time. Though we continually look to add new products including business and advertising signs. If you have any questions or are looking for a specific flag type that isn’t offered on this page, please contact us.

Are the flags easy to transport? What options do you offer to make this easy?

All our flags are easily disassembled just as simply as they are installed. You can easily disassemble the pole set and fold the flag for storage and transportation in just a couple of minutes. The pole sets of angled, feather and teardrop flags simply slide into and out of one another while the rectangular pole set is put together and taken apart with push buttons that click into place.

The best option for transportation is to disassemble the flag by separating each pole in the pole set by pulling them apart and placing each pole into a carrying case. The angled, teardrop and feather flags have a carrying case available for an optional purchase. The rectangle flags don’t currently have an optional carrying case. As such, the poles are most easily transported by gym bags long enough to fit the poles of your pole set or using bungee cords or something similar to hold the pole set together. The flags themselves can be folded and carefully placed within whichever bag you may be using to transport your flag and pole set. Take care not to allow the poles to damage your folded flag during transport!

Will I need the help of someone else to set up my flags? Or will I be able to do it by myself?

Depending on how many flags you have you may prefer having an extra set of hands to help assemble them quicker. However, all of our flags are easily assembled and can be set up by one person in a matter of minutes.

Please note that ground stake installations may require a rubber mallet especially if the surface is harder. Further, the cross base with water bag will of course require access to a water source in order to fill it and use it correctly to weigh your flag down. Lastly, as a pro tip from a company that has set up a flag or two, for the push buttons on the rectangle flags a flat object to press down spring loaded snap buttons connecting two poles sometimes can spare the fingers some pressure. For example, a butter or pocket knife or even a key can sometimes get a stubborn push button down and help avoid pinched fingers. Notwithstanding, all of these flags are extremely easy to set up!

Do you sell just the pole set? What about just replaceable hardware?

Unfortunately we do not currently sell the pole set or replaceable hardware for any of the four flag types as standalone items online. If you need either please contact us at or 888-222-4929 so we can help you get either one of those ordered.

Do you sell just the flag? Do I have to buy a pole set and other accessories?

Yes, we sell each of our flags as standalone items. You don’t have to buy a pole set or any accessories when purchasing a flag. To get just a flag, regardless of which type, simply make sure that none of the options are selected on the design tool. The options appear underneath the editing area. You can also verify this in your cart before proceeding to the checkout page. Please note that even with the same type of flag poles sets differ. Thus, if you are ordering just a replacement flag it must be the same size AND type of your previous flag to ensure that your current pole set will work with the replacement flag. Alternatively, assuming you know it is the same type and size and if your old pole set is in good condition then you can simply use a previously ordered pole set. If you are unsure, please contact us and we are happy to help.

If I use your free design services how long does it take to get my design finalized? There really isn’t any cost with these design services?

Our professional designers will help you create your design as quickly as they can. This wait for your first revision will never be more than one business day but is typically much faster. Many of our customers contact us, have a free design and checkout all on the same day! Assuming that you give the designer a good idea of what you are trying to do we’re confident that you’ll be completely happy in very little time.

Are the flags single sided or double sided? For the single sided flags, are they mirrored or print through?

All of our flags can be printed single sided or double sided. For single sided flags they are printed through, meaning your design will be printed on one side of the fabric. Notwithstanding, print through means that your design from one side will be visible from the back/unprinted side but will be seen as mirrored.
For double sided flags we can print either the same design on both sides or a different one on each side (depending on your design), neither of which will be visible through the polyester due to a liner between the front and back sides. Thus, if you have two different designs you don’t need to worry about the designs conflicting with each other. In order to design double sided signs please select this as an option on our design tool and select “Back Side” to upload either the same or different file to the back side of your flag.

Will the flags fade in the sun?

Like almost all other printed signage from any company, extended time in the sun will eventually cause your flag to fade.Fading will vary based on your specific use, the climate in which you live, and other environmental factors. To prevent fading, reduce the amount of sun exposure to your sign throughout its life as much as possible. This can be done by storing your flag in between uses. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have to worry about any fading in the short term as your flags should last years with proper care.

Can the flags get wet? Can they be used in the rain?

Your custom advertising or business flags are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can get wet and be used in the rain. They can then be air dried or even washed as needed afterwards. Please see the product pages for specific washing instructions if this is needed. However, use during rain or other weather may impact the lifespan of your flag. Although flags are suited for both indoor and outdoor use, when heavy or severe weather occurs, we recommend you take them down and store them until the weather clears. Failing to do so can result in permanent and irreparable damage to your flag and or pole set.

How long can I expect my flag to last?

With proper care and maintenance you can expect the life of your flags to be 2 or more years. This also assumes that your flags are not displayed in any severe weather conditions which can permanently damage your flags.

What are the poles made out of?

Poles for flags are made from fiberglass (angled, teardrop, feather) or aluminum (rectangle) to create strong yet lightweight pole sets.

What are the flags made out of?

All of the flags are made from 4 oz. polyester. Polyester is a great material for flags due its great mix of strength and durability yet lightweight when compared to other similar materials used for flags. Printing on polyester also provides crisp and vibrant printing.

I will be using my flag in a very windy area, will it blow away?

Although we don’t recommend using it in very windy situations you can try and prevent your flag from blowing away by using a ground stake or cross base with a water bag to anchor the flag while in use. Your flag should be taken down in extreme weather conditions.

From how far away is my flag visible? Will it work for traffic that is driving by?

The answer to this question can be quite complicated. If you are going to do it correctly there are complex formulas that factor in car speed, number of lanes, reaction time of the driver and much, much more. For our purposes there are a few factors that you should consider and some rules of thumb to follow and your sign should be perfectly legible without worrying about the complex formulas that are out there. The most important factors that will impact your flag’s legibility to consider are: the distance from the road and lettering height, the size of the flag, and the design of your flag. Let’s tackle each of these individually.

For most businesses it’s safe to assume that your roadside flag will be within 10-40 feet of vehicle passersby. Some rules of thumb suggest your lettering be 1” of height for every 10 feet. Others, recommend lettering height anywhere from 4”-10” for distances ranging from 10ft - 40ft. Thus, with flags that are presumably within 20 or 30 feet of the road if your lettering is anywhere from 3”-6” high you should be safe in terms of legibility. The next factor is the size of the flag itself. The importance of this factor is because of the point above. Namely, you want to ensure you have enough space on your flag to display the letters at the correct heights. If in doubt, the bigger the flag the better.

The design of your flag impacts it’s legibility in at least two ways. The first is the font type or appearance of the font you choose to use. While your lettering height should meet certain minimums as described above, fonts themselves vary in legibility. Simply put, cursive fonts are much harder to read than block-type fonts. We recommend easy-to-read fonts in all cases. The other important consideration is contrast. Contrasting colors between your text color and flag color will significantly increase its legibility. For example, black and yellow are known to be some of the most contrasting colors whereas a pink font on a red flag is going to be harder to read.

If you keep these few things in mind when designing and purchasing your flag you can rest assured that all those that pass by it will be able to clearly and quickly read it. If you’re still needing help and unsure whether your flag will be legible don’t hesitate to contact us about our free design services.

How is the flag height determined? Does flag height differ from printable area?

For each of our three flag types there are three different measurements that come into play. These are: display height, flag height or size and printable area.

The display height is the largest of the three sizes. This is the height commonly used when discussing the flags in general. For example, if you purchase a 15’ rectangle flag, this height includes the total size of the flag plus the base height. Because the bases differ, this height will not be exactly as is stated. This is the case with any type of advertising or business flag you buy from any company. However, the display height will not differ in any significant way from the flag height as listed on our website.
Flag height or size is the actual size of the flag. Each flag type has all of its respective sizes listed on the individual product pages. The last size is the printable area. This is typically just slightly smaller than the flag size as this ensures that no text or designs will be too close to the edges of your flags and so will not be cut off during printing. Some people call this the “safe zone”. If this size is seen at all on our website it will be on the design tool. Otherwise, we’ve accounted for this smaller printable area size and you don’t need to worry about this one.

Are these flags really as big as the graphic on this page in which they tower over an average person?

Yes! The graphic shown above accurately shows the flag sizes and heights. These flags are intended to be very big and very visible.

Is the rectangle flag the one with the most area for design purposes?

Yes, rectangle flags have the most print area for their respective size. Teardrop flags have the least. Both feather and angle flags have similar printing areas and choosing between the two is largely an aesthetic preference.

What happens if my flag arrives damaged? What if my design or printing is wrong?

Hopefully this doesn’t happen! But in the event that your flag was damaged during shipment or was printed incorrectly, please let us know. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that is backed by award winning customer experience department. Once you contact us we’ll work with you to make things right and make sure you are happy.

These flags seem to be called everything. What is the difference between all the names I see for these flags?

There are a lot of commonly used names for what is essentially the same flag product. Typically the names are interchangeable between similarly shaped flags. To point, some commonly used flag names in addition to feather, angled, teardrop, and rectangle flags that you may have heard of or seen are flutter flags, blade flags, sail flags, event flags, swooper flags, bow flags, tall flags, and quill flags.

Each of these names may or may not be synonymous with feather, angled, teardrop, or rectangle flags. As much as we’d like to definitively attach them to a flag type or shape, the truth is that companies and people oftentimes will use different terms for the same type of business flag. Thus, rather than focusing on the names of the type of flag you are after, be sure to check for the shape of the flag to determine the flag type. If you don’t see the shape you’re looking for please contact us to see if we are still able to offer it but don’t simply have it online yet?

Is there a difference between advertising and business flags? What about standard flags?

Advertising flags and business flags are the same product and the terms are commonly used to refer to the same thing. These flags are primarily used outside and are some of the biggest and most visible signage you can buy short of extremely large vinyl banners or billboards. Standard flags are what you would see on a flag pole, like the United States flag. For more information about standard flags, click here: custom flags.

Due to the size of these flags, what type of file size or resolution do I need?

We recommend uploading vector files in either .AI, .EPS, .PS, or .PDF. We also accept .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .TIF. Our design tool has a maximum upload of 25 MB. To upload a file, simply visit our design tool and click the upload image button and upload your compatible file. If your file is bigger than the 25 MB limit, please use a lower resolution image to place your order and then upload your higher resolution image through During this process you can leave a note in the “Customer Comments” field on the checkout page indicating you will be uploading a bigger file. Further, please indicate your order number when visiting to send us your bigger file. By following this process you can complete your order now and we’ll make sure your flag uses your higher resolution file for a beautifully printed flag! To maintain a high quality print for your flag we recommend a minimum resolution of 100dpi for your file uploads.