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Mounted Posters

Durable & Rigid - Free Design Services - Next Day Shipping

What are Mounted Posters?

Mounted posters are poster prints made from a rigid material as opposed to a paper-based material, providing additional durability. They are perfect for propping up against a wall, resting on a display easel, or even hanging on a wall. Mounted posters can be created using two different materials; 5mm foam board or 3mm PVC plastic. The 5mm foam board is the more economic choice and provides a lightweight, vivid display. The 3mm PVC plastic is more durable and allows you to use your mounted poster in indoor or outdoor scenarios.

Mounted posters can be used as visual aids, business advertisements and promotions, directional or informative signage and more!


Mounted Poster Features

Mounted poster in detail promoting a fitness program

High-Quality, Rigid Poster Printing

Mounted posters are directly printed onto rigid foam board or PVC with a high-quality digital UV ink. Whether your design includes photographed or graphic design elements, you can rest assured that your mounted poster will look stunning!

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Foamboard & PVC

Choose between 5mm foam board or 3mm PVC to print your mounted poster. Both boards are rigid and provide excellent, flat poster display boards that will hold up well over time.

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Fully Customizable

Create any design you can think of with our online design tool! Add text, upload images or illustrations, customize colors and shapes, and more. Get even more out of your design by using our FREE professional design services.

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Double-Sided Printing

Print business in the front and a party on the back (or more business). Double-sided mounted posters can be displayed to be viewed from 2 directions or they can be flipped over for a second promotion, season or additional information.

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1 Day Turnaround

We know that getting your prints quickly is important—and that’s why your poster will be produced and out the door within one business day. Experience local print speed with world-class capabilities at your fingertips.

Which Mounted Poster Type Is Best for You?

Mounted Poster

Foam Board

Foam board mounted posters are designed to be both rigid and lightweight. Mounted poster prints on foam board have a paper face, providing a smooth printed finish for your poster. Foam board mounted posters are best used indoors.

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PVC (Plastic)

PVC (or plastic) mounted posters are a little heavier per square inch than foam board. With PVC your mounted poster will withstand even outdoor elements as the poster is directly printed onto the plastic surface. Although not as smooth as the foam board paper face, our high quality UV print process still provides excellent detail.

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Ways to Display Your Mounted Poster

Mounted posters are easy to display and with the use of a few simple accessories, your mounted poster is sure to grab the attention you’re looking for. Get started with one of our display accessories.

3M Command Strips

3M Command Strips

Easy to apply and remove when needed—3M command strips are the simplest solution to hang mounted posters on walls.

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Easel Stand

Easel Stand

Use an adjustable easel to conveniently prop up your mounted poster in hallways, entryways, or wherever you want your message to be seen.

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Easel Back

Easel Back

For mounted posters ranging from 4”x5” and 24”x25” in size, use an easel back which is attached directly to the back of your sign.

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EASY TO USE DESIGN TOOL design tool with mounted poster loaded

Create your custom mounted posters with our simple and easy design tool. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!

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Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something entirely new, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. Nothing beats free!

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Additional Specs

  • Thickness

    Foam board mounted posters are 5mm thick | PVC mounted posters are 3mm thick.

  • Details

    Direct to surface printed mounted posters on Foamcore or PVC.

  • Uses

    Multi purpose including events, promotions, information, business and school presentations.

  • Print Method

    Digitally printed, continuous full color.

  • Estimated Lifespan

    3+ years if left alone, frequent handling will reduce lifespan.

  • Size

    18x24, 11x17, 16x20, 24x36, 36x48, 8x10

Display & Care

Displaying or hanging your mounted poster is easy and can be done in seconds. The easiest way to display a foam board or PVC mounted poster is to prop it up in a window or against a wall. You can also set them on shelves. For your convenience we offer two different styles of easels—one larger telescoping easel which can be used on the floor or on a table and an easel back option for smaller mounted posters (up to 24”x25”). If you want to hang your mounted poster on a wall there are multiple ways, but we recommend using 3M Command Strips (available for purchase with your order).

Mounted posters are easy to maintain and clean. For foam board mounted posters, gently wipe away dust and debris with a dry, non-abrasive cloth. PVC mounted posters can be gently washed with a damp cloth. If you have selected to have your mounted poster coated with a protective laminate, we recommend using a cloth with a small amount of citrus based cleaner or Dry Erase cleaner.

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Order by 9 pm EST and we’ll have your mounted poster completed and shipped within one business day.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Specs - Mounted Posters

What’s the difference between your mounted posters and your standard posters?

Our mounted posters are digitally printed with long-lasting and vibrant UV inks, directly onto your choice of foam board or PVC plastic (sintra). The result is a more rigid and durable poster than our standard posters, which are produced by photo printing onto archival paper. Furthermore, our mounted posters can be displayed by propping up against an easel and those printed on PVC can even be utilized in outdoor environments.

What makes a “poster” a poster anyway? How is it different from any other type of sign?

At their most basic, posters are relatively large, eye-catching prints that combine text and graphics. Posters are typically printed on a paper substrate, although you’ll also find them printed on other materials as well. Since their beginnings in the 1500s, posters have often been used to announce important news, promote events, advertise products, or simply serve as artwork in and of themselves.

How are your mounted posters created? How are they printed?

As noted above, our mounted posters are digitally printed with UV inks, directly onto your choice of 5mm foam board or 3mm PVC plastic (sintra).

Are your mounted posters laminated/coated?

We do offer a protective laminate on our mounted posters; this laminate has a glossy finish and it serves to protect your finished sign against scratches and other abuse. Not only does the protective laminate provide an enhanced appearance and added durability, but it also allows you to write on the poster with dry-erase markers if you wish to do so.

Do your posters have a glossy or matte finish? What’s the difference between the two?

In their natural, unlaminated/uncoated state, our mounted posters will have more of a satin look to them – that’s simply a result of printing directly with UV ink onto the foam board or plastic/sintra. As noted above, however, you have the option of adding a protective laminate that will produce a glossy finish. The glossy finish will be brighter and more reflective than the natural matte appearance, and it will work especially well under low-light conditions.

What sizes are available?

You can order mounted posters in sizes ranging from as small as 4"x4" all the way up to 94” x 46.”

What are the most common sizes for mounted posters? Do you have set sizes?

The most common sizes are: 8"x10", 11"x17", 16"x20", 18"x24”, 24"x36," and 36"x48.” But if you’re seeking an “uncommon” size, we can help you there, too – we can print our mounted posters in sizes as small as 4”x4” and as large as 94”x46”.

How thick are your mounted posters?

Mounted posters printed onto foam board are 5mm thick (about 3/16-inch), while our mounted posters printed onto PVC plastic are 3mm thick (about 1/8-inch).

Can I print on both sides of my mounted poster? Is there an additional cost to doing so?

Yes, you can indeed print both sides of your mounted poster, no matter which material you choose. While double-sided printing adds an extra cost, this option can be worthy of the additional investment, especially if you’re going to display the poster so that both sides of the poster can be viewed. And, keep in mind that you can have completely different messages printed on each side of your poster.

Can I have my mounted poster produced as an oval or some other shape?

We do not offer custom shapes on our mounted posters at this time, but if you’re in need of a custom shape, check out our Foarm Board Signs or Plastic Signs.

Did I read correctly – is shipping free on all mounted posters?

We offer free shipping on orders over $99 as long as your mounted poster does not exceed 36” in any dimension. However, a mounted poster (and any rigid sign) with a dimension over 36” needs additional packaging care and will likely require being sent to you via freight shipping, which will incur additional shipping charges.

Are these posters printed on archival materials?

Our mounted posters are not printed on archival materials. Although our foam board and PVC plastic mounted posters are durable (and that durability is augmented by our UV inks), they are not considered archival. If it’s an archival poster you’re seeking, check out our standard posters which are printed on archival paper.

How long should I expect my mounted posters to last?

Mounted posters on foam board, when cared for and used appropriately, can last two years or more. Mounted posters on PVC plastic can last five or more years with proper care and cleaning; mounted posters used outdoors may have their lifespan shortened by harsh weather and/or extreme temperatures.

You offer two material choices for mounted posters—which material should I choose?

Your material choice is largely dependent upon how and where you will be displaying your poster. If your poster will be used indoors, then either foam board or PVC plastic will work for you. The foam board will be lighter weight and can be easily displayed with 3M Command Strips or Velcro (hook-and-loop) fasteners. However, if you will be installing your mounted poster in an outdoor environment, then you should choose PVC plastic.

Usage - Mounted Posters

What are the best uses for mounted posters?

Mounted posters can be used for just about any application you can think of! Some of the more common uses we’ve seen include: retail sales; business promotion; directional; regulatory/safety; real estate/property management; point-of-purchase; events/tradeshows; park/trail guides; and much more. Again, keep in mind that foam board mounted posters should only be used for interior applications; PVC plastic mounted posters can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Is one type of poster better than another for outdoor use?

If you’re going to be using your poster in an outdoor environment, you should definitely choose our mounted posters printed onto PVC plastic. It will hold up well versus rain or snow, and it’s naturally resistant to dents, scratches, etc.

We want to install our posters in an outdoor environment that can sometime be prone to vandalism – will your mounted posters hold up to abuse?

Well, depending upon just what degree of vandalism you might expect to experience, mounted posters printed on PVC plastic would be our recommendation. PVC is resistant to scratching and denting as well as chemicals; it can be bent, but it doesn’t easily break. Depending upon your specific needs, you might also check out our aluminum signs and acrylic signs – these are the two most durable signage types we produce.

If I order several mounted posters, will the color and quality stay consistent? What if I reorder the same posters at a later time?

Yes, whether you’re ordering 1 or 100 posters, the color and quality will stay consistent across each. With digital printing, there is no “drop off” of color and you won’t see the odd irregularities that can show up with other print processes due to fluctuations in ink, water, etc. The same holds true for repeat or follow-up orders –we save your orders in our system, so as long as you’re printing the same product on the same substrate, you can expect your latest mounted poster to be consistent with your previously printed mounted poster.

Do you also sell easels?

Yes, we do. Our 66” easel is made from aluminum (silver color) and has telescoping legs that can collapse down to just 21" overall length. It holds up to 25 lbs and will display posters/signs up to 48" high. It comes with a storage/travel bag.

Can a mounted poster be installed into an A-Frame?

Yes, a mounted poster can be installed into our Premium A-Frame product (not our Standard A-Frame, which uses a vinyl decal graphic). Keep in mind that your graphic must be exactly 24 x 36 inches in order for the graphic to display properly.

Installation and Care - Mounted Posters

What’s the best way to hang or install a mounted poster?

This will depend upon the mounted poster you purchase. For mounted posters printed onto foam board, these are lightweight enough to hang with 3M Command Strips, hook-and-loop fasteners like Velcro, or you can simply display by propping up on an easel. An easel is also a possibility for mounted posters printed onto PVC plastic, of course, but you have other choices, too: You can also drill holes into the poster and then use screws or bolts to mount the sign to the surface of your choice; you can hang with string, rope, or bungee cord; and you can utilize an adhesive to glue your mounted poster to a surface.

How should I clean my mounted poster?

Mounted posters on foam board can be cleaned by gently wiping with a dry cloth. If you’ve added a dry-erase laminate, just wipe the surface using a non-abrasive cloth (use a small amount of citrus based cleaner or isopropyl alcohol when needed). Mounted posters on plastic PVC can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and mild soap.

How should I store my mounted poster?

Store your mounted poster flat, and in a cool and dry environment. Avoid storing it in a place that will have extreme cold, heat, or humidity. Also avoid setting anything heavy on top of your poster to avoid possibly bending or creasing it (this is especially critical for foam board posters).