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How Tos

Using the Website
The website is a powerful tool when it comes to creating customized signage online.
Through our intuitive design tool, extensive template library and easy-to-use account management and
self-checkout platforms, you can easily design and purchase high quality signage from the comfort of your
home or office. To learn more about the features of, check out the links below and make
sure you watch our extensive video overview on our online design tool.
The Online Design Tool
Color & Image Settings
Hex Codes
When you are using the online design tool, you might notice under the color controls an option to use a hex number instead of the color wheel or related colors. Hex numbers are commonly used in HTML, CSS, SVGs and other computing applications to represent a color. Basically, a hex code is a six-digit code that is the equivalent of the decimal numbers for Red, Green and Blue (RGB).
Here is an example. Say you have a greyish-blue color represented by red 36, green 104 and blue 160. The decimal numbers 36, 104 and 160 are equivalent to the hex code numbers 24, 68 and AO respectively. The hex code is then obtained by combining the 6 digits together forming 2468AO. If you are not sure how to get a specific hext number but you know the RGB values, you can use this simple converter tool.
Image Settings
Images are a great way to add personalization and customization to your signage. Whether it's a picture of yourself for a real estate yard sign or of Grandma and Grandpa for an anniversary banner, images can be a simple solution to add impact to your signs. But the last thing you want is for your image to turn out grainy and blurred. To make sure your sign turns out great, follow these instructions to setup your images correctly before uploading them to our design tool.
For the best results possible, make sure all images in your designs are at least 300 DPI. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. The higher the DPI, the better quality the image is and the larger it can be scaled. Images used in smaller signs can be less than 300 DPI, but it is always a good practice to upload the best quality image possible.
Installation and Care Tutorials
How do I install or care for my sign?
We take pride in the quality and durability of the products that we offer. If properly cared for, your new banner, yard sign or decal will last for years to come. To ensure that it does, we decided to offer a little help in caring for and installing your new sign.
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