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Restaurants are far more successful when they effectively use signage to entice potential customers into their locations. Before they see or smell the food, customers are exposed to signage, so it’s absolutely imperative that the right signs are used to bring people in the doors. At we offer a variety of signs that restaurants can use to advertise, promote, and entice. No matter where your location is, we have a sign that will work for you.

Signage is not only used as outdoor advertising for your restaurant, it’s also necessary for regulatory signs, including handwashing signage, store hours, restroom signs, and other indoor restaurant signs. We offer excellent signage choices for use as menus, branding and decor, temporary displays and much more.

No matter what your signage need is, there’s no need to worry. With thousands of restaurants helped, unmatched customer service, a state of the art production facility, one day production, and free design services, there’s no doubt we can help you in creating the signage your restaurant needs.


Restaurant Sign Types


Clear Decals

Made from an adhesive vinyl, our clear window decals make displaying store hours, promotions, and logos a breeze on restaurant windows, doors and other glass surfaces.


Perforated Decals

Produced from vinyl that is covered in micro punctures and allows one way visibility, these decals are perfect for images used on full-window advertisements and storefront branding.


Static Clings

This temporary vinyl sign can adhere to any window, allowing for posting, repositioning and reuse of advertisements, images of food combos, or regular specials and deals.


Vinyl Banners offers a virtually endless selection of banner sizes for your restaurant. Great for grand openings, events, and catering services, our banners are meant to last for years to come even when used outside.



Whether used indoors or outdoors, durable aluminum signs are ideal for wall-mounted menus, professional looking logos, and regulatory or property signs for all types of quick service and formal restaurants.



Sturdy A-Frame signs are excellent for outdoor advertising on sidewalks near your restaurant. Promote deals, give a sneak-peek of your menu, or direct those who pass-by to try your food with these signs.

Indoor Restaurant Signs

Having signs inside your restaurant benefits both customer and employee alike. There are a variety of signs that are needed in a restaurant to allow daily operations to run smoothly, as well as fulfill any state health code regulations that require certain signage. When planning on signs to display in your restaurant, it’s important to consider how you can help customers navigate the facility, while also providing enticing visual signage to help sell your food and services!

Indoor restaurant signage includes menus, public health notices, signs designating areas where alcohol is served, restroom signs, emergency exits, and directional signs to point patrons to where to stand in line. Signs are often overlooked in restaurants, but they are critical to not just a functional business but one that meets all the bylaws and health codes that come with it.

Browse each section of templates below to find the indoor signs needed for your restaurant. Click any template to begin customizing a sign, or search all of our restaurant templates at the bottom of the section. Our design tool allows you to create the perfect sign for your eating establishment or upload your own branding and logo files.

Sales and Promotions

Presenting sales and menu specials to customers is a must for restaurants to thrive. There are many ways in which you can show off your latest deals and sales using signs. Because many restaurants are located in high foot-traffic areas or have highly visible storefronts on busy streets, we recommend using our clear window decals to effectively promote sales and regular specials.

These decals use adhesive to adhere to windows and provide for limitless design opportunities when it comes to promotions. Depending on the climate, these decals can be placed on the inside or outside of the window to be visible to those not in your restaurant. You can also effectively use window decals (and even static clings which are repositionable and reusable) to target customers inside by placing them on interior glass surfaces such as windows or displays.

Perforated decals will also maximize the size of your advertisements while still allowing customers to see out your windows due to their one way visibility. They will allow customers to see the advertisement from the outside but customers and employees will still be able to see through the decals to the exterior of your business.

Static cling decals are also available if you want to display seasonal sales or promotions using a reusable sign. These clings are great for sneeze guards, storefronts and more. Simply press them onto a smooth surface with your hand and peel away when you’re done. Unlike decals, which are one time use due to their semi-permanent nature, clings can be reused on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. No matter which type of decal or cling is needed for your restaurant, these restaurant decals are a versatile and affordable way to advertise what your restaurant has to offer.

Menus & Specials

Providing more permanent wall-mounted menus and other special menus for customers is a basic necessity for a restaurant. We have the perfect solution for your menu! For wall mounted menus, we recommend using our gatorboard signs. These signs are made from a high density foam, making for a lightweight and very inexpensive sign. Gatorboard does not sacrifice quality in design, as images and text are printed clearly, making it a perfect sign for displaying a menu inside your store. Your gatorboard menu can be easily mounted to any rigid surface and is affordable enough that replacing it due to menu changes won’t break the bank.

Alternatively, if your restaurant needs to display seasonal or special menu items, our foam board signs will make for a great temporary sign. Foam board can be displayed on an easel or mounted on a wall using adhesive. Simply set up and take down these temporary menus as needed in your restaurant. Other options to display specials or new menu options on a temporary basis include posters, wall decals and clings.

Regulatory Signs

There are a number of regulatory signs that restaurants must display in order to maintain proper health and safety codes. Common regulatory signs include handwashing signs, maximum occupancy signs, restroom signs, and other safety signs. These signs are usually permanent and must last for many years. We recommend using aluminum signs for regulatory signage. They are extremely durable, rust proof, and easily mounted on walls. Aluminum signs give you a professional sign that will add prominence to the messages you display. Alternative regulatory sign types include rigid plastic (more affordable) and acrylic (most aesthetically pleasing), both of which would work great in place of aluminum restaurant signs.

Outdoor Restaurant Signs

Perhaps the most important signs your restaurant will use will be the ones you display outside of your restaurant since they are the ones that will attract customers. Knowing which signs to use and how to place them will give you an advantage in advertising to the public. We provide an assortment of exterior restaurant signage to help win over potential customers. Whether you’re looking to promote a new menu item, advertise a sale, or are needing to hire a new employee, we’ve got you covered.

While a variety of sign types would work for exterior signage, one of our most versatile and affordable signs we recommend using is our vinyl banner. Banners are excellent for any advertising need and can be customized completely to your specifications. Banners are easily seen and are weather resistant, giving you exposure no matter the circumstance. Other outdoor signage options you can use for your restaurant are A-Frame signs, which are great for high foot traffic areas, and feather or teardrop banners which are great for roadside businesses.

How to Use the Restaurant Signs’ Design Templates

Putting up signages is essential no matter what the business is. For food establishments, signages can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it to showcase your menu, promote specials on food and beverages, create decals, improve the ambiance of the restaurant and more.

At, we provide free design templates for various types of restaurant signs. Here are some of the designs we offer and how you can best utilize them:

  • Business hours signs – These are used to display a business establishment’s daily operation schedule. You can add your logo, company name, and operating hours to keep passersby and regular patrons updated.

  • Coming soon signs and banners - These signs are ideal if you need to advertise the launching or reopening of your business and build up anticipation to your target market. By customizing your own signage, you can add custom text, colors, images, and more with the help of our free design templates.

  • Outdoor signs - These durable and weatherproof signages are used to promote specials, menus, deals, and more. Our available selection includes vinyl banners, aluminum signs, perforated window decals, outdoor wall decals, clear window clings, A-frame signs, and more. Add your logo, pricing, and restaurant name to grab the attention of potential customers.

  • Now hiring signs - These signs are used either indoors or outdoors to attract jobseekers and hire qualified candidates who can help in the restaurant’s daily operations. Add a logo, restaurant name or slogan, and some images along with a brief message announcing you have job vacancies and how applicants can apply.

  • Regulatory signs – These are displayed to maintain safety and health codes. Some examples include restroom signs, handwashing signs, maximum occupancy signs, etc. These can also either be made of aluminum, plastic, or acrylic, and are durable and rust-proof.

Benefits of Restaurant Signs

Signs are the first thing that customers notice when entering a restaurant. It’s also an effective way to advertise promotions, increase awareness to your target audience, and boost sales. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, designing and installing quality signs in your restaurant can be beneficial to your business. Here are some reasons why it’s essential to invest in restaurant signs:

They boost brand visibility

Using signs that have your logo or business name on it can attract more patrons. Make sure your signs can be seen even at a distance so it can make your establishment stand out among other restaurants in the area. Ideally, you would want people to keep your restaurant top of mind whenever they are hungry and see your logo. The more people are aware of your restaurant business, the more it can generate a buzz within locals and have them try your food.

They improve the ambiance of your restaurant

Displaying signs in your restaurant can help add a creative touch to your theme. You can use different styles and fonts to communicate with customers, add on-brand images that are relatable or funny they’ll want to reshare on social media, or provide special information about the menu or maybe even the history of your restaurant they can muse over while waiting for their orders.

They make day-to-day operations run smoothly

Signs are not just for promotions or decorative purposes, they can also help create an organized system for your customers and employees. For self-service restaurants, you can use directional signs to inform customers in your establishment where to place their orders, claim their food, or get condiments. Signs in restaurants can also guide restaurant staff on where to place dirty dishes, where to store ingredients and produce, as well as remind them to follow safety and hygiene protocols while on the job.

They grab the attention of potential customers

Displaying outdoor signs that include deals or specials will grab the attention of potential customers. Everyone wants a good bargain, and when passersby see what your restaurant has to offer, it could lead to them becoming loyal customers.

They highlight your brand

Signs can also emphasize your brand’s slogan. Whether you’re proud of your fast turnaround time, the year your restaurant was established, or for being the first in the industry to offer your products, you can use signs to show what sets you apart from your competitors.

There are many advantages of using restaurant signs. When used correctly, it can give customers a pleasant dining experience, improve daily operations, and increase the ROI of your business. With, bulk printing custom restaurant signs is easy. We also provide free design templates, online tools, and professional design services.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a restaurant business owner. What signs and banners can I use for my restaurant?

You can use popular restaurant signs like A-Frames, vinyl banners, clear decals, static clings, and aluminum signs. It’s also wise to invest in quality regulatory signs, indoor signs, and temporary displays to attract customers and increase brand awareness.

How can I make my restaurant signs stand out at night?

Use a backlit sign, which is made of a lightbox and a backlight material, such as a decal made from 3.5 mil adhesive vinyl. This decal material is also versatile, which means you can also apply it to windows and other smooth translucent surfaces and set up lights around it, so your signage stands out even if it's dark outside.

Other than a vinyl banner, what else can I use to attract customers to my restaurant?

Use outdoor signages such as A-Frame signs, posters, flags, aluminum signs, and backlit signs. These signs are affordable, versatile, and effective in improving brand awareness and delivering an impressive return on investment.

You can also invest in window decals and static clings for your store-front branding. Static clings are ideal if you want something temporary that is easy to remove and replace. Vinyl decals, meanwhile, are the right choice if you need long-lasting and weather-resistant signs. Both of these options can turn an untapped window space into a creative and attention-grabbing advertisement.

How do I illuminate my business location or store with backlit signs?

Choose a location with the best viewing angle and without obstructions like trees, posts, and buildings. Opt for a backlit sign with LED lamps since it allows you to change the light colors to warm white and incandescent yellow.

How can I make my restaurant signs eco-friendly?

If you buy signs with durability in mind, you can save money and reduce waste at the same time. When shopping for restaurant signs and banners, consider signages made from recycled and recyclable materials. Working with a reputable and eco-conscious printing specialist typically offers these materials so make sure to ask before you order.

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Do you offer custom sizing for the A-Frame Restaurant Sign? The 24" x 36" sign is too small for our needs.
Asked 8 months ago by James M.

Due to the hardware used for the A-Frame Signs, we only have one size available which is 24” x 36”.