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Permanent Decals

Long-lasting – High-adhesive – Great For Indoor and Outdoor Use
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What Are Permanent Decals?

Permanent decals are similar to other decals but are designed for long-term commercial and industrial use. They use 3M’s Controltac™ and Comply™ v3 and have been created for both indoor and outdoor purposes. As a result, they can stick to surfaces such as wood, brick, metal, cement, and more.

These high-adhesive decals are built to last in even the toughest of conditions. If you’re looking for a decal that can be exposed to rain, dirt, and/or the sun, these are the decals for you.

At, we offer permanent decals in any size. You can also choose from the following shapes available:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Rounded Corners (¼")
  • Rounder Corners (1”)
  • Custom Shape
  • Custom with Border
Permanent Decals

How to Use Permanent Decals Templates

If you want to try designing your own permanent decals, we have free design templates for you. Our beginner-friendly design templates are so easy to customize, that those who don’t have a professional background in graphic design can also create their permanent decal.

To get started, pick a template you like on the page. When you click on your preferred template, it will automatically redirect you to our online design tool. You can also select a design by manually searching for it on the search bar.

Selecting a design template lets you customize the design the way you want. You can change the font, adjust the colors, or add text and a logo. If you already have a design available with you, you can also upload it.

Remember to double-check your design before printing. To do this, click “View Proof.“ You can then save your work as a draft by clicking “Save,” or choose “Save & Continue” if you’re ready to proceed to checkout.

Permanent Decal Features

Mesh Banner Features
High Adhesive

High Adhesive:

Because of the high adhesive, these decals are among the most permanent signage we offer. When it comes to decals, they are the most durable and will last the longest. The estimated lifespan for these decals if installed properly is 5+ years.



These permanent decals are built to withstand even the toughest of conditions. They can withstand extreme rain/water as well as dirt and dust.

3M 180

3M 180:

Using 3M’s 180 film series, these decals are extremely durable and high quality. Due to their high adhesive, it is important to remember that they can damage surfaces upon removal. As a result they should only be applied for permanent use.

Custom Shape

Custom Shape:

Our permanent decals can be cut to any custom shape. They can be cut in a standard rectangle shape, to the exact shape of your design, or with a small border.

Large Sizes

Large Sizes:

Our permanent decals include a wide range of sizes from 4” x 4” to 52” x 400”.

Built to Last On Nearly Any Surface

Due to their highly adhesive properties, permanent decals can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, cement, metal, brick, and more.









Many More

Many More

How are they different?

Vinyl Lettering

  • No background, letters and objects cut to exact shape.
  • Semi-permanent. Once fully applied, cannot be reapplied.
  • Indoor and outdoor use. Business storefronts, windows and walls, and home decor.
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Repositionable Wall Decal

  • White background, any color combination available.
  • Standard, halo and contour cut. Low tac, repositionable.
  • Indoor. Office decor, childrens wall decorations, in-store graphics.
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Clear Window Decal

  • Clear background, any color combination available.
  • Standard, halo and contour cut. Low tac, repositionable.
  • Indoor and outdoor use. Used on windows for business, retail stores, homes and/or cars.
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Permanent Decal

  • White background, any color combination available.
  • Permanent. Once fully applied, cannot be reapplied.
  • Indoor and outdoor use. Industrial, construction, and warehouses.
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Next Day Production
Next Day Production
Order by 9PM EST and we’ll have your permanent decals completed and shipped the very next business day.
Free Shipping over $99*
Free Shipping over $99*
For permanent decals orders over $99 your order ships free!
Award Winning Customer Service
Award Winning Customer Service
Winners of numerous customer service awards, our customer experience team keeps you as their number-one priority throughout your entire experience with

Additional Specs

  • Weight

    .10lbs per square foot (about the weight of 10 quarters)

  • Thickness

    .002” or .051mm (about the thickness of half a sheet of copy paper)

  • Details

    White, high-tac

  • Uses

    Indoor/outdoor. High traffic areas, machinery, vehicle bodies

  • Print Method

    Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink

  • Estimated Lifespan

    5+ years with proper installation and care


To install these permanent decals, begin by removing the back liner and place your decal on the intended flat or slightly curved surface. Once your decal is placed, use a plastic squeegee to press them firmly against the substrate. As you squeegee, the decal will release its adhesive residue for permanent installation. Allow 24 hours for the decal to fully adhere to the surface.


Whether you are using your decal indoors or outdoors they are susceptible to being covering in dust or dirt. To clean, wipe them with soap and water. Permanent decals are safe for most car washes.
To remove, use a blow dryer or other heat source to loosen the decal. You will then want to gently peel it away from the surface. See the FAQ for more information on the potential for surface damage due to the permanency of these decals.

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December 6, 2022 by Jeff ( GA )
“Good quality!”
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January 29, 2021 by bill ( IL )
“It seems fine. We just installed it, outside, in the snow storm. We are going to test it well. : )”
Verified buyer
Excellent from beginning to end January 29, 2021 by John ( MA )
“I am very happy with my purchase from First of all, their website is very easy to navigate and very easy to customize your sign in terms of colors, sizes, fonts, etc. Secondly they had my signs made within 24 hours. From placing my order to receiving my product was one week. And they came out just as perfecter as they looked on their website when I designed them. I will definitely order from this company again. I just wish they did corporate shirts...LOL.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Specs

What’s the difference between permanent decals and permanent stickers?

The terms "permanent decals" and "permanent stickers" can be used interchangeably. Typically stickers are smaller, and less permanent than decals. Decals are larger and more permanent. It is important to note that not all decals/stickers are permanent. When buying your decals, make sure that you are buying the right ones for your intended use.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes of permanent decals?

Permanent decals can be as small as 6” x 6” and as large as 52” x 400”.

What are typical uses for permanent decals?

Permanent decals are used in any situation where the sign/decal needs to last in tough conditions. This may include locations exposed to dirt, dust, water, wind, etc. They are perfect for various warning signs: hazards, trespassing, danger, etc.

What is the lifespan of permanent decals?

The average lifespan of these decals is 5+ years with proper installation and care.

Are there any other names for permanent decals?

People refer to them as a number of things, two of the most common being permanent stickers and high-adhesive decals/stickers.

Can permanent decals be removed?

Technically, yes, but we don’t recommend it. Because of their high-adhesive, they will likely damage the surface upon removal. In addition to that, they are very difficult to remove. We recommend installing them in places where they are not intended to be removed.

Can permanent decals be used outside?

Yes! Permanent decals are perfect for outside. They can withstand harsh elements such as rain, mud, dirt, wind, etc.

Will water ruin my permanent decal?

No, with proper installation, water will not ruin your permanent decal. After installing your permanent decal, give it 24 hours to fully adhere to its surface. After that, you will no longer have to worry about water damaging it.

How do I know if permanent decals are right for me?

If you need a decal that is built to last in even the toughest elements and don’t plan on removing it, permanent decals are perfect for you. They will last in even the toughest situations and can be applied to various surfaces.

Do you offer custom sizes or shapes for my permanent decals?

Yes, we do. We offer any custom size, and you can also choose from the following shapes:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Rounded Corners (¼")
  • Rounder Corners (1”)
  • Custom Shape
  • Custom with Border

Can I reposition permanent decals?

No, you can’t. Our permanent decals are made of a high-tack adhesive material, designed to stick on most surfaces longer than regular decals.

How long will my permanent decal sticker last?

If installed properly, the estimated lifespan of our permanent decals is at least five years.

What type of adhesive is used?

Our permanent decals are made of 3M 180C adhesive vinyl, a very durable and high-quality pressure-activated material. It is designed for long-term use so the decals can last for years. It easily conforms to curves, flat surfaces, and corrugations, so it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The high tack and strong adhesion creates a permanent bond that prevents air bubbles and also makes the decal impossible to simply remove. Removing the permanent decals may damage the surface, especially when new.

How can I remove my permanent decals without damaging the wall?

If you need to remove your permanent decal, the safest way is to apply heat. You can soak the surface in hot water, use a heat gun, or hair dryer. When the decal warms up, gently peel it off and clean the surface with an adhesive remover.