Small Business Success Story: Photo-to-Text

A picture, it’s said, is worth a thousand words – and in the case of a Delaware company, truer words have never been spoken. Photo-to-Text, an online service owned by Carlos Garcia Martinez, automatically recreates customers’ photographs with words that they select; that image is then printed and provided to customers as an impressive work […]

Beyond the Wall – Floor Graphics

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet,” physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking once said. Which is all well and good when it comes to providing an inspirational or motivational message, but when it comes to signage someone else might have said: “Yes, look up at the stars – but […]

The Basics of USDOT Numbers: Signage 101

If your company is involved in interstate commerce and you utilize company vehicles in the movement of goods, you may need to obtain a USDOT number for those vehicles. Depending upon the state you’re located in, you may also be required to possess a USDOT number for intrastate commerce. Granted by the Federal Motor Carrier […]

Small Business Success Story: Wanderlust Delicato

As her company’s name indicates, Wanderlust Delicato in Spokane, Washington, is deeply steeped in Amber Park’s desire to explore the world. Wanderlust, she says, runs through her and her husband’s veins: “We have found that when we can’t travel, we can satisfy our lust with the experience of products unique to a region. Cheese, charcuterie, […]

10 Ways to Add ‘Wow’ to Your Signage

It’s a new year – maybe it’s time to give your company’s signage a serious lookover and consider an overhaul.   Perhaps you’ve been simply duplicating your company’s same signage year after year – just changing out the sales dates and the current year. Or you’ve at least been adding your new sales pitch or […]

Small Business Success Story: Shopper Approved

We sat down virtually with Scott Brandley, co-founder of Shopper Approved, for this edition of our Small Business Success series. Scott’s consumer rating and review service collects merchant, product, and local reviews and then syndicates the reviews to online locations such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to bolster his customers’ online reputations. “Once a business […]

Small Business Success Story: Village of Waterloo Revitalization

In this installment of our Small Business Success Story series, we catch up with Alex Teller. Alex is working with his client, the Village of Waterloo, New York, to help revitalize it and “bring some vibrancy” to the downtown area. In his role as project manager, Alex has purchased various window clings from, for […]

Digital Printing’s Rise to the Top – Signage 101

“What is digital printing?” is a question we often get asked here. “And isn’t everything digitally printed these days? After all, it’s 2020 (nearly 2021), not 1920 – what isn’t digital?” So let’s first address the second question: Has digital technology completely overtaken printing? Well, actually no – analog still rules the printing roost, so […]