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Do Small Businesses Need Social Media?

Social media has become one of the go-to mediums for growing and marketing a small business. But, is it entirely necessary for a small business to implement a social media marketing strategy? Does every type of small business actually need to use social media? Does social media use actually translate into potential leads and/or sales? We’re going to look at how social media can build your business, while also looking at a few points of caution before taking the social media plunge.

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5 Resources to Spark Creativity

5 Resources to Spark Creativity

The popularity of the term creativity is at an all-time high. Thanks in part to innovative companies like Apple and Google, creativity is now viewed as a viable conduit to business success. Creativity in product design, creativity in marketing campaigns, and even creativity in customer support are now becoming the focus of countless meetings and strategy planning sessions. Read More

The New Rules of Sales Relationships

Today’s guest post comes from Brad Manuel, founder of nothing knew, a sales consulting firm focused on communication and equipping others with practical principles that will contribute to their success.

Sales Relationships

“39% of B2B buyers select a vendor according to the skills of the salesperson rather than price, quality, or service features.” – Harvard Business Review 2012

Let’s Do Lunch

In many industries, the common practice of taking current and potential clients to lunch 3 times per week is obsolete. And while I love a free meal or a free round of golf, I was never too keen on spending money to meet a quota. Those client “entertainments”, however did serve a very important function: building customer connections. Read More

10 Trends for 2013

10 Trends for 2013

If you are like me, you are probably wondering what happened to 2012. The year flew by…even though there were times during endless political bickering, strange natural events, and Notre Dame’s return to national football prominence that it felt like it would never end! Either way, 2012 has been a year of ups and downs. In the business world, we have seen economic ebbs and flows that would have made Noah sick. But the question now is what to expect in 2013 (this whole falling off the fiscal cliff thing aside).

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Why I “Like” Your Facebook Page…& Why I Don’t


Retail Insights with Harper Grey

I’m not one of those people who has to “check in” on my Facebook page whenever I go out with friends. I don’t update my status to tell people what I ate for breakfast, if I have a headache, or if I’m excited about the latest TV show. I don’t post an Instagram of my dinner when I go to a restaurant. But I do use Facebook to keep up with friends and relatives. And I have “Liked” some companies, musical artists and organizations.

I see signs in stores and restaurants all the time, asking me to “Like” their Facebook pages. And most of the time I don’t do it. But every once in awhile, I’ll whip out my phone and “Like” a company on the spot. What compels me to action on these occasions? I’ve come up with a few reasons. Read More

4 Hints from BlogWorld to Get Your Company Blog Read


BlogWorld 2012

During the twelve sessions I attended at BlogWorld in New York City last week, I learned a lot about the art of blogging. Blogs take many forms: some people use them as a sort of personal diary; others as a way to post stories for friends and family to read. Some blogs exist to impart information about a host of topics including cooking, gardening, parenting, sailing, reading, martial arts . . . really any topic that exists. Other blogs are created by companies as part of the company website.

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Customer Service: The Good, The Bad, The Fake

Ah . . . customer service. Is there anything that enrages the general consumer population, frustrates executives or keeps account managers up at night more than the topic of customer service? The purpose of this article is not to debate the validity of customer service. In fact, I’ll go on record to say I am firm believer in it. But not just customer service for customer service sake. I mean well thought out, intentional and genuine service. Why? Because acquiring a new customer can be 6 or 7 times more costly than retaining a current one. And, because increasing retention rates by a mere 5% can increase profits from 25% up to an astonishing 95%. (1)

Acquiring New Customers Costs 6x More Than Keeping Current Ones

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The Weekly Recap: March 26th – 30th


The Weekly Recap

Here is the Weekly Recap for March 26th – 30th (but since we didn’t send out a recap last week, today’s covers two weeks)

News Stories

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Best of the International Sign Association’s 2012 Expo – Read More
Like Music? Spotify’s Facebook Timeline Shows Music History Dating Back 1,000 Years – Read More
Inside Best Buy: An Anonymous Store Manager Speaks About Recent Changes – Read More

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