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This product cannot be larger than 48 inches by 96 inches, or smaller than 4 inches by 4 inches.


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If you're looking for high-quality large-format photo prints that you can't get at your local superstore, we're here for you. Our large matte photo prints are digitally printed on professional photo quality paper and come out looking as rich and as vibrant as the photo you took. Matte prints are perfect for extremely bright photos and settings that may not work well with metallic and glossy finishes. These matte pictures will be a stunning addition to any home.


Your Memories On Stunning Matte Prints

Print standard sized prints or go big and print oversized matte prints for your home. Matte prints are available from 4”x6” all the way up to 4’x8’! Whatever size you prefer, we’re positive that you’ll love the crisp, clear and rich look of your print on professional matte photo paper. We’re so certain you’ll be amazed at the photo quality we 100% guarantee your print!


  • Long Lasting:

    Printed with fade-resistant ink, our professional photo paper is archival quality and graded to last 100+ years with proper care and management when hung indoors.

  • Print Quality:

    Be amazed at the crisp printing and deep, rich saturation of color on professional photo paper. Your pictures will come to life on your walls!

  • Affordable:

    Get the benefits of professional archival photo paper at a price that won’t break the bank.

  • Large Format:

    Don’t settle for any size other than the one you want for your pictures. Create any custom size up to 4ft by 8ft.


  • Print Only

    If you have plans to custom mount or frame your print yourself, we will send you the rolled up print and let you get creative.

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  • Mounted

    We will mount your print to ½” or ¼” high-density foam board, giving it a lightweight, but substantial rigid backing.

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  • Easel Back

    Easily prop and display your custom matte print with an easel back that is completely invisible from the front. This lightweight option provides for excellent versatility in displaying your print.

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  • French Cleat

    Use the pre-attached French cleat to quickly display your matte print on any non-porous rigid surface. The peel and stick portion of the French cleat is quickly put in place and your print hung in a matter of minutes.

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  • Photo Retouching

    You’ve made memories, you’ve got pictures, you want canvas prints, but your photos need a professional’s touch.

    Let our professional graphic designers help you out and make your picture as awesome as the memory itself. We offer free retouching services for your pictures. Start the process today by clicking below.

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Additional Specs

Unmounted: slightly thicker than a standard sheet of copy paper
Mounted on high-density foam board: ½” and ¼”
Digitally printed on professional photo paper to create stunning glossy prints for personal and commercial settings. Multiple display options available.
Print Method:
Large format digital printing
Estimated Lifespan:
100+ years with proper care and placement
Interior decor for homes, offices, lobbies, hallways, classrooms, art galleries, and an endless variety of personal and professional environments

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specs
  • What are the benefits of having a matte photo over a glossy photo?
  • Matte photos are well-suited for extremely bright display locations because they won't reflect glare from a light source; glossy photo prints are better suited for lower-light conditions. In addition, because matte prints are resistant to fingerprints (and, hence, smudging), they're ideal for photos that are going to be frequently handled. Keep in mind that colors will be a bit more muted when utilizing matte paper for your photos.
  • Will a matte finish affect the quality of my print?
  • No, the matte finish will not alter or diminish the quality of your printed image.
  • What are the mounting options available for matte prints?
  • We offer a few different mounting options, giving you the flexibility to display your print wherever you want. We offer a print-only option that does not include a display, giving freedom in how you want to display it. These will typically need some kind of frame if you intend on displaying the print. Also available are high-density foam board mounts, easel backed mounts, and French Cleat mounts.

    Our mounts (also referred to as a backing) are a high-density, lightweight foam board type material that covers the entire back of your glossy print. Our high-density foam board comes in two thicknesses: ½” and ¼”. Both of these options give your print exceptional durability and rigidity for display.

    Easel-backed mounts are attached to a high-density foam board mount, which easily folds away when not displayed. The easel-backed mount is hidden from view when display while offering stability for propping up your print.

    French cleat mounts are designed for quick and easy mounting of your print on any non-porous, flat wall. This mount comes in two parts: one is pre-attached to the back of your print (on foam board) and the other part attaches to the wall via peel and stick adhesive tabs. Once attached to the wall, you can easily slide your print on, instantly securing it to the wall.
  • What type of photo paper is used for printing on?
  • We use a professional matte, archival-quality photo paper for printing. Archival-quality photo paper offers exceptional image clarity and permanence, while providing a long-lasting medium for printing on. This type of photo paper is typically used for printing important documents, professional photography labs, high-end commercial prints, and museum-type prints. This photo paper is designed to last for decades to come.
  • Is common photo printer paper the same quality as the paper you use?
  • Common photo printer paper is not anywhere near the quality of our professional photo paper, nor would your printer be able to replicate the quality and durability of our matte photo prints.
  • Do you provide frames to display photos in?
  • We do not provide picture frames at this time. Our prints are compatible with most picture frames as long as the frame is sized correctly for the print. It’s important to note that prints with a high-density foam board, easel-backed, or french cleat mount may not fit properly in frames. We recommend print-only glossy photos to display in picture frames.
  • Do you offer laminated photos?
  • We do not offer laminated photo prints. Our matte prints are printed on a high-quality photo paper, making them fade resistant but not scratch or crease resistant. We recommend handling them with care during display and storage.
  • How rigid are the prints without a high-density foam board backing?
  • The photo paper used for printing on is thicker than typical printer paper, but is not as thick as 12pt cardstock posters. That is to say that without the high-density foam board backing, there is very little rigidity. We recommend wooden prints or metal prints if you are looking for a more rigid print for your home.
  • What file type should I use when uploading to your design tool? Is there a file size limit?
  • We accept a wide range of file types, including: .AI, .EPS, .PS, .PDF, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .TIF. We recommend using a high-quality JPG file from a digital camera (if at all possible), as they provide the best resolution for your photo.

    The maximum file size limit 25MB. To upload a file that is larger than 25MB, upload a low-resolution version of the same file when placing your order. When you’re on the checkout page, note in the customer comments field that you want to replace the low-res file with a high-resolution version. Once your order is complete, go to to upload your high-res file. Include your order number (given to you once you complete the checkout process) and any comments about your file. Once uploaded we will then use your high resolution photo when printing your glossy photo print.
  • Can I order a print with rounded corners? What about a custom shape?
  • We do not offer matte prints with rounded corners, nor do we offer custom-shaped prints.
  • What sizes are available? Can I order a custom-sized print?
  • Matte prints are offered in a range of custom sizes from a small format 6”x6” to a large format 4’x8’ print. Keep in mind that the bigger the photo the higher quality your file will need to be to ensure maximum quality.
  • Can I print my Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook photos?
  • Yes! We’re currently working on the ability for you to directly link your social media account(s) so you can print your photos with a few simple clicks. But, until that is ready, we can help you upload your Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook photos for printing. Just contact us and we can work with you to upload those photos.
  • Do you offer photo retouching services?
  • Yes, we offer free design services that include photo retouching.
  • Is there a limit to what I can print?
  • There isn’t a limit to what you can print as long as you adhere to our terms of services. We retain the right to cancel any order that violates these terms. Our terms of service require that you as the buyer obtain all permissions needed to print copyrighted material.
  • Is my print crease resistant?
  • No. Matte photo prints are printed on a high end photo paper but are still a photo paper. Mishandling or intentional efforts to crease your print can permanently ruin it. Your print should be treated and handled with care at all times.
  • Will my matte print fade?
  • No. These prints are produced using professional-grade photo paper that is designed to last for many, many years. The print itself should not fade but is not scratch or crease resistant.
  • What are the typical uses for matte prints?
  • Matte prints are phenomenal for interior decor for homes, offices, lobbies, hallways, classrooms, art galleries, and an array of personal and professional environments. They're also particularly well-suited for any application or setting where your photos will be handled frequently, such as scrapbooking.
  • If I roll my print up, will it crease or tear?
  • When rolled properly you will not have to worry about your print creasing or tearing. Avoid rolling your print up too tightly or folding your print to ensure that it does not crease. While rolling your print is safe when done correctly, we recommend storing and transporting the print flat whenever possible.
  • Will smudges of fingerprints be visible on the print?
  • Unlike with glossy-type photos, there is little chance of fingerprints and smudges being visible on the surface of the print.
  • Are matte prints scratch resistant?
  • For everyday use, you should not have to worry about your print scratching. As with any photo, contact with sharp objects or edges can leave visible and permanent scratches on the surface of the print.
  • Can I display my print outdoors?
  • Technically speaking your print would do just fine outdoors in perfectly calm weather. Nonetheless, these prints are intended for indoor use only. We do not recommend any outdoor use.
Display & Care
  • How do I clean my matte print?
  • We recommend cleaning your print with a dry microfiber or lint free cloth that is non-abrasive. If needed, you can dampen your cloth with water as lightly as possible. A very soft wipe of the print should remove most imperfections. Nonetheless, smudges and fingerprints can be difficult to see from a typical viewing distance and are not typically a problem. Do not use cleaners of any kind when cleaning your print.
  • What is the best way to store or transport my print?
  • If your print is not attached to a backing or mount, we suggest transporting and storing your print flat whenever possible. You can also place your print in a protective sleeve or envelope to protect it when storing on a shelf or in a box. When a backing or mount is attached, cover the printed surface with a protective cloth or paper to prevent it from being damaged. Do not place heavy objects on top of the print to avoid damaging the surface or backing. Rolling your print is technically an option but can easily cause creases if rolled incorrectly or bent while rolled. The exception to our recommendation to store them unrolled is loosely rolled prints stored inside a protective tube. In this case the potential for damage is far less and offers a suitable storage option.
  • How long will my print last for?
  • The archival-quality photo paper allows your matte print to last for at least 100 years when properly cared for.

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