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Fence Wraps & Banners

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What Are Custom Fence Banners?

Custom printed fence banners (also known as fence wraps, screens, or coverings) are made from digitally printing an image or graphic onto either an 8 oz vinyl mesh material or a 13 oz solid vinyl material.

The mesh material has a 70:30 permeability ratio, meaning that 30% of the banner’s material is missing. This allows for wind to easily pass through the banner, but does result in a less vibrant image. The solid vinyl is not missing any material, which makes it catch more wind but does provide a more colorful image. Each material is tear resistant and is designed to withstand continual outdoor or indoor use.

Custom fence screens are mainly used for outdoor applications. This includes construction sites, schools, sport venues, marathons, sponsored sporting events, concerts, renovation projects, stadiums and advertising locations. They are most commonly placed on chain-linked fences, but can also be applied to any other type of fence or wall.

Custom Fence Banners

Transform Any Fence in 5 Simple Steps


Measure the fence you need to cover.

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Select a size 3” shorter than the fence height

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Upload your design, create it online, or use our free design services

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Install it using any of our attachment accessories

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Next Day Production
Next Day Production
Order by 9PM EST and we’ll have your fence banner completed and shipped the very next business day.
Free Shipping over $99*
Free Shipping over $99*
For fence banner orders over $99 your order ships free!
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Award Winning Customer Service
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Mesh Vinyl vs. Solid Vinyl

Wind-Resistant Vinyl Mesh

Wind-Resistant Vinyl Mesh

Ideal for use in windy environments
8 oz vinyl mesh material
70% Blockage (30% air flow)
Matte finish with full color digital print
Seamless size up to 145’x10’

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Vibrant Solid Vinyl

Vibrant Solid Vinyl

Ideal for displaying vibrant, strong colors
13 oz solid vinyl material
100% Blockage
Semi-gloss finish with full color digital print
Seamless size up to 165’x10’

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We have put in a lot of work to make our design tool the easiest and most simple to use in the signage industry. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!
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Additional Options

Welded or Sewn Hem

Welded or Sewn Hem

(included at no additional charge)

The borders of your banner will be heat welded (for vinyl banners) or sewn (for mesh banners) together, creating an incredibly strong border around your sign and a high-quality finished edge.

Reinforced Edges

Reinforced Edges

(Available for an additional charge)

Reinforced edges are made by sewing an additional layer of material along the outer edges of your fence banner. This provides additional strength and helps protect your banner from tearing in windy or otherwise severe conditions.



(Included at no additional charge)

Grommets are 3/8” metal rings inserted into the material of your fence banner that allow you to use ropes, clips, zip ties, or other materials to attach your banner to a fence. You can choose from a variety of options to have your grommets placed along the edges of your banner or have them placed only at the four corners. Grommets are brass in color.

Hanging Accessories

You can add any one of the accessories below to your order once you reach the online design tool

Bungees (Set of 8)
Bungees (Set of 8)
A set of eight premium bungee cords for easy installation of your banner. 14 inches long (up to 29" streched).
10ft Nylon Rope (Set of 4)
10ft Nylon Rope (Set of 4)
Hang your mesh banner with a set of four 10 foot pieces of 1/4" nylon rope. Outdoor rated. 132lb work load. 1100 tensile strength.
Hanging Clips (Set of 6)
Hanging Clips (Set of 6)
A set of six 1/4" zinc-plated steel hanging clips (carabiners) to help hang your banner. Load limit is 260 pounds per carabiner.
Zip Ties
8 inch long black zip ties to fasten your banner to a fence. Available in packs of 10-350 depending on the size of your fence wrap.

Fence Wraps and Banners

Wrap Entire Locations of Any Size

If you can dream it, we can produce it. Our world-class production printers are capable of printing extremely large fence wraps, giving you the ability to cover entire fences over large areas. This is a great solution for large events, marathons, sport venues, construction sites, and more.

Seamless Sizes:

Mesh Banner: Up to 10’x145’
Solid Vinyl Banner: Up to 10’x165’
We can also produce wraps larger than the seamless size.
Wraps at this size will contain multiple banner pieces heat welded together.

Selecting the Best Size for Your Fence

If you plan on wrapping an entire fence, you will need to order a fence banner that is roughly 3” shorter than the overall height of the fence. This allows the banner to maintain a tight appearance on the fence without having excess material at the top or bottom.

For example, if you are planning on wrapping a fence that is 6’ tall you will want to order a banner with a height of 5’9”.

Custom Fence Banners

Additional Specs




  • Weight

    .07lbs per square foot (about the weight of 7 quarters)

    .07lbs per square foot (about the weight of 7 quarters)

  • Thickness

    .0120” (about the thickness of 3 sheets of copy paper)

    .0156” (about the thickness of 4 sheets of copy paper)

  • Tensile Strength

    273 lbs x 171 lbs

    153 lbs x 149 lbs

  • Tear Resistance

    67 lbs x 56 lbs

    67 lbs x 64 lbs

  • Details

    8 oz vinyl mesh banner, UV and water resistant ink, wind-resistant material, hemmed edges, grommets, optional reinforced corners

    13 oz solid vinyl banner, UV and water resistant ink, hemmed edges, grommets

  • Uses

    Outdoor/indoor. Business and sale promotion, advertising, construction sites, renovation projects, conventions, trade shows, fairs, schools, sport venues/stadiums, parades and much more.

    Outdoor/indoor. Business and sale promotion, advertising, construction sites, renovation projects, conventions, trade shows, fairs, schools, sport venues/stadiums, parades and much more.

  • Print Method

    High resolution, digitally printed using UV ink.

    High resolution, digitally printed using UV ink.

  • Estimated Lifespan

    3+ years with proper placement, care, and storage.

    3+ years with proper placement, care, and storage.



The difficulty for installing fence wraps and banners varies depending on the size of the banner being installed. For small and medium-sized banners, installation is a very straightforward process that simply involves attaching the banner to a fence using the grommets and any one of our hanging accessories (bungee cords, rope, zip ties, etc.). For extremely large banners, you may need to seek out professional installation help to ensure a proper and timely install of your banner.


Caring for your custom fence banner is simple, and it can be easily cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth and warm water. Using the damp cloth, carefully scrub any areas on your banner that may be dirty. If you’re washing your banner before storage, allow it to dry before putting it away. Roll your banner up and use string or rubber bands to secure it when storing. If your banner is wrinkled, exposure to the sun or heat will help to remove any unwanted creases.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Specs

What is the difference between fence banners and fence wraps? Is there a difference?

Fence banners and fence wraps are essentially the same product, meaning there is no difference between the two. We use the two names interchangeably because there are people who know the product as one name and people who know it by the other. Other names for this product include fence screens, fence netting, fence coverings, and fence mesh. Whichever name you choose to call it, you will be dealing with one and the same product.

What type of material is used to produce my fence banner?

There are two different types of materials you can select from when ordering your custom printed fence screen. The first type of material is an 8 oz vinyl mesh with a 70:30 permeability ratio that is composed of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) strands machine-woven together to create a mesh appearance. The second type of material is 13 oz solid vinyl, which is also composed of polyvinyl chloride but is produced as a single, solid sheet with no holes or gaps.

What is the difference between the vinyl mesh and the solid vinyl material options?

There are several differences between the vinyl mesh and solid vinyl fence banner materials. Even though they are both produced from vinyl material, the mesh option is 8 oz whereas the the solid option is 13 oz, meaning that it is slightly thinner than the solid option. Another major difference is between the permeability of each option. The mesh option is made up of woven strands, resulting in 30% of the banner’s overall material missing. This allows wind to easily pass through the banner, making it ideal for outdoor applications. This also makes the banner slightly see-through, giving it more of a faded appearance of any printed design. The solid vinyl option has no holes or gaps, resulting in it catching more wind but displaying more vibrant, bold colors. If you are installing a fence wrap on a large fence in a windy area, we recommend selecting the vinyl mesh option due to its wind-resistant properties.

What are the thicknesses of your fence wraps? Do you offer multiple thickness options?

Our vinyl mesh fence wraps are 0.0120” thick, which is about the thickness of three sheets of copy paper. Our solid vinyl fence wraps are slightly thicker, being 0.0156” thick. Both of these thicknesses are industry standard, allowing your fence wrap to be lightweight yet durable. Currently we do not offer any other thickness options for our mesh fence wraps. We do, however, carry an 18 oz solid vinyl material, which is thicker than the 13 oz solid vinyl. Please contact us at 1-888-222-4929 if you are interested in doing a fence wrap in this thickness.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your fence banners?

The minimum size we can do for both mesh and solid vinyl fence banners is 12”x12”. If you need a fence sign smaller than this, we recommend using one of our other signage options. The maximum size we can do is 10’x145’ for mesh banners and 10’x165’ for solid vinyl banners. These maximum sizes are if you want your fence banner to be produced using one single, continuous sheet. We are able to create fence banners at sizes larger than this, but they will include multiple sheets of material heat welded together. If you are interested in creating a fence banner larger than the sizes listed above please contact us at 1-888-222-4929.

Will my large fence wrap have seams?

Your fence wrap will not have seams as long as it is under 10’x145’ (mesh) or 10’x165’ (solid vinyl). If you need a banner larger than these sizes it will contain seams. However, we will be sure to use the smallest amount of seams possible when creating a fence wrap that requires them.

Can I make a vertical fence banner instead of horizontal?

Yes. As long as you stay within the dimension limits, you can create a fence banner at any size or orientation you need.

Are your vinyl mesh fence banners hand woven?

Our mesh fence banners are not hand woven. They are machine fabricated, ensuring consistent high quality and durability.

How much privacy will my custom fence screen provide?

The amount of privacy your fence screen will provide depends on the type of fence screen you order and the size of the fence being covered. The vinyl mesh option is see-through with 70% blockage, whereas the solid vinyl option is not see-through at all with 100% blockage. Therefore, if you are going for privacy with your custom printed fence wrap we recommend using the solid vinyl option. You will also want to make sure your wrap covers the entire height and length of the fence you are applying it to.

Where can I use this fence banner? Can I use it at construction sites? What about school sport stadiums?

Our fence banners can be used in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. This includes, but is not limited to, construction sites, school sport venues, stadiums, city parks and sports fields, marathons, marketing events, advertising locations, building renovations, concerts, and tradeshows. These banners are a great solution for displaying brand names, business logos, project information, new products, attractive sales, sports teams, sponsors, or anything else in need of public attention.

How much light will my fence banner let through?

It is difficult to say the exact amount of light each type of fence banner will let through, but we can say that the mesh option will definitely let more light through than the solid vinyl option. This is due to the mesh option having a 70:30 permeability ratio, meaning 30% of the material is missing. This also results in the mesh option having a less vibrant appearance than the solid vinyl option. The vinyl fence banner is completely opaque in nature. Thus, it allows no light through. This is true even for unprinted or blank vinyl fence wraps as the default material is white.

Are your fence banners a matte or gloss finish?

The mesh fence banner material has a matte finish, and the ink used to create your custom design has a matte finish as well, resulting in a full matte finish. As for the solid vinyl fence banner material, it has a semi-gloss finish. However, the ink used for this options does have a matte finish, meaning that your solid vinyl fence banner will have a semi-gloss finish in areas that are not printed on and a matte finish anywhere that has a printed design.

What kind of printing process do you use for your fence wraps?

All of our fence wraps are digitally printed using world-class large format printers. Our printing process involves using weather and fade-resistant UV ink with a four color process to deliver strong, vibrant colors that will be sure to last several years.

How do I design my custom fence banner?

There are three different ways you can design your custom fence screen. The first option you have is to take advantage of our free design services. To do so, all you need to do is fill out a design services request form, letting us know what you have in mind for your custom fence banner. Once you do so, you will be contacted by one of our professional graphic designers within one business day. You will then be able to work with them one-on-one until you have landed on the perfect design. The second option you have for designing your fence banner is to upload your own pre-created design file. You will be able to do this once you are on the online design tool. The third option you have is to create your own design from scratch using our online design tool. Our design tool allows you to create and edit text, change colors, adjust sizing, upload images, and much more.

Does it cost extra to use more than one color in my design?

Because we print in full color you are able to use any amount of colors, images, or graphics on your fence banner at no additional charge.

How long will it take for me to receive my fence wrap?

Our standard turn time for fence wraps (and any other sign minus a few exceptions) is one business day, meaning we will produce and ship your fence wrap the very next business day after you submit your order. Once your order has shipped, the time it takes for you to receive it depends on the shipping method selected. Standard shipping methods usually take 5-7 business days for your order to arrive after it has shipped. If you need your fence banner sooner than that we recommend selecting a faster shipping method, such as 2-day or overnight.

How will my fence screen hold up in outdoor weather?

The mesh and solid vinyl fence screens are made with durable vinyl material and UV/fade-resistant ink, making them both weather and water resistant. As for windy conditions, the solid vinyl option can be used, but the mesh option is better suited for wind due to its 70:30 permeability ratio. Even though both types of fence screens are weather resistant we do recommend taking them down in inclement weather to avoid rips, tears, or other potentially permanent damage.

How do I prevent my fence banner from blowing away in the wind?

You can stop your fence banner from blowing away in the wind by making sure it is securely fastened to the fence you have applied it to. You can fasten your banner to a fence using zip ties, rope, clips, bungee cords, or any other fastening device. We recommend having grommets placed every 24” on your banner (this option is included for free), allowing you to attach your banner to the fence in multiple locations. Your fence banner will also be less likely to blow away in the wind if you have selected the vinyl mesh option as opposed to the solid vinyl option. If you have selected the solid vinyl option, you may want to consider attaching it to a solid wall or fence that can serve as a protection from high winds.

Will the wind destroy my fence wrap?

As long as you have properly fastened your fence wrap to the fence it should not be damaged by normal windy conditions. This is especially true for the mesh fence banner, which allows air to pass right through it. If you are concerned about the wind in your area, you are able to include reinforced corners on your mesh fence wrap. This will help protect the corners from tearing in strong winds. Furthermore, both the mesh and solid vinyl fence wraps contain a welded hem. This reinforces the borders of your fence wrap, making them much more durable and resistant to harsh conditions. However, if you are experiencing severe wind we recommend taking down your fence wrap to avoid potential damage.

Do you offer wind slits for your fence banners?

No. We have found that wind slits do not effectively reduce the amount of wind caught by your fence banner. They also affect the structural integrity of your banner, making it more susceptible to rips and tears. If you are concerned about your banner catching wind, we recommend ordering the vinyl mesh option.

Are your fence banners fire resistant?

Both the mesh and solid vinyl materials are heat resistant up to 180F, but they are not fire resistant. Knowing this, we recommend keeping your fence wrap away from open flames or extremely hot conditions.

Will the design on my fence banner fade over time?

Your fence banner will be produced with fade and abrasion resistant UV ink, ensuring a strong and vibrant image for several years. However, natural fading may occur over a long period of time depending on the frequency of use and weather conditions when in use.

How long will my fence screen last?

Your fence screen has been designed to last 3+ years with proper care and maintenance. To maximize the longevity of your fence screen, we recommend occasionally checking to make sure it is securely attached to your fence. We also recommend removing the screen during inclement weather and storing it properly.

Additional Options & Accessories

What additional options and accessories are available?

Additional options for your fence screen include grommets, a welded or sewn hem, and reinforced corners. These options provide solutions for hanging your fence screen as well as improve the overall durability of the screen. We also offer several different hanging accessories to help you with installing your fence screen. This includes bungees (set of 8), 10ft nylon rope (set of 4), hanging clips (set of 6), or zip ties (available in packs of 10-350 depending on the size of your banner).

How do I add accessories to my order?

You can add accessories to your fence banner once you reach the online design tool. There you will see the prices for each accessory as well as a short description explaining what it is.

What is the recommended hanging accessory to use?

There is no one hanging accessory that works best for every situation. Each accessory works for different scenarios. Before ordering your fence wrap, we recommend getting an idea of how you plan on attaching your fence wrap to your fence and then deciding which hanging accessory will work best for your situation. Regardless of the option you decide to use, be sure to make your wrap tight against the fence. This will help keep it strong in windy conditions as well as provide a better aesthetic appearance.

Can I buy multiple hanging accessories at once?

At this time you are able to only select one hanging accessory for each fence banner you order.

Can I order hanging accessories without ordering a banner?

Currently, we only offer hanging accessories as an add-on when purchasing a custom fence banner, meaning you are only able to order them when ordering a banner. If you need additional hanging accessories we recommend purchasing them from any hardware or general store.

Do you offer double-sided fence wraps?

No. We only offer single-sided fence wraps. We do, however, offer a double-sided 18 oz standard vinyl banner.

What are grommets?

Grommets are 3/8” metal rings that are inserted along the edges of your custom fence screen at no additional charge. These are allow you to easily attach your screen to any fence using bungee cords, clips, rope, zip ties, or any other hanging mechanism. You have several different options when it comes to inserting grommets into your fence screen. You can have them placed every 12-18”, every 2-3’, at the four corners only, or at the top corners only. Grommets are made from brass and are thus bronze in color. We do not currently offer alternate colored grommets.

Can I change the number of spacing of the grommets?

Yes. You can choose to have them placed every 12-18” or 2-3’. You can also place them at the four corners only or at the top corners only. We recommend having grommets at least every 12-18”, as this allows you to attach your fence banner to a fence at multiple points.

What is a welded hem? What is a sewn hem?

A welded hem is created by folding the edges of the banner over and heat welding them to the back side of the banner. This method is used on the solid vinyl material. A sewn hem uses the same concept but the folded edge is sewn instead of welded. This method is used on the mesh vinyl material. Both options create a clean and professional-looking edge, as well as greatly enhancing the strength of your fence banner’s borders. This is done at no additional charge and is highly recommended for banners that will be used in outdoor conditions.

Does it cost extra to have grommets and a welded/sewn hem included with my fence wrap?

No. These options are offered for free with any custom printed fence wrap.

Do hemmed edges affect the printed area of the fence wrap?

Your design will not be affected when creating the hemmed edges for your fence wrap. Your wrap will be produced as it appears in the online proof when you initially place your order.

Can I order a fence banner with pre-attached rope to secure it to fence posts?

No. If you are wanting to use rope to attach your fence banner to fence posts, we recommend including grommets and the 10ft nylon rope set with your order. You will then want to run the rope through the grommets and attach the ends of the rope to the respective fence posts.

Installation & Care

How do I attach my custom printed fence screen to a fence?

Attaching your fence screen to a fence is a very simple process. All you need to do is use the appropriate hanging mechanism (rope, bungees, clips, zip ties, etc.) with the included grommets to attach each section of the screen to the posts, links, poles, or planks of your fence. Be sure to make the screen tight against the fence, as this helps protect it against windy conditions and provides a better appearance. You may need to seek out professional installation services to assist you with the installation of extremely large fence wraps or custom projects.

What are standard fence sizes?

Fences can come in a wide range of sizes, with no set standard for all types of fences. However, to provide some perspective, the standard fence height for back yards is about 6ft. We strongly recommend measuring the fence you are wanting to cover prior to ordering to ensure you order the correct size for your fence banner.

Why should I order my banner 3” shorter than the height of my fence?

We recommend making the height of your fence banner roughly 3” shorter than the height of your fence so that you can fully extend the banner and make it tight against the fence without having excess material at the top or bottom. If your fence banner is loose-fitting, it can have a poor appearance and is also more susceptible to wind and other damage.

What type of fence can I attach my fence wrap to?

You can attach your fence covering to pretty much any type of fence, including chain-link fences, aluminum fences, wood fences, synthetic fences, split-rail fences, and even metal poles. The included grommets allow for versatile hanging options, so be sure to take advantage of them when hanging your fence wrap.

Can I attach this to anything other than a fence?

Yes. You are able to attach this to a wide variety of other things, including buildings, walls, poles, bridges, and more. If you are wanting to hang your banner against any type of hard or rigid surface you can include our set of six velcro sets or two suction cups & hooks to help you to do so. You may also use rope or hanging clips, but you will need to have designated anchor points in order to do so.

How do I store my fence banner?

Store your custom fence wrap by rolling it up with the printed side facing out. Place it in a location that is dry and room temperature, avoiding areas that are extremely hot or humid. Do not fold the fence banner or place any objects on top of it while storing, as this may create creases that will be difficult to remove.

How do I remove wrinkles from my fence wrap?

Your fence wrap may have wrinkles or creases after shipping or storing. You can remove these simply by placing your banner outside in the sun for a few hours. The heat of the sun will warm the vinyl material and naturally remove the wrinkles and creases.

How do I wash my custom fence screen?

You can wash your custom fence screen using a damp rag and warm water. DO NOT machine wash your fence screen, as this may destroy the material. Also avoid using strong cleaners, as this may damage the printed design on the banner. If you wash your fence screen before storing, be sure to allow time for it to completely air dry.