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For Rent Signs Made Right

For Rent Signs

What are For Rent Signs?

For rent signs and banners are perfect communication tools to use in the rental market. No matter if you are a private landlord, property management firm, business owner, or simply wanting to make a little on the side for rentals—having a well-placed for rent sign will help you boost inquiries for your property. Some of the most common types of rental property are: apartments, rooms, office space, homes, buildings, storage units and student housing. If you're a small business with an equipment or small item rental service, you’ll also find for rent signs useful. Get an extra boost in your day to day rental business by showing people what you're renting and where to go. If you’re in need of for rent signage, you’ve come to the right place. Choose a category or sign type above to get started.

Types of For Rent Signs

For rent signs have several applications, and some sign types are more effective than others depending on what you are trying to rent out. Learn more about which sign type will fit your for rent sign needs.

Yard Sign - 4mm corrugated plastic with vertical fluting. Very cost effective, versatile, and easy to place. Learn More

Vinyl Banner - 13 oz vinyl material with free grommets and hems. Great for larger outdoor displays.Learn More

Aluminum - 2 mm thick with a solid polyethylene core. Long lasting and a great option for outdoor displays.Learn More

Reflective Aluminum - Engineer-grade reflectivity to allow visibility in low light. 2mm thick with a solid polyethylene core.Learn More

Plastic - Plastic material offered in either a .12” or .24” thickness. Can be hung, mounted, or placed as a display.Learn More

Mesh Banner - Tear resistant and made from 8 oz vinyl. Perfect for freestanding outdoor for lease signage.Learn More

Feather Flag - 4 oz polyester flag shaped as a feather. Very effective at attracting attention along roadsides.Learn More

While the sign types featured on this page are the most popular choices, this does not exclude all of the other sign types you can use to create for rent signs. Other sign types to consider include foam board, posters, and more. Feel free to check out our home page to see all of the sign types we have to offer.

Ways to Display Your For Rent Signs

For rent signs play an effective role in rental advertising. Sure, you can still reach a lot of people online with digital marketing efforts, but for rent signage provides a level of effectiveness that cannot be obtained through online efforts. Think of it this way, people who live in the area where your rental property is will be driving by all the time. Those people might have friends or family they might refer to you so they can live closer together. By displaying a for rent sign for your property or service you will increase inquiries and ultimately get more renters. Here are a few ways you can display a custom for rent sign:

* Put A Yard Sign Out - Yard signs are great because they are inexpensive, last a good amount of time outdoors, and are easy to put up. They are small enough that they aren’t a hassle to move, yet big enough to be easily seen from passing road traffic. If your rental property is a little off the beaten path, you can put up yard signs that direct traffic from the main roadways to your property. A few yard signs posted in a 2 mile radius can really help improve traffic to your property for rent. Just be sure get permission before putting up a sign on city or private property.

* Hang A Banner - Banners are especially useful when you’re looking to rent out office space, rooms, apartments, or any other rental property where turnover happens more frequently. Vinyl banners last a long time rain or shine, and can be hung up or taken down as often as needed. You can have your banner designed to be almost as small or large as you want. We can make banners up to 120”x1980” (10’x165’)- great for making large signage that is highly visible yet still cost effective. You can hang the banner directly on the building or hang it up closer to the road. A good way to hang your banner out by the road is to drive fence stakes into the ground and then use zip-ties or rope to hang your for rent banner from the corner grommets.

* Put A Sign In Your Window - A small for rent sign in a window is a great, non-invasive way to let passersby know that you’re renting property. You can have your window for rent sign made out of rigid material like aluminum or plastic or get it printed as a poster or window decal. Rest the sign on the inside window seal or use a little tape on the edges to get it to stay. Set it up and let people start walking in to ask about your rental.

* Post A Flag Out By The Road - Feather flags are great at attracting attention. The fact that the material is light means that they will naturally move—even in the slightest of breezes. A little sign movement will help catch someone’s eye as they approach the property and interested people will be able to pull over. If you are going to use a feather flag, we recommend using a design with bright colors and simple messaging.

How Do I Create an Effective For Rent Sign?

There are some designs that are more effective than others when it comes to “for rent”. A good for rent sign will display the most important details of your rental property, but not be too busy with colors or text. Oftentimes a simple “For Rent” printed in bold lettering is sufficient when posted right by the property. If you can be specific about what you are renting, however, you’ll attract more of the right tenants. For example, when you see a sign that reads: “Student Housing For Rent”, you probably won’t bother asking about the property unless you are a student. The audience is narrowed quite a bit just by adding that one word. Here are some quick tips for creating an effective For Rent sign.

1. Use Contrasting Colors: White lettering on a black background or black lettering on a yellow background will stand out much more than two colors that are close together such as red and orange.

2. Include some contact information: If there is room on your sign, we recommend including a phone number for people to call or a website address for people to visit. It is much easier for people to take a picture of the sign using their phone or quickly write down the information if they are interested rather than have to stop and try and ask about the property face to face. In many cases you may not even be around for people to ask you directly about the rental, so you need to provide an easy way to be contacted.

3. Specify What Is For Rent: Not only will you get more qualified renters for your property, you’ll also be more efficient at filling vacancies. Put a descriptive word or more on your for rent sign (e.g., apartments for rent, room for rent, married rental housing, etc.).

4. Make your text legible from a distance: People will likely be driving by your sign which means that the distance from their eyes to your sign will be at least 10-20 feet away. Be sure to consider the physical size of the sign. The larger the sign the easier it is to make large font sizes fit on the sign. Don’t make your text so small that they can’t be read easily from a distance. Use this rule: letters should be at least 1 inch in height for ever 10 feet of desired viewing distance. Make your text proportionate to the size of your for lease sign and use a large, clean font. Check out this blog post for more information on letter height legibility.

For rent signs are still effective even with newspaper and internet advertising. When you design a custom for rent sign, you’ll be able to attract attention to your rental property and start filling vacancies. You’ll also save money in the long run with for rent signage. Most signs can be put away and then brought out again whenever there is a vacancy so you’ll only need to make a one time purchase of one or more awesome for rent signs.

Additional Ways To Obtain Renters

Displaying a for rent sign will help you get local inquiries about your rental, but what else can you do to get renters? We want you to be successful in finding the right tenants for your property, so here are a few ideas apart from posting for rent signage to get you started:

* Feature your property on a website or web page - Having a site or page dedicated to your property is a great way to show off your rental property. If you link your website to Google Analytics, you can also track how many people visit your site and where people are coming from to find your site. Setting up your own web page can be done through your personal website, blog, or can be created as a stand-alone website.

* Get online with listing sites - There are several online rental listing websites. Even real-estate sites like Zillow will often allow rental listings. Some listing sites might charge a listing fee or have other requirements, so be sure to read all the important details required from these sites before you post your rental property. The benefit from sites like these is that the website will help do a lot of the work for you by showing your listing to people in your area who match your criteria.

* Advertise in Your Local Newspaper - People still read the local news, and the classifieds section might be effective for you. Advertising in a newspaper usually has a fee per 25 words or so.

* Use A Classifieds Listing Site - Classified websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace work well because lots of people use these sites for rental markets and secondhand markets. The awesome part about these sites is that many of them are free to use. Many states have a local classifieds website. If you’re not sure, try a quick internet search for “classified ads in [your state or city]”.

* Create an online advertisement campaign - Another way to get people to find your listing is to create an online ad campaign through Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Setting up an ad campaign using keyword phrases such as “apartments for rent near me” is a great way to direct people to your listing.

When you implement some of these ideas along with your outdoor for rent signage, you will be able to find the right tenants for your listing.

For Rent or For Lease?

You see for rent signs and for lease signs all over. Ever wondered what the difference is? Legally speaking, the contract signed between a landlord and tenant is called a lease agreement for all lease and rental properties. The language on signage gives a little different meaning to people passing by however. For lease signs are often used in the professional and commercial property markets, while for rent signage and advertisements are more frequently used in the housing industry. Although the terms can be used interchangeably, you will be able to attract better qualified tenants for your rental property by using “rental” language in your signs.

If you have commercial property or office space that you are leasing, check out our For Lease Signs page.

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