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Acrylic Prints

Turn Your Photos Into Beautiful Acrylic Prints
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Custom Acrylic Prints

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Take any of your favorite pictures or memories and get them printed directly onto crystal clear acrylic. Direct printing on acrylic offers astounding picture clarity and detail while creating a beautiful optical depth to your image. With sleek and professional standoffs your custom acrylic print can be 1/8" or 1/4" thick and can be hung on any rigid surface.

Sizes That Suit You

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Acrylic Prints In Any Custom Size

With no restrictions on shape or size that other companies have, your picture on acrylic will be exactly what you want it to be! Get a square, panoramic, horizontal or vertical acrylic print that is perfect for your space, picture and preference! Click the button below to start customizing your acrylic photo print today.


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First Surface

Get front side printing for clear, rich images and prints. This standard printing is more susceptible to scratching but is slightly less in price.

Second Surface

Get back side printing for added protection from scratching and a distinctive sheen and depth for your custom acrylic print.

Finished Edges

Edges@2x 100 4409


This is a raw machine cut, leaving acrylic with a frosted looking, unpolished edge.


This finish gives the edge of the acrylic a smooth polished edge with a sheen. Only available on prints under 48".

Why Acrylic Prints?

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Display Your Acrylic Print

Acrylic Display Only 2303

Display Only

If you have plans to display your print in your own creative way, you can have the acrylic print sent with no mounting options.

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With pre-drilled holes in place, our professional metal standoffs in each corner of your print allow for wall mounting and give a professional look for any display setting.


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One Day Production

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25+ Years Experience

25+ Years Experience

Years of experience, expertise and beautiful prints.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Free Photo Retouching

Free Photo Retouching

Make your picture perfect for free.

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May 8, 2023 by Rodrigo Lima ( NJ )
“Good material and printed in high quality”
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10/10 EPIC! August 20, 2022 by Sammie ( MA )
“Looks amazing! We have it hanging in our flight school.”
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July 22, 2022 by Guest ( WA )
“Great quality. Super fast from purchase to receiving the item. Great customer service helping me figure out the best product for what I was wanting!”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Specs

Is acrylic the same thing as plexiglass?

Acrylic (also known as polyacrylate) is a type of plastic material, aka plexiglass or Plexiglas (an acrylic brand). The terms can be used interchangeably, but we will refer to the material as acrylic to avoid confusion.

How does acrylic differ from glass?

Acrylic, unlike glass, is comprised of a transparent plastic that is a lighter, more shatter-resistant option compared to glass. Acrylic does not have the same texture as smooth glass, but does replicate a virtually smooth surface similar to glass. Nonetheless, it is important to note that acrylic photo prints are not shatterproof nor a glass substitute.

Is my photo or image printed onto the acrylic or is it a decal overlay?

Your photos will be printed directly onto the material (regardless of standard or second surface printing). We do not use a decal overlay for our custom acrylic prints.

What is the difference between standard and second surface printing?

Standard surface refers to the front face of the acrylic substrate. When your image is printed first surface the ink will be applied to the front of the acrylic panel, providing a matte look where the image is printed.Second surface refers to the backside of the acrylic substrate. When you print using second surface, the image will be printed on the back of the acrylic, so that it is visible through the front of the acrylic. This provides your print with a glossy, glass-like effect as well as a three-dimensional feel. The resulting appearance is sometimes described as a sheen or luster. Most customers are looking for a second surface print when purchasing acrylic photo prints.

Can I have a print with a combination of standard and second surface printing?

We do not offer a combination of standard and second surface printing as an available option on our website. If you are looking for an acrylic print with such design, please contact us and we can do a custom quote for you.

Do you offer different colored acrylic options for printing on?

At this time we only offer a clear, colorless acrylic for printing.

Can I use a light source to illuminate my acrylic print? Do you offer lighting options?

Yes, you are more than welcome to use a light source to enhance your print. When doing so, we recommend not shining light directly on a second surface print, as the glare from the light can diminish the image clarity. Further, acrylic photo prints aren't intended to be used as backlit signs so we'd recommend not purchasing them with this intent in mind. We do not offer lighting options for our acrylic prints.

Do you offer polished edges for your acrylic prints?

Yes. Our acrylic prints can have polished edges so long as they are under 48". This can be selected on the design tool.

Why do you offer two different thickness options for acrylic prints?

We offer 1/8" thick and ¼" thick acrylic prints to meet your various needs. These are the two most common thicknesses for acrylic prints in the printing industry. Aside from aesthetic purposes, the thicker ¼" print will offer greater rigidity for larger acrylic prints and a greater depth effect for when second surface printed.

Does the thickness affect the price of the print?

Yes, thicker acrylic prints will have a slight cost increase due to more material being used.

How do I know where my acrylic print will be clear?

Clear (transparent) areas will be indicated by the white and gray checkered area in our design tool. Colors or images that cover the checkered area will not be clear when printed. In most cases, an acrylic photo print will have no clear areas as the photo used will cover the entire surface of the print.

Do acrylic prints have a matte or glossy finish?

Depending on the surface you choose to print on (standard or second surface), your print may have a matte or glossy appearance. Standard surface acrylic prints will have a matte appearance where ink is visible and a glossy appearance where there is no ink. Second surface acrylic prints will have a glossy finish or sheen-like appearance.

Are acrylic photo prints flexible?

Acrylic photo prints are not designed to have a great degree of flexibility. That being said, larger prints on 1/8" acrylic will have some bendability. This lack of pure rigidity should not affect the durability of your acrylic print when handled correctly.

Should I worry about my print breaking?

Acrylic is a durable material that is not prone to breaking. You should not have to worry about your print breaking when it is handled correctly. Nonetheless, both small and larger prints that are mishandled or dropped can crack and/or shatter.

Are acrylic prints safe to display in children's rooms?

Absolutely! We recommend mounting the print to the wall to prevent the print from accidentally being knocked over by a child. To increase safety, do not place the print at a height in which a child could reach it nor should you place the print above a child's bed.

Will the quality of my photo be affected by the acrylic material?

The printed photo will not be affected by the acrylic material. It is important to note that standard surface acrylic prints will have a matte appearance where the ink is printed, while second surface prints will have a glossy finish. Even so, the image quality will not diminish regardless of the print surface. We prefer a second surface print for the added aesthetic appeal but your choice of printing comes down to both utilitarian and aesthetic reasons.

Is there a limit to what I can print?

There really isn't a limit to what you can print as long as you are within the bounds of our terms of service. We remind you that terms of service require you as the buyer to have all permissions needed before printing copyrighted material. In most cases a picture or photo taken by you can be printed for personal use without any legal issues arising.

What type of file should I upload to print? Is there a file size limit?

We accept a wide variety of file types, including: AI, .EPS, .PS, .PDF, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .TIF. It's recommended that you use a high-resolution JPG picture from a digital camera, as this will give you the greatest clarity and detail for your acrylic print.The file size limit is 25MB. If you're looking to upload a file that is greater than 25MB, first upload a low-resolution version of that file/image before placing your order. Once your order is placed, please note in the customer comments field on the checkout page that you want to replace the low-res file with a high-res version. Once that is submitted, go to to upload the high-resolution file and make any comments regarding your design needs. We will then use the higher resolution version of your photo in order to print the best looking custom print possible.If you have any questions about the file size or if you need assistance in designing your print, contact us for free design help.

Can I print my Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook photos? How do I do this?

Yes! We're currently developing the functionality to directly upload your social media photos to our design tool, but until that function is available we can help you upload those images. Contact us and we can walk you through the process of uploading your social media picture(s) for printing.

Do you offer frames along with your acrylic prints?

We do not currently offer frame options for acrylic prints.

What are the mounting options available?

We offer the option for 0.5" drilled holes and ¾" inch standoffs to be included with your print at an additional cost. Drilled holes can be placed in the 4 corners of your print, at the top or bottom center of the print, the top corners only, the corners and top and bottom center, or in custom locations. Custom drilled holes can be selected in our design tool and then detailed in the customer comment field of the checkout page.Standoffs are ½" in diameter and ¾" in length, and made from brushed anodized aluminum. They allow your print to, as the name implies, "standoff" from the wall. Standoffs include a drywall mount and screws. Standoffs are the most common way of displaying an acrylic print or sign regardless of whether it is for home or business use respectively.

What sizes do you currently offer? Any custom sizes? Are there any restrictions?

We offer any custom size between 4"x4" and 48"x96". As long as the dimensions of your print are within those limits we can print it for you.

Do you offer color matching? Will my artwork or photo appear on my acrylic print exactly as I see it on my monitor?

We do not offer color matching. We cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen will be the exact color that is printed due to variations in what you see on your computer monitor and the actual printed color. We will do our best to print true colors. In most cases, the color printed will be near identical to the one you see on your screen. This variance in what you see on your monitor and what is printed is an issue faced by all printers.

Will my acrylic print be safe to ship?

Yes, we make sure to take all the precautions while packaging your acrylic print to ensure it is not damaged during shipping. Your acrylic print will be covered with a protective film (which prevents it from being scratched or scuffed) and wrapped with packing foam to further protect it.

Do you offer acrylic collages or multi-panel acrylic prints?

Yes! Though we do not have any collage templates or preset filters for making collages or multi-panel prints, we can still help you design one. Simply contact us with what you are looking for in terms of collage or multi-panel designs along with the files you want to include in the design and we can arrange them for free.


What are the typical uses for acrylic prints?

Acrylic prints are excellent for decor in personal and professional settings. In the home, acrylic prints can be displayed in living rooms, family rooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and dining areas. Acrylic is excellent for printing family photos, landscapes, famous landmarks, wedding photos, floral images, animals, and virtually anything you can image printing.In a professional environment, acrylic prints can enhance any office or workspace. Place prints in lobbies, hallways, offices, conference rooms, break rooms, and common areas. Use acrylic prints to showcase company logos, room numbers, inspirational quotes, building directories, works of art, portraits, landscapes, and more.These are just a few suggestions on how you can incorporate an acrylic print into your wall decor. There really isn’t a limit to how you can use acrylic, so feel free to explore different ways to create artwork using this material.

Will fingerprints be visible on my print?

Fingerprints can be visible on the acrylic (non-printed) portion of your print. If you print using second surface, fingerprints will be more visible due to the nature of the acrylic. We recommend cleaning your print using a microfiber cloth and light cleaning solution (Windex and dish soap are examples) to remove any visible fingerprints. Avoid using bleach or cleaners with heavy chemicals (like 409 or Easy-Off).

Will the color of my image fade over time?

The image color and quality will not fade as long as you properly display and care for your print. The UV ink and digital printing process allows for colors to remain vibrant for many years after you receive your print.

Should I worry about scratching or chipping my print?

As with any acrylic or plastic-type material, scratching is possible when not handled correctly. Do not handle sharp objects near the print or store the print without covering it in a protective material. Dropping or hitting your print against solid objects can damage the print and cause scratching, chipping, and even shattering.

Can I drill my own holes in the print?

While we do not recommend drilling your own holes in the print, it is possible. Do not drill holes close to the edge of the print (try to stay at least ½” away from the edge). Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is void if you damage your print from drilling your own holes.

If I place my print in a humid environment (like a bathroom or kitchen) will water be visible on or

Placing an acrylic print in a bathroom or kitchen can increase the likelihood of water spots accumulating on its surface. It is unlikely that water spots will damage your print, especially when it is cleaned frequently. See our installation and care section below for more information on cleaning your print.

Will dry erase markers work on my acrylic print?

Though this is not the intended use of acrylic prints it is possible to use dry erase markers on acrylic prints. If you design your print with the purpose of dry erase writing or drawing, we recommend cleaning the print frequently to avoid over-smudging or dirtying the surface. Use Windex or a light cleaning solution to aid in the removal of any dry-erase markings. Not all dry-erase markers are created equally, so we recommend testing your marker on a dry-erase surface before using it on acrylic to ensure it can be easily removed. Please note that using dry erase markers on an acrylic print is outside the normal and recommended use of such product, thus, it will void any satisfaction guarantee of the print.

Can I use acrylic prints to make fridge magnets?

While we do not offer the option to include magnets with our acrylic prints, it is possible to create magnets using acrylic prints and store-bought magnets as a DIY project. It is important to note that the warranty of your print will be voided if you damage the print by altering or modifying it.

Installation & Care

How do I clean my acrylic print?

Cleaning your acrylic print only requires a cloth (preferably a microfiber one or simply a non-abrasive one) and light cleaning solution (Windex works best). Lightly spray the print and use the cloth to remove any dust, fingerprints, smudges, or grease from the surface. Let the print air dry and it will be ready for display.

How do I hang my print?

We recommend hanging your print using standoffs (select the standoff and drilled hole options using our design tool). Simply measure out where the holes need to be placed in your wall. This is best done by placing your print up against the wall without the standoffs (make sure it is leveled). Take a pencil and mark the wall through the drilled holes; this will give you an accurate indication of where to drill.Once the holes in the wall are drilled, place the drywall anchors (only necessary for drywall) into the holes. Take the standoffs (not attached to your print) and screw them into the holes. Attach the print to the anchored standoffs, making sure the included rubber washers are placed against both sides of the print.

How do I store or transport my acrylic print?

Wrap a protective covering (cloth, bubble wrap, packing film) around the print before storing or transporting it. When storing, do so on a shelf to protect the print from being stepped on. Do not place objects on top of a print that is horizontally stored on the shelf. Vertically arranging your print on a shelf will prevent objects from being placed on top of the print. The same thing applies to transporting your print.