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Signage 101 — What Are Standoffs?

One of the most professional ways to hang a sign in a business setting is to use standoffs. First impressions are important to guests and customers. Having a clean, elegant finish to your sign sends an unspoken message of trust, and pride in what you do.  As a visitor to a restaurant, an office, or […]

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Aluminum Signs: Standard vs Brushed vs Reflective

Aluminum is one of our most versatile and duable signage materials available. With its durability comes a professional appearance that makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor signs. In addition to our standard aluminum, we also offer brushed aluminum and reflective aluminum to add variety and versatility to your signage needs. Understanding the difference […]

Standard Aluminum vs. Brushed Aluminum – Signage 101

  In today’s Signage 101 post we discuss the difference between a standard aluminum sign and a brushed aluminum sign. We offer both of these types of metal signs and while they are fairly similar in most aspects, but there are a couple of major differences that you should be aware of before deciding to […]

Signs.com Now Offers Brushed Aluminum Signs

We are happy to announce that we now offer custom brushed aluminum signs. Like our standard aluminum signs the brushed signs are made of an E-panel material that consists of two thin aluminum sheets and a reinforced plastic core only our brushed aluminum signs are 3MM thick as opposed to our 2MM thick standard aluminum […]