Vinyl, Mesh, and Fabric Banner Comparison

Signage 101 – Banner Material Comparison

Banners can be used for a wide variety of purposes and can be created from a wide variety of materials. So, which banner is going to be right for your needs? Vinyl banners, fabric banners, or mesh banners? There are limitless display options for these types of banner materials, so choosing the right one may […]

What Is Denier?

Signage 101 – What Is Denier?

Denier (pronounced “den-yer”) is a unit of measurement based on the fiber thickness for each of the individual threads that make up fabrics and other materials.

Fabric’s Extensive (& Eco-Friendly) Applications

All signs point to fabric. And so do the trends. Signage trends, in retail and other industries, are showing us that more and more companies are adopting soft signage printing due to the numerous benefits it provides the end-user, the printing company, and the environment. More Cost-Effective The high availability of versatile technologies and inks […]

Fabric Banner Uses – Signage 101

Beautifully printed fabric banners really can make a statement. Because of their relatively inexpensive cost (compared to other sign types), fabric banners have many uses. We’ve compiled a list here, but these are nowhere near all the amazing things you can do with this versatile product. Take a look at just a few of our […]