Standard Poster Sizes - Signage 101

Standard Poster Sizes – Signage 101

What is the standard poster size? The standard size of a poster is 24” x 36” (24” wide and 36” tall). Before we continue, it is important to note the majority of poster sizes will display the width of the poster as the first measurement and the height of the poster as the second. Posters […]

Fall Colors & Their Associated Emotions

With the temperatures dropping and the air turning crisp, it’s no wonder why we wrap ourselves in our favorite sweaters, sip hot chocolate and crave everything that makes us feel all warm and cozy inside. Fall is also the time for warm, rich colors, clearly seen with all the leaves changing. From cinnamon red to […]

Ensuring Brand Compliance With Retail Graphics

Consumers buy from brands. They may engage with your company and make purchases through various channels, i.e. Pinterest, a mobile app and your website, but they’re not coming to you because you’re a multi-channel retailer; other retailers are too. They come to you because you are offering a product they want or need. While you […]

Color Guide: The Colors Associated With Emotions & Holidays

In the visual arts space, we have primary colors and secondary colors (and then several hues and shades of each of those colors). But colors go beyond widely taught color theory classifications. Each color has its own meaning. Each represents certain emotions, values, and/or occasions. Certain colors also are powerful marketing tools for retailers because […]

Floor Decals For Every Setting

We recently launched our new product, floor decals, and wanted to quickly highlight some of the many ways these versatile signs can be used. Before doing so, here’s a quick primer on what these products offer.

Tips and Tricks of Summer Sales For Retail Stores

Many retail businesses have come to accept that during the summer they’re going to have a slowdown in sales, revenue and foot traffic. They expect this seasonal slowdown because summer is the time people travel, go on family vacations, lounge by the pool and just take it easy. Don’t be a business owner who lets […]

Store Layout and Customer Flow – Does It Matter for SMBs?

In order for a business to be successful and earn revenue, it must know its customers. Two things that go hand-in-hand in helping a store do that are implementing the correct store layout and understanding customer flow.

The Signs of Christmas

There was once a time when I would go shopping during the holidays and just… shop. I’d enjoy the music, the lights, the festive atmosphere. And then I was hired at To write about… signage. A lot. So now everywhere I go, I see signage. Turns out, those darn signs are everywhere. And you […]