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Metallic Photo Prints

Professional metallic photo paper as enduring
as your favorite memories.

  • Professional Photo Paper For Your Memories
  • Prop or Hang Your Print Anywhere
  • Lasts a Lifetime (100+ Years)
  • View Metallic SpecsFAQ

This material cannot be larger than 48 inches by 96 inches, or smaller than 4 inches by 4 inches.


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Though unknown to most, metallic photo paper provides a richer and more vibrant appearance than even traditional photographic paper. This stunning material is used by professional photographers, studios and printers like Signs.com to create paper-based prints that are unparalleled in color, quality and vibrancy. Using a patented and proprietary combination of film and laminate layers, metallic prints will give your photos a depth and metallic reflection not seen in any other type of print. This archival-quality photographic paper is tear and curl resistant and is graded to last 100+ years!


Your Memories On Stunning Metallic Photo Prints

From standard sized 4x6 pictures to oversized prints for the walls of your home we can print your metallic photo prints in any size. No matter your desired size, we know you’ll love the quality, depth and richness of your print on metallic paper. We’re so certain you’ll be amazed at the photo quality, we back it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


  • Used By Professionals Worldwide:

    Metallic photo paper isn’t bought at your local drugstore. It’s used by
    professional labs, museums and high-end print shops. Now you can order
    prints of your favorite pictures on the same material used by professionals!

  • Lasting Beauty:

    The film laminate layers that help produce what many call a “chrome on paper” look also lend to incredible durability, curl and tear resistance. Graded to 100 years as an archival-quality paper, with proper care, your print will literally last a lifetime in your home!

  • Image Quality:

    The properties and quality of metallic paper will give you the closest true photo on paper of any type of print. With an increased color gamut, higher color saturation, rich blacks and exceptional sharpness, the depth, clarity, richness of color, and overall appearance of metallic prints is beauty on paper in its purest form.

  • Distinctive Metallic Appearance:

    There’s no doubt metallic paper photo quality is second to none. Even better is the glossy and ultra-bright finish with a distinct metallic look that your print will have. Accomplished with no other type of photo paper, this metallic look will add an extra dimension to your prints - big or small.

  • Great For Any Image:

    The ultra-bright and metallic look of these prints is great for black and white photos, family pictures, landscapes, panoramic shots, fine art, wedding pictures and so much more! Put your pictures on metallic paper and enjoy their pearlescent beauty for a lifetime!


  • Print Only

    If you have plans to custom mount or frame your print yourself, we will send you the rolled up print and let you get creative.

    Upload Photo
  • Mounted

    We will mount your print to ½” ultraboard, giving it a lightweight, but substantial rigid backing.

    Upload Photo
  • Easel Back

    Easily prop and display your custom metallic print with an easel back that is completely invisible from the front. This lightweight option provides for excellent versatility in displaying your print.

    Upload Photo
  • French Cleat

    Use the pre-attached french cleat to quickly display your metallic print on any non-porous rigid surface. The peel and stick portion of the french cleat is quickly put in place and your print hung in a matter of minutes.

    Upload Photo


  • Photo Retouching

    You’ve made memories, you’ve got pictures, you want metallic photo prints, but your photos need a professional’s touch.

    Let our professional graphic designers help you out and make your picture as awesome as the memory itself. We offer free retouching services for your pictures. Start the process today by clicking below.

    Free Design Help


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Why Buy From Us?


    One Day Production

    Order Today. Ships Tomorrow.


    25+ Years Experience

    Years of experience, expertise and beautiful prints.


    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    You’ll love it! We guarantee it!


    Free Photo Retouching

    Make your picture perfect for free.



Additional Specs

Unmounted: slightly thicker than a standard sheet of copy paper
Mounted On Ultraboard: ½”
Digitally printed on multi-laminate metallic film paper, with optional ultraboard mount, easel backing, or french cleat mount
Print Method:
Large format digital printing
Estimated Lifespan:
100+ years with proper care and placement
Interior decor for homes, offices, lobbies, hallways, classrooms, art galleries, and an endless variety of personal and professional environments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specs
  • Are your metallic prints similar to your metal prints?
  • Though metallic prints sound similar to metal prints, they are an entirely different product. Metallic prints are made from a professional, metallic photo paper, which is comprised of film and laminate layers. These paper-based prints are designed to have a metallic sheen, giving depth and realism to the image. The metallic paper can be adhered to a high-density ultraboard for added rigidity. Conversely, metal prints are printed using dye sublimation directly onto a speciality aluminum. So while both offer gorgeous end results, the materials themselves differ greatly.
  • What type of metal is used in your metallic prints?
  • Though the name can be deceiving, there is actually no metal in our metallic print. The metallic effect is created by multiple layers of reflective laminates and films. The material is a high-end speciality photo paper.
  • What is metallic photo paper?
  • Metallic photo paper is specially designed for professional use. Instead of a single layer of white paper, metallic prints combine multiple film and laminate layers to produce a stunning metallic effect. Typically photo paper like this is used in photography studios but we’ve made it accessible for your custom prints in the home or otherwise.
  • Are metallic prints the same as holographic prints? What about chrome paper?
  • Though metallic paper has similar properties as holographic and chrome paper, the terms are not interchangeable. Holographic - or hologram - paper has a reflective appearance that shows a range of the color spectrum, similar to a rainbow. Holographic paper can be found in solid and clear variations.

    Chrome paper is a highly reflective paper, with a mirror-like effect. Chrome paper comes in a variety of colors. Both holographic and chrome paper are used for arts,crafts, and decorative purposes.
  • With different layers, does this mean that my photo will be 3-Dimensional?
  • Though the multiple layers create a unique visual appearance, it does not produce a 3-D effect. The layering does enhance the depth and contrast of colors, while increasing the sharpness of the image.
  • What mounting options are available?
  • There are a multiple display options available for metallic prints, including an ultraboard mount, 3M Command Strips, easel back, and french cleat. You can also order a metallic print as print-only, which does not include a mount.

    Ultraboard mounts are a high-density, lightweight mount (similar to foam board but stronger) that come in either black or white. The mount will cover the entire surface area of the back of your print. With a ½” ultraboard mount, you can display the print on the wall using 3M Command Strips, which allows a velcro-like bond between 3M tabs adhered to the print and 3M tabs adhered to the wall (which are completely removable without damaging your wall).

    Another display option for your custom metallic print is an easel back. Your easel will be mounted on the back of ultraboard, hidden from view. The easel portion folds out and locks into place for added sturdiness. These mounts allow metallic prints to be propped up on shelves, mantles, tables and any other flat surface.

    A french cleat mount is a unique, foam mount that allows your metallic print to be easily displayed on any non-porous, flat surface. The french cleat comes in two parts: the wall mount and the print backing. The wall mount is placed on the wall using a peel and stick adhesive and the backing comes pre-attached to the print. Simply slide the print onto the wall mount, which instantly secures your print to the wall.
  • How rigid are metallic prints without an ultraboard backing?
  • Like most photo prints, metallic prints offer greater rigidity than typical printer paper, but they are still a form of paper. Which is to say the rigidity without a mount will be very low. Typically, print-only displaying should involve a frame or easel to ensure that the print does not bend or curve. Bending or folding your print can cause permanent creases that ruin the appearance of your print.
  • Are there different types of finishes available?
  • Metallic photo prints only come in a glossy, ultra-vibrant finish. We feel this finish brings out the richness of your photo, accentuates the distinct metallic look and offers exceptional quality no matter the photo.
  • How reflective are metallic prints?
  • Metallic prints offer enough reflectivity to bring out details and colors of the photo without causing a mirror-like effect. The reflectivity of the print is not overwhelming to the eye and allows clarity of the image when displayed in well-lit rooms. Please note that despite using the term “reflective” these prints are in no way visible in dark lighting conditions like our reflective aluminum signs are.
  • What is archival-quality paper?
  • Archival quality paper is specifically designed to print important documents in order to preserve them for up to 100 years. The lifespan of this photo paper is unrivaled, resulting in permanent and century-lasting prints.
  • Is my print crease-resistant?
  • No! Your print is a type of photo paper. Just like normal photos, bending or folding your print can cause permanent creases that ruin the appearance of your print. We recommend treating them as carefully as possible.
  • Do you offer black and white metallic prints?
  • We do offer metallic prints in black and white, and just like metallic prints in full color, they look incredible. Whether you print in black and white or in full color we’re confident you’ll absolutely love your metallic print!
  • Do you offer color retouching services?
  • Yes! If you need help with color retouching, please contact us for free design help.
  • Can I specify which areas of the print are metallic and which aren’t?
  • No, printing on metallic photo paper does not allow you to select areas to mute or hide portions of the material to make it non-metallic.
  • Can my print be cut to a specific shape?
  • We do not offer the ability to cut metallic prints to a specific shape.
  • What sizes are your metallic prints? Do you offer custom sizes?
  • Metallic prints are offered in a range of custom sizes from a small format 6”x6” to a large format 4’x8’ print.

    Common sizes include: 8" x 10", 11" x 14", 12" x 16", 12" x 18", 12" x 24", 16" x 20", 16" x 24", 18" x 24", 18" x 36", 20" x 24", 24" x 32", 24" x 36", 24" x 48", 32" x 48", and 36" x 48".
  • Is there a limit to what I can print?
  • There really is no limit to what you can print, as long as you are in accordance with our terms of service. We do retain the right to cancel any order that violates such terms. Our terms of service require that you as the buyer have all permissions needed to print copyrighted materials.
  • Can I print my Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook photos?
  • Yes, we are currently working on the functionality to directly transfer your social media photos to our design tool. Until that feature is available, feel free to contact us for assistance in uploading your social media photos to print as metallic prints.
  • What file type should I use when uploading to your design tool? Is there a file size limit?
  • We accept a variety of file types, including: .AI, .EPS, .PS, .PDF, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .TIF. We recommend using the file type that produces the highest quality and best resolution for your photo. Usually this will be a high-resolution JPG picture from a digital camera.

    The maximum file size limit is 25MB. If you wish to upload a file that is larger than 25MB, first upload a low-resolution version of that same file when placing your order. When you reach the checkout page, note in the customer comments field that you wish to replace the low-res file with a high-res version. After you complete your order, go to upload.signs.com to upload your high-resolution file. Include your order number and any other comments about your file. Once you’ve done this you can rest assured we’ll use the higher resolution photo for printing your metallic print.
  • What are the typical uses for metallic prints?
  • Metallic prints are ideal for displaying in personal and professional environments. For personal use, metallic prints can be displayed in family rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, nurseries, hallway galleries, and any other room in the home. Metallic prints are fantastic for printing photos of cityscapes, scenery, family portraits, weddings, and pets.

    When used in a professional environment, metallic prints are perfect for displaying in lounges, reception areas, conference rooms, offices, hallways, and bathrooms. We recommend placing them in well-lit areas to allow the metallic effect to be prominently on display.
  • Will the metallic effect diminish over the years?
  • With the archival-quality paper, you will not have to worry about the metallic effect diminishing. We highly recommend taking care not to scratch your print, as doing so will affect the quality of your print.
  • Are metallic prints prone to ripping or tearing? What about curling and denting?
  • The multiple film laminate layers of the metallic print provide increased durability and resistance to tearing, ripping, or curling. That being said, because this is a paper-based product, metallic prints can be torn or ripped through intentional efforts to do so and when enough force is applied. Denting of a mounted print can be avoided by handling it with care, especially when transporting or storing. Hitting the print against corners or sharp edges will increase the likelihood of denting and scratching. When properly handled, you should not have to worry about damaging your print.
  • Should I worry about smudging or scratching the surface of the print? What about fingerprints showing?
  • The glossy finish of the print can be prone to collecting fingerprints and smudges. We recommend cleaning your print with a non-abrasive cloth to remove excess streaks and fingerprints. A detailed cleaning tutorial can be found in the section below.

    With proper handling scratching should not occur on your metallic print. Though the prints are susceptible to scratches if mishandled, dropped, or rubbed against sharp edges. They are in no way scratch resistant.
  • Can I display my print outdoors?
  • While your print would presumably do just fine outdoors in perfectly calm weather we do not recommend any outdoor use. These prints are intended for professional and personal indoor use only.
Display & Care
  • How do I clean my metallic print?
  • We recommend using a dry lint-free or microfiber cloth to clean any smudges or fingerprints that may be on your prints. In some cases tissue or toilet paper may do the trick too. With any of these options we recommend never using any kind of liquid as part of the cleaning process. If you absolutely must use a liquid, we recommend a cloth that is as barely damp as possible with water. With the right non-abrasive cloth a gentle wipe down should remove any fingerprints. Nonetheless, from a standard viewing distance fingerprints and small smudges can be extremely difficult if not impossible to spot by the naked eye.
  • What is the best way to store or transport my metallic print?
  • Place a protective cover over the front of your print and store the print on a shelf or in a box. If storing on a shelf, do not place have items on top of the print. When placing in a box, do so vertically to prevent stacking items on top of the print. We’d recommend storing your prints without mounts flat if at all possible. While you can roll them (image side facing inward) it may take some time for it to flatten out if it’s been rolled for an extended period. Incorrect rolling can also cause permanent creasing. Further, bending, folding or mishandling of your print can also cause irreversible creases to your print. These creases will be permanent in nature and can ruin the appearance of your print. These prints should be treated no differently than normal photo print and the utmost caution used to avoid damage. The only exception to the above recommendation against rolling is a loose rolling around or inside a cardboard tube. Done correctly, this is a viable storage option that decreases the likelihood of damage occurring from bending, folding or mishandling.
  • How long will my print last for?
  • With the durable and incredibly long-lasting metallic photo paper, your print will last about 100 years when properly cared for. Yep, you read that correctly, 100 years.

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