Fabric’s Extensive (& Eco-Friendly) Applications

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All signs point to fabric. And so do the trends.

Signage trends, in retail and other industries, are showing us that more and more companies are adopting soft signage printing due to the numerous benefits it provides the end-user, the printing company, and the environment.

More Cost-Effective

The high availability of versatile technologies and inks makes printing on fabric an easier and more affordable option. And so does the material’s lighter weight, which lowers shipping costs. Even if the initial cost of the fabric sign is higher than other sign materials, your return on investment is greater due to the longevity and elegance of fabric.

BYU 50 Years Poplin Fabric Banner Picture

Easy Handling and Care

Lightweight fabric also makes it easier for you to handle as you unpack, hang up and take down your sign. Caring for fabric is also quite easy. Simply stick it in your washing machine to clean it and then hang it up to dry.

As for care, you just need to keep it out of direct sunlight and store it carefully folded in a cool, dry room. Many fabric applications are wrinkle-free materials so you don’t have to worry about removing wrinkles after your sign has been folded up inside its shipping box.

Environmentally Safe

Going green isn’t a new trend for us. We’ve been a “green” graphics printing company for several years now. And like us, there are hundreds of companies who have gone green or are making the move to the greener side of business.

Fabric signage can help with your going green efforts. Many fabrics and textiles are environmentally friendly, such as cotton and polyester, as they’re more biodegradable than rigid substrates. The printing methods for fabric also make producing these signage types more environmentally responsible. They’re printed using water-based inks so no odorous fumes or anything harmful are emitted into the air.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Fabric signs are statement signs. Rich, radiant colors and smooth shades are what you get with fabric applications, and what give your sign that needed “pop” to make a lasting impression on passers-by; as does fabric’s natural ability to move and catch someone’s eye.

Fabric materials also make a sign look like a high-end product, so fabric signage is a great option for all you sophisticated, designer brands.

Fabric applications showing fabric banners printed for mens and womans clothing retail

Another perk for retailers is that these materials aid in your move toward creating more of an experience for your customers inside your store. Fabric applications allow you to be more creative, creating bold and beautiful visual graphics that help increase return customers and brand loyalty.

Fabric prints open new doors for retailers in terms of signage and provide numerous benefits, which is why it’s becoming the preferred choice by many.

A Sensible Fabric

Not in the terms of practical (although with its ease of use and longevity it is a pretty practical material), but we mean the human senses. Fabric really appeals to two of your customers’ senses; not just one like other materials. It’s not only pleasing to the eye, but it also introduces a sense of touch, unlike most rigid sign options that are only appealed by a customer’s eyes.

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