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How To Run Your Own Campaign

Running for any elected position requires hours of planning, research, and determined dedication to constant campaigning. It’s not an easy endeavor. There are numerous aspects of campaigning that need to be addressed and planned for before putting your name forward for candidacy. Once your campaign begins, there are still plenty of hoops to jump through and obstacles to overcome in order to win an election. This is true at the federal level but also at the local and state levels as well.

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Navigating America: How Traffic Signs Help Us Find our Way

Traffic Signs Utah
Courtesy: CountyLemonade/Wikimedia Commons

Millions of Americans spend a considerable amount of time behind the wheel each year. In fact, 8.1 percent of U.S. workers who worked outside of the home had at least an hour-long commute in 2011, according to U.S. Census numbers.

Even though biking and walking are popular alternative forms of transportation for some, our vehicles are still the go-to method for getting around town. Get in, sit down, buckle in and fire up your smart phone’s navigation to figure out how to get to your office on the first day of your new job. Technology can definitely help us find our way on the road, but those green and white signs above the freeway are about as certain as death and taxes. Have you ever wondered who designed those, and why each traffic sign tends to look the same no matter where you go in the country? Read More

Think Your Vote Doesn’t Matter? Think Again


Think Your Vote Doesn't Count

After months of hype, debates, endless press coverage and multitudes of snarky television, print and radio ads, it’s finally election day. Politics in our country seems to continue to get uglier and uglier and the widening gap between conservatives and liberals keeps getting bigger and bigger. All of which makes it difficult to escape the continuous vitriol-filled babble about politics that surrounds the election. Read More

Election Signage for Local Races


Local Election Signage

The election is tomorrow, so we can finally look forward to the end of the relentless election coverage on television, radio, in print and even on blogs (ahem. We might even be guilty of a little national election coverage ourselves).

We KNOW Who’s Running For President: Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney!

Four-year-old Abigael was so distraught after hearing MORE election news on the radio that she broke into hysterical tears. Her mom Elizabeth filmed the breakdown and it’s gone viral on YouTube with more than 4.5 million hits. Read More

Where’s the Bathroom? 6 Tips for Directional Signage


The Savvy Shopper - Harper Grey

Have you ever been shopping with a three-year-old? There are a few things to know before you go. Be prepared to cut the trip short if he gets cranky. Don’t expect him to ride in a stroller – he thinks he’s too big. But don’t expect him to walk very far, either. Be prepared for lots of, “look how cool this bright shiny thing is! I need it, need it, need it!” And finally, either limit his beverage intake or know the location of every bathroom in every store and be prepared to visit all of them.

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Road Signs for Humans, Road Signs for Deer

I live in an area where there are a lot of mule deer; two herds of about 25 deer each roam in the foothills above our home. Every evening they wander down to an area near the road to nibble on the grass that is apparently much tastier there than the grass elsewhere. Luckily, the speed limit is low and I’ve never seen a deer get hit there. But my constant anxiety over the safety of “Bambi” made me wonder how effective deer signage is at preventing accidents.

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Why Join a Chamber of Commerce?


Chamber of Commerce

As a new business owner, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to be accomplished during the day. You need to apply for permits, contact vendors, negotiate a lease, hire and train employees, stock shelves, order signage and plan your marketing strategy. The last thing you have time for is a leisurely lunch with a guest speaker and a bunch of other business owners, right? Wrong. Joining your Chamber of Commerce and attending its events is a great way to help you get your business off the ground.

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