Las Vegas: A Fabulous Sign

This is a post from’s co-founder, Kirk Green: Almost every city or town has some type of welcoming sign.  Many include population, elevation and established date.  It is hard to understand the obsession with altitude, but most city’s include it.  Denver even boasts about it. A few signs, like the Hollywood standard, become landmarks. […]

Ballparks, Scoreboards and Signage: History at Two Baseball Parks

Is there a better place to be on a sunny, spring afternoon, than a baseball park? Doubtful. Before baseball stadiums were named after their huge corporate sponsors they were named after their owners—independent businessmen who invested in baseball for the love of the game. Now you’ll find big stadiums with big names: Citi, Chase, AT&T, […]

Navigating America: How Traffic Signs Help Us Find our Way

Millions of Americans spend a considerable amount of time behind the wheel each year. In fact, 8.1 percent of U.S. workers who worked outside of the home had at least an hour-long commute in 2011, according to U.S. Census numbers. Even though biking and walking are popular alternative forms of transportation for some, our vehicles […]

Booze, Boarding and Brothels: Signs of the Renaissance

The Renaissance brought the world da Vinci, Michelangelo, Machiavelli… and signage. In England and France, while cathedrals stretched toward the sky and great works of art were being created, kings began to regulate signage; not on behalf of the people, but on behalf of the royal coffers.

The Sign That Drove President Wilson Crazy (and Changed the World!)

Signs are a powerful form of communication. One single sign has the ability to make a statement for an entire group of people, and do so silently. In 1917, a protest sign lent a voice to millions of women, embarrassed and outraged a U.S. President and ultimately changed the world.

Mountain Monograms: Signs of School Spirit

Mountain monograms perch on the hillsides above communities all over the country. They occasionally denote towns or neighborhoods, but mostly they stand as beacons of school spirit and pride for high schools, colleges and universities.

The First Pawn Stars: The Medici Family and Their Secret Sign

Symbols can be powerful signs that speak volumes without using words. You might pass a symbol-sign every day for years without knowing what it means. But for those who do know, the symbol identifies an institution that offers needed services. On the outside of many pawn shops, you’ll find a symbol. A secret symbol that […]

Signs Without Words: What You Don’t Know About the History of the Barber’s Pole

You might think that a barber’s pole is just a nostalgic sign that identifies a barber shop. But the barber’s pole hasn’t always symbolized a shave and haircut; it has a much bloodier history.