Navigating America: How Traffic Signs Help Us Find our Way

Traffic Signs Utah
Courtesy: CountyLemonade/Wikimedia Commons

Millions of Americans spend a considerable amount of time behind the wheel each year. In fact, 8.1 percent of U.S. workers who worked outside of the home had at least an hour-long commute in 2011, according to U.S. Census numbers.

Even though biking and walking are popular alternative forms of transportation for some, our vehicles are still the go-to method for getting around town. Get in, sit down, buckle in and fire up your smart phone’s navigation to figure out how to get to your office on the first day of your new job. Technology can definitely help us find our way on the road, but those green and white signs above the freeway are about as certain as death and taxes. Have you ever wondered who designed those, and why each traffic sign tends to look the same no matter where you go in the country? Read More

How-To: Installing a Perforated Car Window Decal

Installing a Perforated Car Window Decal

Some signs are easier to install than others. For example, hanging a banner doesn’t take that much thought or effort, but installing a perforated car window decal to a vehicle…well, that takes a little more planning. To help you out, we’ve created a brief video to show you the best way to install your new car decal so it comes out perfect every time. Also, here are a couple tricks that will come in handy: Read More at the ISA 2012 Expo


ISA 2012 Expo

Last week, we took off for sunny Orlando to visit the International Sign Association (ISA) Trade Show. We spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday visiting people who represented many different businesses in the sign industry (and enjoying great food and entertainment). The weather was fabulous, the new products were innovative and exciting, and the information we gathered was so plentiful, it was a bit . . . overwhelming. We’ve delved into some of it so we could bring you a quick re-cap of the show today, but watch for even more exciting finds from the ISA 2012 Expo in future articles.

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The History of Signage


Cave Paintings
Image Author: Carla Hufstedler

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, signage (which is what you have to search for unless you are super interested in the Zodiac) is defined as any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience. At, we’re OK with that description – of course we would have come up with something much more spectacular, but that is another blog post. What we really wanted to know is where did signs come from, how have they been used and what were they made of in the past. As far as we know, the history of signage dates back to when man first figured out a way to express himself artistically. From the symbolic cave paintings of early human existence to the bright and modern digital city that is Tokyo, signs and symbols have always been used to communicate feelings, capture moments or advertise goods and services.

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