Signs and the U.S. Supreme Court

In a landmark, unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision, Pastor Clyde Reed and his congregation get to keep their signs! The Gilbert, Arizona resident installed temporary yard signs, directing parishioners to his service. Over the years, his small congregation met in various locations due to a lack of funding for a permanent worshipping area. However, the Town of Gilbert didn’t really appreciate his use of signage, saying the signs violated several town laws. Signs, according to the town, cannot be placed earlier than 12 hours prior to the service, and must be removed one hour after the service ends. In addition, the town’s attorney argued that the signs did not meet the standard regulation size of no more than 6 square feet. Read More

Beware of Dog Signs: Protecting You, Your Dogs, And Your Visitors

Having a dog is fantastic. It can improve your social interaction, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress levels, and overall health. Dogs make great companions, they’re great with kids, and they’re not terribly expensive to have as pets.

In addition to being man’s best friend, it turns out a dog can also be extremely beneficial when it comes to safety and protection. Having a dog or two can help deter thieves and unwanted trespassers. In Jack MacLane’s study, “Secrets of a Superthief,” he concludes that 95 percent of thieves and burglars are deterred by dogs.

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