Effective Cross Selling In A Salon

In a salon, the customer comes first. You have to give your customers what they want and keep them satisfied if you want them to keep returning for your services. But don’t forget that you have a business to run and a profit to make. Keeping your customers happy and returning is one way to […]

68 Must See Floor Graphics

In honor of the recent launch of our new product, floor decals, we have categorized and compiled a list of some of the best floor graphics we have ever seen.

No Smoking Laws For All Fifty States

Today, unlike the past, the dangers and health issues of smoking are well known. While smoking seems to have been much more widespread in the past, with more knowledge of smoking side effects varying types of smoking bans have been put in place across the United States.

Implementing a Referral Program and Increasing Referrals For Your Salon

In the salon business, referrals are everything. According to some studies about 80 percent of salon owners say most of their clients are from referrals. But it’s safe to say most salons aren’t effectively getting referrals. In this post we’ll explore how to implement a referral program and increase referrals for your salon.

How to Effectively Promote Your Church’s Events

We don’t know about you, but we are awfully excited that summer is finally right around the corner! With summer comes BBQs, block parties, and many other events. It’s also a great time for churches to hold events to strengthen the community and grow the congregation. But, it’s no secret that churches don’t exactly have […]

Increasing Awareness Of & Attendance To Your Church

Churchgoers are now considered a minority in the United States. More and more people are giving other things — sleeping in, going to sporting events, shopping, etc. — priority over attending their church service.

Las Vegas: A Fabulous Sign

This is a post from Signs.com’s co-founder, Kirk Green: Almost every city or town has some type of welcoming sign.  Many include population, elevation and established date.  It is hard to understand the obsession with altitude, but most city’s include it.  Denver even boasts about it. A few signs, like the Hollywood standard, become landmarks. […]

How to Effectively Market Your Salon

Starting and maintaining a business is hard work. As the business owner you have to invest your time and money into the business, and then face the daily challenges that come along with owning one.