A History of American Taxation: A Tea Party, a Whiskey Rebellion & More


Today millions of Americans will fill out their tax forms, write checks and mail or e-file the whole mess of paperwork off to the IRS. Some Americans receive tax refunds (those lucky folks usually file in January or February…their refunds have long been spent). Some have to pay a little. Some have to pay a lot. Regardless, most like to whine and complain about paying at all. Read More

What the Best Company Blogs Have That Yours Doesn’t

What the Best Company Blogs Have

So you went to a business conference and heard that corporate blogging is all the rage. Everyone else has one—you need one too! You immediately returned to your office, installed WordPress and stuck a blog on your company’s website, where it languishes, collecting five, ten, fifteen views per day. Clearly you’re not doing it right. So, what do the best company blogs have that yours doesn’t? Read More

The Mad Men Guide to Marketing


Last night AMC aired the season six premiere of Mad Men. While we’re not about to let any spoilers slip, we can tell you that a few things haven’t changed much since season five: Don Draper is still pretty hot, and he’s still up to the same shenanigans. There’s family drama, personal drama and office drama. And we always learn a lot about marketing from the Mad Men (and women) of Sterling Cooper Draper. We thought we’d share some of the wisdom they’ve passed on over the last five years. Read More

Anne Sullivan’s Miracle Sign

At Signs.com, we obviously feel that signs are important. If you don’t know already, our company sells signs: vinyl banners, yard signs, magnetic signs… you get the picture. But even though we love signs, we recognize that there are different kinds of “signs.” Important signs that have, perhaps, even more impact than a well-designed vinyl banner. On this day in 1887, a “sign” changed a life. Read More

Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Break Up


When a relationship is going fabulously, the world is a brighter place. Food tastes better, skies are clear and blue and you hum romantic songs under your breath at work. But when things start to go sour, the world seems dark, gloomy and hopeless. You’ll spend the next several months of your life trying to fix the problems in the relationship and agonizing over whether you should just break up or not, only to be left bereft and heartbroken in the end. To save you some time, we present the Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Break Up. Read More

Five Ways To Be The Ultimate Fan Of Your Kids Teams


If your kids participate in an extracurricular activity, chances are, you are their number one fan. It doesn’t matter if they play soccer, basketball, football, or if they participate in cheer or dance, you can show your support and be their (and their teams) ultimate fan by going above and beyond just showing up to every event. How you ask? There are countless ways, however in this post, I’m going to be talking about five of them. Read More

8 Design Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making


Since I began writing the blog for Signs.com a year ago, I can’t seem to get away from signage. It’s everywhere: along the freeway, on the parkstrip in front of shopping centers, even inside public restrooms. I see good signage. I see signage that is so-so. But I also see some pretty bad signage. Most of the problems that I see with truly bad signage could be easily fixed, if only the person who designed the sign knew what design mistakes to avoid.

Read More