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Aluminum Signs: Standard vs Brushed vs Reflective

Aluminum is one of our most versatile and duable signage materials available. With its durability comes a professional appearance that makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor signs. In addition to our standard aluminum, we also offer brushed aluminum and reflective aluminum to add variety and versatility to your signage needs. Understanding the difference […]

Custom (Contour & Halo) vs Die Cut—Signage 101

Custom (Contour and Halo) vs Die Cut—Signage 101

The printing industry is full of techniques and tricks to help create unique, one-of-a-kind products. At, we implement special cutting techniques in our printing production process to produce your signs to your exact specifications. If you’re looking to deviate from a standard rectangle or square sign, we provide custom (previously known as contour) and […]

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Foamboard vs Gatorboard vs Falconboard Signage 101

Business and consumer-friendly signage is what we excel in. To help simplify your display needs, we provide inexpensive, foam-based signs that make for an excellent product for signs, presentations, and storefront displays. Foam board (also known as foam core) and gatorboard (also referred to as gatorfoam) are both viable signage solutions that excel in lightweight […]

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Clear vs Frosted vs Milky Acrylic Signage 101

At we offer a variety of signage solutions to enhance your business or home. Two products that stand out are our clear acrylic signs and frosted acrylic signs, which bring a professional look for your display needs. We’re often asked how our clear acrylic differs from frosted acrylic and milky acrylic signs and which is […]

Fabric Banner Uses – Signage 101

Beautifully printed fabric banners really can make a statement. Because of their relatively inexpensive cost (compared to other sign types), fabric banners have many uses. We’ve compiled a list here, but these are nowhere near all the amazing things you can do with this versatile product. Take a look at just a few of our […]

Signage 101 – Installing Window Decals

In today’s Signage 101 post we explain how to easily install your window decals without being left with a messy store front and frustrating experience. Window graphics are a great way to advertise in-store events, inform customers of your store hours, or display sales information.

RGB versus CMYK – Signage 101

Arguably one of the most important aspects of printing is, well, color. Without it, signs can be boring and one dimensional. Color is all around us, but you may have noticed that sometimes a color looks different on the screen than it does when it gets printed. It’s important to understand how color works. For […]