8 Design Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Since I began writing the blog for Signs.com a year ago, I can’t seem to get away from signage. It’s everywhere: along the freeway, on the parkstrip in front of shopping centers, even inside public restrooms. I see good signage. I see signage that is so-so. But I also see some pretty bad signage. Most of […]

Ten Most Popular Vinyl Lettering Wall Quotes

At Signs.com, we print a lot of customized wall decals. Some of these are fairly large decals that people use to decorate their home or office, while others are small and simple, like wall lettering. One of the more recent trends taking American homes by storm is printing and displaying quotes, usually motivational and uplifting […]

Election Signage for Local Races

  The election is tomorrow, so we can finally look forward to the end of the relentless election coverage on television, radio, in print and even on blogs (ahem. We might even be guilty of a little national election coverage ourselves). We KNOW Who’s Running For President: Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney! Four-year-old Abigael was […]

Sign Design: Effectively Using Design Elements

We’ve all seen them – signs that are ugly, unreadable or confusing. These signs don’t help the businesses they advertise; they hurt them. Customers shouldn’t have to decipher your sign; its purpose and message should be immediately apparent. When it’s time to make a sign for your business pay close attention to the elements of sign design. […]

Sign Design: The Right Font

  When you begin to design a brochure, report or sign, one of your first choices is the type of font to use. And though it might seem inconsequential, the choice of font matters. The right font will enable your customer to quickly discern your message; the wrong font may keep him from reading your […]

What Your Signs Say About Your Business

  We are a society of judgmental people; we’re quick to form opinions about people, places and experiences within seconds of our first contact. Think about the last time you met someone. You quickly scanned his appearance and drew conclusions based on the way he was dressed, how his hair was cut, his posture, body […]

3 Considerations to Harness the Power of Design

  According to Wikipedia: Power is defined as the ability to influence the behavior of others with or without resistance. Design is a road map, complete with specifications, plans, costs and activities, or a strategic approach for someone to achieve a unique expectation.

July 21st Best Darn Yard Sale Sign Winner

  After Catherine’s Tour de Utah last week in search of a worthy Best Darn Yard Sale Sign winner, I didn’t have high expectations going into today. To my surprise, yard sellers were out in full force today and there were a lot of quality sign designs. It was interesting to note the sign competitions going on since […]