Best Darn Yard Sale Sign Winner… Finally!

  Finding yesterday’s contest winner was difficult. The winner was supposed to be located in the Salt Lake Valley, south of I-80 and west of I-15. It’s a huge area with hundreds of thousands of homes. Sounds easy, right? Well . . .

July 7th Best Darn Yard Sale Sign Contest Winner

  Congratulations to Kate and Aubrie, our Best Darn Yard Sale Sign Contest winners! Kate and Aubrie were helping their mom out with her moving sale today. In addition to helping organize and run the sale, the girls designed, created and installed the signage.

Coming to a Yard Sale Near You

  What contributes most to a successful yard sale? Well, here at, we think that great signage is one of the most important factors of success. We’ve all seen some really horrible yard sale signs – you know, the ballpoint-pen-on-a-piece-of-cardboard sign that no one can read? But we’ve also seen some really great signage […]

5 Signage Lessons From a Successful Yard Sale

  Every spring, I purge all the extra junk in my house. I clean out all the closets, tidy cabinets and pantry and generally rid my home of all the clutter and detritus that seems to accumulate over the course of a year. Then I host a yard sale, allowing my neighbors to purchase previously […]

Signage: A Sign of Americanization?

What are the effects on a country that begins to transforms itself from thousand-year-old traditions to modern technology? A new book, “India Becoming: A Portrait of Life in Modern India” by Akash Kapur explores that question. A native Indian, Kapur returned to his country in 2003 after living in the United States for over a […]

Road Signs for Humans, Road Signs for Deer

I live in an area where there are a lot of mule deer; two herds of about 25 deer each roam in the foothills above our home. Every evening they wander down to an area near the road to nibble on the grass that is apparently much tastier there than the grass elsewhere. Luckily, the […]

Spring Break Road Trip: Fun, Family, and Signage!

  Spring break. If you’re a college student, those two words evoke images of beaches, girls in bikinis and lots of beer. If you’re me, “spring break” means a road trip to San Francisco with my husband, two teenagers and a Subaru Forester packed to the gills with laptops, hand-held video games, and junk food. […]

5 Functions of a Sign

  Think all signs are the same? Think again. In many cases, the effectiveness of a sign is determined by its use. Is it going outside on your storefront or hanging in window? Is it leading your customers to an event or simply helping them navigate to your store? When starting the design process, think […]