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How to Draw In Customers With Window Graphics

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As a retailer, you know creativity is key to finding and keeping customers. If your window graphics aren’t creative and eye-catching, then they’re not doing their job. Your window graphics are what your customers first see. They’re the first impression you make with potential customers, which either is going to draw them into your store or drive them away.

Obviously, you want the first option. You want your window graphics to be your welcome mat, warmly inviting all customers — and their money — into your retail store. Your graphics need to help you stand out from your competitors. They should grab the attention of everyone walking, and maybe driving, by your store. When done right, you get a customer’s attention and make them feel like they need whatever you’re selling so they come into your store to buy your product.

With more than 30 years’ experience, recognizes what it takes to make window graphics a successful investment for you. Our innovative staff has years of experience in the retail industry, and we use our vast knowledge and skills to work with each of our clients to ensure their window graphics are attention-grabbing moneymakers.

But what exactly does it take for you to get the most out of your window graphics? It takes a combination of creative minds, a little hard work, and understanding your customers and your industry. So keep those things in mind and follow the tips below to create the best window graphics display your customers have ever seen.

Have a clear message that’s consistent with your brand.

You don’t want your window graphics message to confuse customers. If your store is known for something, don’t veer too far away from that message. Keep your window’s theme consistent with what your brand stands for. Just keep in mind the type of retail store you are, your location, and your customer base to know which approach is best to take. Also, your message needs to convey what customers are going to find inside your store. Don’t advertise a certain message or product that customers won’t find once they walk through your doors.

Appeal to their impulses.

The whole point of a window display is to get people inside your store to buy what you’re selling, and the only way you can do that is appealing to their sense of impulse. Appeal to that sense and then use indoor graphics, friendly customer service, and great merchandise to capitalize on their sense of impulse to get a sale. Create your window graphics to make potential customers curious about a certain product or to entertain them. Whatever route you take, it needs to make passersby stop in front of your store and then get that strong feeling that they need what you’re advertising so they want to come inside, look around, and buy something.

Showcase your merchandise.

Your merchandise needs to be the focal point of your window graphics display. Window graphics are a great way to showcase your featured products or seasonal specials. Don’t be like many TV commercials that are entertaining to watch, but after watching them you only remember the commercial, not the product they were advertising. Use creative, colorful graphics to highlight and frame your merchandise. You don’t want people to stop in front of your window and say, “Wow, that’s a cool display.” And then that’s it. They check it out for 10 seconds and walk on to the next store. You want them to stop and admire your creative display, but shortly after stopping notice the merchandise you’re advertising and that’s what their attention sticks to, enticing them to come inside for more.

Use the right letter size and colors.

Letter size and color choices are very crucial factors in making the perfect window graphic display. When you use words in your window, you want those walking and driving by to be able to clearly read what you’re saying. Colors are also extremely important. Your retail color scheme could severely impact your sales and influence on enticing customers to make a purchase with you or not. Color impacts people on a conscious and subconscious level, and it also impacts what types of customers you’re going to attract. Below is an image from Shopify showing which colors attract certain types of shoppers and which colors are best for certain venues.

Infographic showing colors and meaning with consumers

Source: Daily Infographic 

About 62% to 90% of a shopper’s first impression is based on color alone, so make sure your color scheme gives a good first impression of your retail store and what you’re selling.

Don’t overdo it.

Last but not least in our list of tips — don’t overdo it. In the case of window graphic displays, less is more. Having too much is going to clutter your window, which isn’t appealing to customers and can cause your featured merchandise to get lost in the jumble of graphics. Use your imagination and make a creative, compelling display without overdoing it. It’s totally possible to do.

The goal of your window graphics is to make a statement that entices customers to come into your store. has the materials, techniques, and staff to make this happen for you, so contact us and let us help you draw in more customers to your store with your next window graphic display.


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