Why Are Window Graphics Still Vital In This Digital Age Of Advertising?

All day every day we are surrounded by advertisements. Scrolling through our social media feed, watching television, checking our email, and even in places that we don’t expect—like a digital screen mounted in the bathroom. We’re getting used to quickly moving through these images and onto the next thing, and it makes you wonder how […]

How To Install Die Cut Vinyl Lettering On Windows

Vinyl lettering—you might also hear it called cut vinyl—is a grouping of singular pieces that are cut exactly to shape and are applied to a surface as singular pieces rather than a single graphic. So how do you install die cut vinyl lettering? The process is fairly simple when you have the right tools and […]

Retail store front with text "Window Wonders"

How to Draw In Customers With Window Graphics

As a retailer, you know creativity is key to finding and keeping customers. If your window graphics aren’t creative and eye-catching, then they’re not doing their job. Your window graphics are what your customers first see. They’re the first impression you make with potential customers, which either is going to draw them into your store […]