UV Coating: Signage 101

Want to give your business cards or post cards some added “visual pop?” Or maybe you simply want to ensure your door hangers or hang tags will hold up under duress? There’s a solution readily available to you: Have a UV coating applied to them.

Color Your World – and Your Signs: Signage 101

In the late 1970s and early ‘80s, one of the most recognized ads on TV (and in print) was from stock-brokerage firm E.F. Hutton: “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” In commercials like this one, crowds in airports, restaurants and even golf tournaments all immediately stop what they’re doing when they hear an investor just […]

Small Business Success Story: Peak Level Performance

Peak Level Performance in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, is our focus for this episode of our Small Business Success Story series. The company got its start as an app and platform for affordable fitness, and owners RJ Milford and Holly Crotty have now launched their first physical location to work with clients and create progressive, […]

Small Business Success Story: Bremerton Vintage Flea

In our latest Small Business Success Story, we meet up with Steve and Connie Pejka, the owners of Bremerton Vintage Flea in Washington State. Although owning and operating a flea market wasn’t something they had initially planned for, they have utilized a mix of social media marketing and community involvement to turn the business into […]

Small Business Success Story: Jen Frase Photography

In this installment of our Small Business Success Story series, we chat with Jen Frase, owner of Jen Frase Photography. Jen has found that by focusing on her own specific interest – the close-knit bond that exists between dogs and people – she has also been able to realize photographic and business success.

Small Business Success Story: Midnight3

Although we refer to this series of blogs as our Small Business Success Stories, we always keep an eye out for organizations and groups that might not typically fall under the “small business” umbrella. Purely business-oriented or not, their stories are fascinating and offer some intriguing insights to our Signs.com community – no matter the […]

Give Your Banners an Edge: Signage 101

Everyone likes having an edge – aka, an advantage – whether it’s in business, in sports, or life in general. Having an advantage, even a slight one, can often mean the difference between being a front runner or ending up at the back of the pack. Banners can benefit from having an edge as well. […]

Free Closed for 4th of July Signs

How do you celebrate the 4th of July? For many of us, Independence Day is a mix of family get-togethers, all the hotdogs and hamburgers we can eat, and colorful parades down Main Street, with the night ending in a dazzling display of fireworks.