Updated: Interview With Bryan McCormick of Vegas Vernacular

Update: 4/22/2013: While I was attending the 2013 International Sign Association’s Sign Expo in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of sitting down with Bryan over lunch to discuss the latest happenings with the Vegas Vernacular. It had been about 6 months since our first interview and I wanted to get an update on the organization, […]

The Spotlight Shines on Vegas’ Neon Museum

Born From Necessity As I sat across from Danielle Kelly, the executive director of The Neon Museum, I almost forgot that we were discussing old, beat up, and sometimes forgotten signs. In fact, I felt that we could have been talking about a recently discovered Picasso or Van Gogh original. That’s how passionate Danielle is about […]

A Little Thank You Can Go A Long Way

    Your mother always taught you to say “Thank you” when someone did something nice, and she made you write countless notes for every birthday, Christmas and graduation gift. Even though you grumbled about spending your Saturday morning writing out card after card until your hand cramped, you knew Mom was right. When someone […]

The Business Skills of a BASE Jumper

  The I.B. Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho is one of the only man-made structures in the United States where BASE jumpers can jump without a permit. So of course, there’s a fair amount of BASE jumping going on. I recently passed through Twin Falls and had the opportunity to watch several daring souls […]

3 Considerations to Harness the Power of Design

  According to Wikipedia: Power is defined as the ability to influence the behavior of others with or without resistance. Design is a road map, complete with specifications, plans, costs and activities, or a strategic approach for someone to achieve a unique expectation.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Starting a Business

  As any new entrepreneur will tell you, starting and running a business takes a lot of time. You’ll spend 50-60 hours per week getting your business off the ground and running it in those first days. You may find that healthy habits fall by the wayside and that your stress level increases tremendously, all […]

Harper Grey: Donation Dilemmas

  I know that charitable organizations rely on donations from people like me to support the people they help. And I like to think I do my share: my husband and I donate annually to the children’s hospital and our local NPR station. Last year we gave everyone goats for Christmas (no, not REAL goats. […]

5 Tips For Putting On A Race

For most of the country, summer is in full swing and that means getting out and enjoying the park, the pool, or the beach (yes, I know it is sweltering right now in some parts, but hey, it won’t last forever). No matter the temperature, summer is when people want to be out of their […]