5 Things Your Friends Won’t Tell You About Your New Business Venture

Starting a business is exhilarating. You’re super excited about your new idea and you want to yell it from the rooftops. Since this isn’t Fiddler on the Roof and your friends aren’t hanging around outside waiting for your echoing proclamation, you decide to use your cell phone and call everyone instead. And the feedback? Is […]

7 Traits Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Over the last year, I’ve interviewed many entrepreneurs. From furniture store owners, to medical device manufacturers, to cheese artisans—it doesn’t seem to matter what the industry—all seem to have a few traits in common. Looking back over those interviews, I’ve compiled a list of traits that all the successful small business owners I spoke with […]

At Home Entrepreneurs: Libby Monson of Pear Tree Preschool

Quitting a job to stay home and raise kids sounds like a wonderful concept; all the time in the world to snuggle your sweet little child, read books, play educational games and generally be the kind of perfect parent that only exists on television shows. Reality? Is a little bit different.

Stay at Home Dads: The New Business Model

Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of Brad Manuel. Brad is a consultant, serial entrepreneur and sports fanatic, who in 2008 decided to take the “road less traveled” and become a stay at home dad. According to the US census bureau, the number of men who have left the workforce entirely to raise children has more […]

Rethinking Business Plans

  At the Sandy Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Conference last week, a panel of experts gave advice about how to get financing for a new business. The panelists (one venture capitalist, a representative from a bank, a representative from a credit union and the Deputy District Director of the Utah SBA) each came from […]

5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Starting a Business

  As any new entrepreneur will tell you, starting and running a business takes a lot of time. You’ll spend 50-60 hours per week getting your business off the ground and running it in those first days. You may find that healthy habits fall by the wayside and that your stress level increases tremendously, all […]