Save the Signs, Save the History

Today’s post comes courtesy of Stephanie Swift; artist, photographer and owner of Pretty Little Pixel.

Pretty Little Pixel

Stephanie’s unique prints of various signs around Salt Lake City, Omaha, New York City, Las Vegas and Dallas have garnered many accolades in the art community. In the last five years, her work has been featured at the Utah Arts Festival, the Omaha Arts Festival, the UAF Gallery, the Evergreen Gallery, the Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market and more.

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Success Stories: Operation61



As a continuation of our Success Stories series, I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Brad and Monnica Manuel, co-founders of Operation61, a non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking to talk about their organization and their thoughts on building a successful non-profit.

When did you first become aware of human trafficking?

Monnica: We had heard little pieces here and there. One trigger was the movie, “Taken,” which made us start asking more questions, doing more research. We originally had the mindset that it was a third world country issue. There are 27 million slaves worldwide (that includes sex slaves and labor slaves). Then we began to break it down to what’s happening here domestically. Somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000 children are sexually exploited in the United States every year. We wondered if it was happening in Utah. We found out that there are organizations that are assisting victims right here in our own backyard.

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Small Business Success Stories: Mobile Medical


Courtesy MMIC

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Rick Cochran, President and CEO of MMIC (Mobile Medical International Corporation). Mr. Cochran was named the 2011 Small Business Person of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Association. He has also received many other awards for his contributions to business and community and in 1999 was inducted into the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

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Small Business Success Stories: Monet Medical


Monet Medical
Courtesy: Monet Medical


Each year, the U.S. Small Business Administration honors entrepreneurs from all over the country. One exceptional individual is chosen from each state to receive an award and special recognition during Small Business Week in Washington, DC. In 2011, Andrew Caprio, owner of Monet Medical, was chosen as the Utah Small Business Person of the Year. I met with Mr. Caprio last week to talk with him about his business success. He shared his story with me, and told me about the three rules he set for himself early on.

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Pandora at City Creek: An Insiders Perspective



This week I had the pleasure of taking in the new City Creek Center development in Salt Lake City (read my review here). I had a couple goals in mind, but mainly I wanted to see how a brand new mall was utilizing signage in its various forms. As I mentioned in my review, City Creek did not disappoint. But I also wanted to get some perspectives from store owners, managers and sales associates to get their thoughts on the project and how they planned to market their stores. Initially I wanted a few quotes for this afternoon’s post, but after having the privilege of talking with Randy Castleman, I knew that I had to share our entire conversation.

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