The Signs of Disneyland

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We recently found killer airfare to Disneyland (thanks Southwest) and decided we had to go. Because I can’t keep my eyes off of signage, I decided to take pictures of what I was looking at and show you the signs of Disneyland.

Sign 1: Happy Kids

The first sign of Disneyland, of course, is extremely cute kids that are ready for an adventure. And since practically everyone has to travel to get to Disneyland, our first stop is the airport.

maddie and sam

Sign 2: TSA

Next, you have to suffer through TSA signage and wish you were born before 1937. By the way, I don’t know if I get this policy. Don’t you just get meaner, scarier, and more volatile the older you get?

airport tsa security sign

Sign 3: Airport Gates

On to the gates. This is a welcome sign after making it through security.airport gate sign

Sign 4: The Jetway

And now the jetway, with custom wall decals that attempt to make you feel not so claustrophobic. Hey, it’s better than nothing.
airplane jetway signage

Sign 5: California Birth Defects Warning

Sunny California! We made it! Funny that this is one of the very first signs you see. Sunny … ridiculous … California! I’ll spare you my diatribe about how silly it was seeing these signs everywhere I turned.
warning signs disneyland

Sign 6: Disneyland Main Entrance

The main sign at the main entrance. We’re in!
disneyland entrance

Sign 7: Walt Disney Placard

And onto Walt Disney’s famous quote and plaque over the tunnel as you enter Disneyland.leave today and enter the world of yesterday disneyland sign

Sign 8: Toontown

One of our very first stops: Toontown. With a large Hollywood-type sign set up on the hillside. toontown hollywood sign disneyland

Sign 9: Toontown Traffic Sign

I thought this was a great traffic sign.  Toontown: where chaos is not only rampant, but welcomed and lawful. traffic sign toontown disneyland

Sign 10: Tow Mater

One of the best places for signage in Disneyland was the new Cars Land. They did a fantastic job here. Here’s the entrance to Tow Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree
tow mater sign disneyland

Sign 11: Nasca

One you’re in line, you’re entertained with a barrage of clever antiqued custom vinyl banners and traffic signs.
custom nasca banner carsland disneyland

Sign 12: Mater the Greater Bannermater banner disneyland

Sign 13: Antiqued Traffic Signstraffic signs disneyland

Sign 14: License Plates

I thought these antiqued custom license plates shaped up the post were a pretty good touch as well. Leave it to Disneyland to spare no expense.license plates carsland disneyland

Sign 15: Route 66 

Lizzie’s roadside souvenir and accessory shop, Radiator Springs Curios, sports some awesome route 66 signsroute 66 signage disneyland

Sign 16: Hand Painted Signs

I thought this was a pretty cool retro sign on top of this building. I’m curious to know how they painted that and then antiqued it.

old school cars land signs disneyland

Sign 17: Carsland Traffic Signs

“Mind Your Speed … As You Go … Sheriff’s Old … But He’s … Not Slow”
cars raceway disneyland signage

Sign 18: Luigi’s Tires

Here’s a nice customized vinyl banner on the back of Luigi’s tires. The brand is Fettuccini Alfredo. banner at guido's tires disneyland

Sign 19: Neon

Flos V8 Cafe. Not a great picture, but I couldn’t get anything better with my phone. Still, it was really neat to stand at the entrance to carsland at night and see how well they had reproduced the show. Do you think they plan this stuff out when they are first producing the movie?
flos v8 sign disneyland

Sign 20: Glass Guilding

Time for lunch! If you haven’t had a hand-dipped corn dog at Disneyland, it’s time to go back. Glass guilding is very custom and costly. I’m very impressed that they would do this on a food cart. Again, Disneyland sparing no expense. corn dog cart disneyland sign

Sign 21: Tower of Terror

Okay, I only put this one in because it’s arguably my favorite ride in Disneyland. And, you could recreate the sign using our aluminum or dibond.tower of terror sign disneyland

Sign 22: Coca Cola

Coca Cola is everywhere. They might as well have a nice billboard-sized sign out on the pier at Disneyland.

disneyland banner

Sign 23: A Happy, Exhausted Family

After all the rides, princesses, lines, expensive food, and parades, it’s finally time to come home. The last sign of Disneyland: a happy, exhausted family (the one in the stroller is already cashed out).
nelson james and family in disneyland

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