Growing and making the jump to salon ownership

Growing and Making the Jump To Salon Ownership

It’s time to turn your passion for the salon lifestyle into a successful business venture. Whether you’re into doing hair, painting nails, or offering spa treatments, the life of an aspiring salon owner can be difficult. Choosing how you start and build up your salon business is a crucial decision that can impact the success you see and the influence you have within your community. In most cases, there are two possible routes you can take in your salon career: operating a salon from your home, or purchasing an existing salon.

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How To Effectively Manage Your Salon Staff

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Whether you’ve managed a salon for years, or are weighing the benefits and costs of doing so, the inevitable question becomes, “How can I effectively manage my staff?” Odds are you entered into the world of salon management because you love the creative minds you are able to interact with on a daily basis. However, this creates tricky situations when those creative minds become employees or renters. It’s no secret that in a tip or commission driven environment, the tone can quickly become cut-throat. Read More

Effective Cross Selling In A Salon

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In a salon, the customer comes first. You have to give your customers what they want and keep them satisfied if you want them to keep returning for your services.

But don’t forget that you have a business to run and a profit to make. Keeping your customers happy and returning is one way to make a profit, but another way is cross selling with your salon products and services. While this marketing method is really beneficial to you, in the end it’s also valuable to your customers. Read More