80 Military Homecoming Signs & Ideas

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Perhaps no better evidence exists of how much homecomings mean than how often these stories and videos go viral on the internet. There are an innumerable number of these videos on the web showing the surprise homecoming (often someone returning from a military deployment) to a waiting family or spouse. These videos are touching and bring a smile to the face of any person that might be watching not to mention the shrieks and tears of those actually involved. Here’s one of our favorites:

But not all homecomings are surprise visits caught on camera. Most are planned out far in advance with excited (and nervous!) family members waiting at airports, homes and ports across the nation. For these types of homecomings often some kind of sign is needed. To help out waiting family members and friends we’ve put together a huge list of homecoming signs and sign ideas. We’ve included welcome home signs for Air Force, Military or Army and Navy personnel.

So regardless of the branch of military your hero is serving in and whether you’re looking for a cute sign, a clever or humorous one or one that has sentimental and special meaning for your loved one, we think you’ll find it below! We’ve broken down the ideas by the type of sign as there are common themes around countdown signs, kiss me signs, baby related signs, etc. Enjoy!

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Welcoming home a missionary instead? If so, check out our post on missionary homecomings and signs.

Military (Air Force, Army, Navy) Homecoming Sign Ideas

New Baby Signs

Many military spouses are either expecting or have given birth to a brand new child while their significant other is actively deployed. Check out these awesome homecoming sign ideas involving new or soon-to-arrive babies.

meet my daddy military signSource: Unknown

welcome home and baby announcement sign Source: Done Brilliantly

craving is you homecoming sign

Source: Military Kisses Tumblr

welcome home sign with baby Source: Unknown

i just met you and this may be crazy signSource: Eonline

waited my entire life to meet you

Source: Unknown

out of my way meeting my daddy

 Source: Dvids

Homecoming Sign Ideas With Children

Along with babies to be or newborns are the children themselves who have missed dad or mom during deployment. Check out these awesome sign ideas involving kids for the big homecoming day!

 kids travel sign for military homecomingSource: Unknown

best day ever military sign

Source: Tara Liebeck Photography

 get your hugs and kisses here signSource: Unknown

princess and hero sign

Source: MCP

 get our daddy back today sign

 Source: Unknown

welcome home dad we are proud of you sign

Source: Unknown

 welcome home daddy home made sign

Source: Catherine Alexander Photography

 mom's a lot of work homecoming sign Source: Unknown

hugged our dad sign

 Source: Mad Kat Photography

 9 mos hug

Source: The English Pea Studio

 welcome home dad banner Source: DVIDS

meet dad my hero Source: DVIDS

let's go to seaworld daddy sign Source: Unknown

not just my daddy my hero signSource: DVIDS

hands that prayed sign

Source: Green Label Photography

hall your behind

Source: DVIDS

i get my daddy back Source: Flickr

move it or lose it homecoming sign

Source: Unknown

 homecoming sign for the house Source: Tickle My Fancy

this way home welcome home sign

Source: Unknown

My Hero

Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or just a loved one; those returning are undoubtedly a hero to some. Check out these fun hero signs for the big day that welcomes them home.

you are my hero welcome home sign

Source: Unknown

 hero banner for homecomingSource: Springs Military Life

you're my hero sign for spouse

Source: Springs Military Life

 my husband and hero sign

Source: United We Stand

 my dad is my hero sign

Source: Surviving My Deployment

Here I Am – Just Like I Promised

Another common theme of homecoming signs are ones that tell the returning servicemen and women that just as promised here I am waiting for you!

 waited for this moment sailor sign

Source: Unknown

waited like i promised sign

 Source: Unknown

waiting spouse sign

 Source: Unknown

keep calm waited kiss

Source: Unknown

Countdown and “Time” Signs

Perhaps the most popular type of homecoming sign is the ubiquitous countdown or time related sign. There are many variations but all convey the same message – no matter how long we’ve been apart, we’re now together!

 late for dinner homecoming sign

Source: Amanda Bollinger Photography

 calendars homecoming sign

 Source: Unknown

waited for this moment sailor sign

 Source: Unknown

 waited for days kiss

 Source: Unknown

 kisses days Source: Unknown

7 months of waiting deployment sign

 Source: Unknown

3 deployments sign

 Source: Unknown

7 month heart homecoming sign

 Source: Unknown

 9 months waiting for you deployment sign

 Source: Unknown

 wait forever

 Source: Unknown

 pucker up deployment sign Source: Unknown

2nd first kiss homecoming sign

Source: Studio 337 Photography

 i held you in my heart now i can hold you in my arms Source: Unknown

Kisses, Hearts, Love and More

While “time” and countdown signs come close to being the most popular type of sign, the truly most popular type of signs involve love, kisses, hugs and, ahem, in many other cases much more…don’t worry we’ve left the true “home only” signs for you to find for yourself on Pinterest.

 come kiss your future mrs homecoming sign

 Source: Unknown

 all i want for christmas

 Source: Jackie Zurfluh Photography

up to no good

 Source: Unknown

 boots are tan kiss my man homecoming sign

 Source: Unknown

cammies hit the floor Source: Tumblr

missed me kiss me sign Source: Unknown


 Source: Cristin Emrick Photography

 afghanistan hot hot inside Source: Unknown

love is deployment strong sign

 Source: Unknown

 i love you homecoming sign

 Source: Unknown

welcome home next mission me

 Source: Unknown

 my faith your love sign

 Source: Unknown

 be my valentine homecoming sign

 Source: Unknown

 operation kiss me welcome home sign Source: Unknown

traveled the world back in mine

 Source: Unknown

 get over and kiss me arrow sign

 Source: iHeart Moments Photography

 claim prize welcome home sign

 Source: T.Y. Photography

 traded ken for gi joe

 Source: Unknown

 welcome home now kiss me sign

 Source: Unknown

 under same stars homecoming sign

Source: Thou Shalt Grow

 arms around kiss again

Source: Unknown

love is deployment strong

 Source: Emily Rae Photography

 the sweeter the kiss Source: Experience Project

welcome home mrs needs kisses

 Source: Tumblr

 kissy kissy homecoming sailor sign

Source: DVIDS

 missed me kiss me

Source: Unknown

 home is where heart is homecoming sign

 Source: DVIDS

 dreams come true i missed you sign

Source: Unknown

 together forever

Source: Unknown

 keep calm and come kiss me

Source: Unknown

 report for booty Source: Imgur

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