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Maybe you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal? Matte or glossy, right?” Well, there’s a little more to it than that. Let’s break it down a bit with four photograph print finishing options that will get you the best result for your particular project.


A Matte finish is smooth, won’t show fingerprints and has is non-glare. This finish looks quite professional and is great for portraiture and framing. Photos printed with a Matte finish look classic and beautiful with a black and white picture and gives a more luxurious feel to your project.


Glossy finishes are shiny and highly reflective, this finish will show lots of bold colors. Images printed with a Glossy finish tend to show fingerprints and scratches and are likely to stick to the glass when framed, so it’s a good finish choice for everyday snapshots and vibrant photos.


A Metallic finish has a slightly glossy with a stunning metallic look that sets it apart from other finishes. This finish is extremely durable, with a polished, pearl-like appearance producing sharp images and bold colors. Metallic can be an excellent option for an image you want to appear sharp and clean, but also really want it to stand out. We recommend framing these photos without glass to let the colors pop.


A beautiful marriage of matte and glossy, lustre finish brings the best of both worlds. Lustre has a semi-gloss finish and offers better color saturation than matte but is more protected from fingerprints and other damage than a  glossy finish.

These four finishes each have their perfect uses, and knowing which one is best for your project is a key factor in your success. If you’re just not sure, the team at Signs.com will help you choose the ideal finish for your photo. Contact us today to get started.

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